HellRaisers vs Astralis / ESL Pro League Season 6: Finals - Group A / Post-Match Discussion

HellRaisers vs Astralis / ESL Pro League Season 6: Finals - Group A / Post-Match DiscussionHellRaisers 1-0 Astralis

Overpass: 16-13


HellRaisers have secured a spot in the playoffs!


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MAP 1: Overpass


Team CT T Total HR 9 7 16 T CT Ast 6 7 13


HR K A D Rating DeadFox 23 7 18 1.36 woxic 25 3 19 1.24 FejtZ 22 3 19 1.14 ISSAA 20 6 19 1.06 ANGE1 16 10 21 0.96 Ast Xyp9x 26 7 21 1.32 Kjaerbye 20 7 24 1.02 gla1ve 18 4 19 0.94 dupreeh 20 1 20 0.88 RUBINO 12 5 22 0.77 Overpass Detailed Stats


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*Glocks u with 200 sens* nothin personell kid...

Gla1ve after match: " No disrespect for Rubino, but if we had Dennis instead of him, I think we would win this tournament..."

GG boys! So happy to see community support on reddit, worth a lot for us.

If they ONLY had device, glaive would never have gone 5-20 because his logic indirectly says so.

It's fascinating what this guy has done with players whose experience against t1 opponents is limited to FPL.

Honestly Hellraiser's flashes make me cream

"the tournament would've meant more to us, and we would've been more prepared with Dennis"

What he said to dennis was unnecessary, was a bit of a salty thing to say after losing the tournament.

Fer is the Brazilian DeadFox

The original post was stupid as fuck and disrespectful, it in no way needed to be said out loud on Twitter.

Really happy ISSA turned around his poor start on HR, he's been fantastic this tournament.

Except for the fact that they tried to get ANGE1 and HR wouldn't let him go.

Navi still weeping about not getting ANGE1.

was there actually a glock flickshot in the game? if so pls link

so happy for w0xic <3


Let's go HR! Keep going! You have the chance to win this tournament!

Ok, what the hell is going on with this tournament?