Hermit crab using a skull for a shell

Hermit crab using a skull for a shell

Or 'Skeleton rising from its shallow grave to eat delicious crab'

When a level 2 finds level 68 armor.

It's actually a sculpture based on a painting by Josh Keyes, but attribution isn't usually part of /u/GallowBoob's game.

It's actually a sculpture based on a painting by , but attribution isn't usually part of /u/GallowBoob's game.

A human skull, were you not paying attention to the original picture?

The bottom of a skull doesn't have holes big enough for a crab that size to fit into. The bottom could be knocked out by something I suppose? 

Still, seems like something from a Pirates of the Caribbean movie.

edit: Revealed by u/Rustafo to be a sculpture - http://www.vinylpulse.com/2015/06/josh-keyes-x-toyqube-migratory-soul-the-hermit-art-sculptures-available-now.html

The . The bottom could be knocked out by something I suppose?

Still, seems like something from a Pirates of the Caribbean movie.

edit: Revealed by u/Rustafo to be a sculpture - http://www.vinylpulse.com/2015/06/josh-keyes-x-toyqube-migratory-soul-the-hermit-art-sculptures-a...

Found the optimist!

Like this?



You have an odd definition of optimism.

Is this like a car meet for crabs?

Oh god those little tails that are usually tucked into the shell make me so uncomfortable.

There was video posted a while ago that showed this it was pretty cool. hermit crabs basically line up and each take the next biggest shell when one of them decides to move.

Reddit's an odd place.

Can't even access the zone with the vendors needed to sell it

If you think this is real, I have a bridge for sale for you.

Imagine holding it between your thumb and index finger.

What does the guy at the upper end of the line move into?

Looks like one of those mobile game ads.

You too can fool people on the internet for the low, low price of $325

Jesus Christ, dude.

Oh cool! Thanks for the clarification. Glad to know I'm not crazy.

Seeing a lot of people calling out gallowboob today. Starting to catch on.

Now we're even.

Davy Jones' Lobster


He's the one that started it all and found an empty one. I think... Found the video



I understand your point but he did just post an artists work without credit and does that a lot.

Check out how metal this crab is

Check out how metal

"THIS GAME IS TOO ADDICTIVE! Download and play NOW!"

I don't even.

When your Krabby evolves into the water/ghost hybrid Kranium.

I can't even

Or the levelled list system denies anything above Iron weapons exists.

I won't even

One time I even and I thought "hm, that's odd." Turns out it was imaginary.

It just feels like a little penis. No big deal.

I regret ever wondering what a hermit crab looks like without the shell.

I expected normal crab, I didn't expect a giant white thing that moves around.

It catches on in most threads of things they post. Sadly, nothing really becomes of it...their kind of like a necessary evil. Posts a lot of content that bew users haven't seen, but their post etiquette is murder for the rest of us.


I do like this.

Oh god you're making it worse!

Don't give up, skeleton!

the line doesn't move until the biggest crab has his replacement shell, it's actually really cool how patient and organised these crabs are

I do feel pretty nice

As a crab, I disagree with you.

its also not a real crab

Yeah, it's weirdly soft, like biting into a caramel.

That is so cool! Now I feel bad for the guy on the end.

No thanks, too many bugs.

Check out how crab-like this nature is

Check out how crab-like

I've had hermit crabs before. It's feels slightly squishier than a cooked shrimp, and it's not particularly slimy at all.

Man, I've been here for years and I still don't understand the hate for Gallowboob.

For a reposter he tries to remain civil, and at least he's an actual person and not a corporation just shelling out shit for karma.

I am intrigued.

Check out how natural this metal is

Like when you've been working all day in boots and you pull your foot out.

"It makes better use of Uncle Dragi's head than he ever did."


I'm a hermit crab with a sick-ass house, and it's made outta a human skull,

Now come on, take a little crawl with me baby, tell me who do you love?

It is an altered beast.

As a fellow skeleman I disagree.

"X Level"

I don't know how I feel about this

You know that's not a real skull, right?

Now tell me, who do you love?



All of the members of DETHKLOK are standing in a small semicircle, looking on with muted interest as Pickles scrolls through a series of images on a tablet computer.

PICKLES: Here's where I saw a bunch of topless girls at the beach. Here's where I saw another bunch of topless girls at the beach. MURDERFACE: Are all of your vacation pictures just, like... softcore porn? SKISGAAR: Yous are sayings that likes it is a bads things. NATHAN: Yeah. It's better than most of the boring sh(guitar harmonic)t people show off. MURDERFACE: It's just weird, okay?! Am I the only one who thinks it's weird?

