Here's a picture of us in every 30 MLB ballparks we visited this summer!

Good to see some diehard Expos fans still around!


good to see people still recognizing the logo ahah!

That makes me feel old to think some might not recognized it.

Very cool. I did it in 2011 and made faces in every stadium to indicate what I thought about it.

Very cool. I and made faces in every stadium to indicate what I thought about it.

And why was it ATT followed closely by Safeco field....

Damn that Busch Stadium picture is nice.

Favorite are (in no particular order): Petco Park in San Diego and Orioles park. Least would have to be coliseum only if we talk about the ballpark because the fans were great out there! We both really just decided to take off with our savings to do that and manage when we'll come back!

You both are right! It's called Oriole Park at Camden Yards.

I am assuming you are an expos fan

Really going out on a limb there

My first snarky thought upon reading the title:

"Ha, I bet they haven't visited the Big O.."

Then I opened the pictures, Expos hats everywhere.


so which park was your favorite

Is there any other face for Miller park?

I'm 17 and knew it. I only know it from Backyard Baseball 2003 but I digress.

Flair up. All of baseball (and American sports in general) owes Baltimore a debt of gratitude. Camden Yards brought about the end of the multi-use donut stadium era, and for that we should thank them.

I love stadiums with downtown views and yours is one of my favorites, the arch really sets it off. I also love tailgating so I'm kinda torn..

I like how you sported a team's hat for every stadium you visited...except a Yankees hat. ;)

Same and I'm only in my early 20's lol. Feels weird that someone might not recognize that logo

This might be a long shot but when did you visit Dodger Stadium? The reason I ask is because I was sitting in LFP and I saw my first ever Montreal Expos hat a few rows above me! Could it have have been you?

looks like you really liked AT&T

I forget why, but I photoshopped this a while ago.

I forget why, but I photoshopped a while ago.

All of you misspelled Petco Park

I recognized it and somehow didn't realize it was out of the ordinary.

Yeah dude wtf you can't just throw around assumptions like that.

Same here. I'm a bad person. First thought was, "Damn them and their ability to go see all thirty parks."

Sorry OP.

This is really cool! What was your favorite / least favorite? Also, how did you manage to travel that much?

Really confused what that face was for Miller Park.. Drunk?

That was August 5th on those back to back games Dodgers\Angels. Might have seen just some other people from Quebec travelling around.

he doesn't think PNC is easily the best park

They broke ground in 1989... it was opened in 1992.

This is adorable. I just smiled so big for you two.

The Orioles park is called Camden yards. Just fyi. 😉

It is one of the most beautiful parks out there in my opinion. And this is coming from a red sox fan!

...Karl Pilkington?

Baltimore is the very first one. Very good. Seriously though, you've done something I always wanted to do.

I wore it this summer when I went to Fenway Park and was really surprised to get a few comments from people at the stadium.

I think his point is not that they are identical, its that they have the same lack of an aura and few distinguishable features. They are just two new ballparks and thats about as far as it goes.

Yeah it's really surprising that it was built in 1989, such a nice park.

Agreed on Petco. Place is amazing