Hero teen saves his choking friend during lunch at school.

He was incredibly calm about it too

“You choking? I gotchu, dude. No worries.”

Friends like these.❤

I like the guy at the end who shifts the choking guy’s drink about 2 inches closer to him. He’s the kind of guy who will go home and say “I helped save a guys life today”...

He didn't dab after saving his friend

That chicken wing must be delicious

He could be a total dick who also knows the heimlich.

Very calm, he’d make a good paramedic

I came here to criticize his form, but honestly? He saved that dude. That's what matters

Still saved a life, so, not a total dick....unless this was all staged.

Yeah that kid at the bottom didn't even put his down, just kind of shifted it around and then went right back to eating.

He looked like he was about to go in at first before the other guy pushed in front of him.

It’s really weird when you give someone the Heimlich. I’ve only done it once, in an elevator, to a 90 something year old lady.

Like, we all know the universal sign for “I’m choking”. I even asked if the little old lady was choking, to which she nodded yes. I was still worried I was gonna do it wrong, I was worried I was gonna break her ribs or something, and I was worried that I was miss-reading the signs and I was about to hug some poor innocent old lady to death from behind. All that panic mixed the knowledge that I had to help her or she’d die made me kind of numb and I just worked on autopilot. I was probably just as calm looking as this guy simply because the fear kind of overloaded my ability to panic.

Later that evening I was heading back up to my hotel room and the lady was with her son, daughter-in-law, and grandkids, and she yelled across across the lobby; “That’s the guy that saved me this morning.” It was really awkward being thanked by her and her family because I didn’t feel like I even did anything, but she was still a very happy lady.

No I feel like most people willing to learn that wouldn't be that kind of pretentious prick, like the second guy was totally trying to help in whatever way was appropriate, ready to take over if something went wrong, or in a little way like that if everything was gonna be okay

Last year, during the ANZAC Day dawn service, a guy right next to me collapsed due to a heart condition. Paramedics were on him in no time so I wasn't needed, but I did do the one thing I was trained and qualified for...

I held an umbrella over them.

Totally saved that dudes life.

Well you're supposed to make a fist with the bottom hand and some other minor stuff like hand positioning and direction of the pulling movement, but it doesn't really matter in this case since it worked and the most important thing always is to get to action and do something.

Or he's made of penises.

Just to add a little more:

It's best to get them standing up if you can.

The first thing to try is leaning them forward and smacking them hard on the back, between their shoulder blades, with an open hand. Try this about 5 times.

Then do the 'squeeze'/Heimlich Manoeuvre that the guy in the video tried. It's best if you make a fist with one hand, and pull as hard as you can right below their ribs, pulling upwards as much as you can. What you're trying to do is squeeze their lungs as much as possible.

But as the person above said - almost everything you might try will be better than nothing, it's important to just get involved and try your best!

Choken wing

Yeah he saved him, but did he say “No homo?”

Good on him for helping he very well may have saved old mates life. However to everyone seeing this.


If you click any link today click this one. http://news.stjohnvic.com.au/choking-first-aid-top-16-dos-donts/

Any parents out there I can't recommend doing a 1st aid course enough.

What did he do wrong?

I was in a Panera enjoying my bread bowl and soup with my dad when this elderly lady started the whole “I’m choking” gesture. No one seemed to be paying attention to her so I just got up walked over and did the Heimlich until a big piece of bread came popping out. I just walked back to my table and kept eating... didn’t seem like that big of a deal but man was she shaken up.

I almost had to give my wife’s 90+ year old grandmother the Heimlich. We had brought them bagels and she took too big of a bite. All of a sudden her eyes got really wide and she yanked out her dentures and was getting her whole hand in her mouth trying to get it out. I was just praying she’d get it because i was pretty sure I’d break multiple of her bones trying to help.

Thank you for your service.

No... he’s telling the guy who choked to take a drink..

Yeah seemed like a very appropriate and empathetic move to me. I wonder how many people here are being unconsciously prejudiced.

Dicks aren’t heartless... Also, they’re full of blood. Like a heart 😊

Very poor form