Toki holds up his hand.

TOKI: I also thinks it's is a little bit weirds! MURDERFACE: Thank you! You see? It's creepy, man!

Toki slowly lowers his hand as he responds.

TOKI: Oh... I's was thinkings it's was weirds that Pickles didn'ts go swimmings. PICKLES: Have you seen my skin, man? I can't take my f(guitar harmonic)king shirt off in the sun! SKWISGAAR: You knows, in Sweden, most peoples are doing the swimmings with their shirts still ons. TOKI: In Norway, we do the swimmings in...

Toki trails off, and a look of horror crosses his face.

TOKI: (CONT'D) Whats is thats?!

Everyone looks at the tablet, where an image of an enormous hermit crab with a human skull for a shell is visible.

PICKLE: Oh, yeah! I saw this f(guitar harmonic)king metal crab on the beach! NATHAN: Is that... is that a skull? PICKLE: Yeah, man! NATHAN: That's pretty f(guitar harmonic)king metal. MURDERFACE: Did you get permission? PICKLES: It's a f(guitar harmonic)king crab, dude. MURDERFACE: Not from the crab! From the girls!

Pickles looks uncomfortable.

PICKLES: Alright, fine! I paid them to pose for me, okay?! I didn't want... TOKI: (Interrupting) That's is really f(guitar harmonic)ked up! NATHAN: Why? People pay for weirder sh(guitar harmonic)t all the time. TOKI: Not thats! The crabs! MURDERFACE: Yeah! That's f(guitar harmonic)ked up! NATHAN: Why?

Several seconds pass in silence.

MURDERFACE: I just wanted to agree with someone! Leave me alone! SKIWSGAAR: I don'ts sees how a crabs with a skulls is so bad. TOKI: It's is like the combinations of deaths and really creepy lifes! NATHAN: We eat crab legs all the time. TOKI: Yeah, whens they are deads! PICKLES: Dude, what if Toki is on to something? Are crabs, like... are crabs more metal when they're alive? NATHAN: They are pretty weird. All that... walking sideways and legs and sh(guitar harmonic)t. SKWISGAAR: An armys of metal crabs coulds be pretty... metals. PICKLES: We need to go back there and find that crab! MURDERFACE: Then we can take pictures that all of us will enjoy!

Everyone stares at Murderface.

MURDERFACE: (CONT'D) Leave me alone!




They start forming a line at a shell that's a little too big for them and wait for a hermit crab to come by that can fit into. Then the shell swapping begins.

As a fellow disagree, I crab with you.

But hole

All the guys used to put their car keys in a bowl in the good old days.

Try thrusting

Also the only shells worth stealing are inhabited by some beefy fuckers.

daimyo hermitaur?

I saw GallowBoob give credit once. I commented, woah, he gave credit for once. Then he deleted the post giving credit.

I wonder if he does that every time out of spite.

Does it pop? How gooey is it?

It's also not a real post.

As a fellow you, I disagree with crab.

Then it would 'wise' from its grave.

Now that's where I draw the line! Come on, Master Chief.

Worse than haunted, there's a crab in it!

There are even bullies in the animal kingdom :(

Check out how posh this crab is

Check out how posh

I wonder if his house is haunted.

How about ocean front property in Arizona?

This is the weirdest thing ever. Like, when you really sit and think about what's happening...it's so weird. All of this stuff is happening right around us, pre-programmed.

People get shit for the same thing, regardless of their popularity.

1st the earth cooled...

this is really a ELI5 question actually, but the shells are from snails and other moluska. they make the home. the crab simply exploits this cast off from another dead animal. it's actually an interesting adaptation to have evolved for these things.

That's clearly a fake crab and a fake skull though, they're not that clean and plastic looking (neither crabs nor skulls).

It's not a phase mom. This is just who I am.

Nah, they just don't like cold shells, in the same way my girlfriend makes me move to the other side in bed so she can sleep in my warm spot.

That's pretty much the point of my post, yeah.

This belongs in /sub/art > Digital

Are car meets just shell swaps for humans?

well, they don't really have anything better to do, do they? I mean, finding a new shell is like 33% of their entire existence, the other 66% being eating and fucking.

Hi intrigued! I'm dad!

How Can The Upvotes Be Real If The Post Isn't Real

How many legs does your girlfriend have?

If more than 2, you may be sleeping with a Hermit crab.

Well done, thought that too. Also thought that crab was pretty metal.

They're snail shells.


What the hell does this have to do with an eye doctor?

So pretty much the same as us then. Only finding a house , fighting your way up the money food chain and fucking.

dat ass tho