Here is what BLM, Antifa, Racialists and all Libtards are stirring up violence over

Here is what BLM, Antifa, Racialists and all Libtards are stirring up violence over

It is the elephant in the room when speaking about crime. No one in the media or government will acknowledge it or that blacks account for 51% of the murders but 14% of the population.

And young black men who are doing the murders are 2-3% of the population. The Left created the culture that drives that homicide rate so of course they won't talk about it.

Don't forget Hispanic gang member in this statistic are white. You can guess who is killing the rest of the people and how many are illegal.

The source, 2013 FBI Crime Report expanded homicide data, table 6.

This really should not have been cropped out of the image.

Wrong. Male blacks between 16 and 32 make up 4% of population and 50% of crime.

and those that dont commit violence or crimes are nearly 200% if not more likely to be killed by another black man than literally anyone else.

if BLM actually cared they would be trying to lower black on black violence and crime than shifting the blame.

And it was the FBI under Obama. They can’t say this was a fabrication by President Trump’s appointees

Looks like theyre mad at the wrong people.

George Zimmerman was also hispanic, but when it's inconvenient, they just call them white.

Facts are raycis !

George Zimmerman, Dylann Roof, the cop who shot Michael Brown, the list goes on. All of them were vilified by the media before getting their day in court.

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Point taken.

Common practice. Either that, or it's lumped in as Arabic/White/Hispanic/Latino, then the other categories are Asian/Native American and Black. It's a more even spread, that way.

I am so thankful for CNN making up the term "white hispanic". That was the moment I was red pilled. Watching that trial made me realize how the media twists, turns and sometimes FLAT OUT EDITS a story to fit a narrative. From then on my eyes have been opened.

Wow! Wasn't expecting to see such a low rate on the chart. Yah definitely mad at the wrong people.

we have to look to the culture of Africa and admit it's extremely violent

I think you need to understand that Africa is not all the same. Some areas are like you say, but there are quite a few decent places too.

And I think its a bit far to imply that "black culture" in American inner cities is similar to that of the worst parts of Africa. They are two completely different things.

The American problem could be solved with the removal of democrats and certain kinds of media. Post slavery, black people were gaining is status/wealth very quickly, were on track to catch up to white people. Thomas Sewell talks about this much better than I could, and a lot of it is on youtube if you just search his name.

No they wouldn’t lol just like they aren’t doing anything about their Muslim problems.

Funny how they just hide hispanic/latino

Zimmerman was Hispanic Dylan was on psycotrpics Michael Brown was a threat.

Follow the money. Shakedown rackets, perfected by Obama.

First Black president did NOTHING to improve race relations!

I mean, we can vilify Dylann Roof.

But that would be to admit that maybe there's a reason Africa is on fire. Even ignoring their whines of "racism" we have to look to the culture of Africa and admit it's extremely violent, much like American inner cities.

The chart claims 2245 out of 2491 blacks killed were killed by blacks.

Where do they get 53.94%? It's over 90%.