Heaven described with an anime gif

tfw you'll never be greeted by adorable chibi cat girls when you go home.

Why even live

What, you don't want to die and enter the world of anime girls? Fucking normie.

Why settle for miniature? (Mildly NSFW)

Every iteration gets better but also worse.

Edit: spalling

I patiently await the day genetically engineered mini catgirls become real.

Ah yes, Eris. (NSFW)  

Mini catgirls are for cutes, not for lewds.

Ah yes, . (NSFW)

Mini catgirls are for cutes, not for lewds.

"catgirl maids will never be real"


woah, slow down, nobody said anything about dying!

all the gif does is show the (three-step) process of entering the anime world:

Dream of a world where cute anime girls exist Imagine the rope you're holding is a portal to this world Enter the anime world

(It's a bit long, so I just try to remember the acronym.)

"I'm just a lone geneticist please donate $2 billion so I can work to make catgirls real"

Kickstarter funded in less than an hour


Am I doing it right?


adds to PTW

Nyanko Days

I'm appalled that our best and brightest minds have not already dedicated themselves to making catgirls a reality.

Just you wait.

We'll do it with genetic engineering.

Is it me or is this actually really dark

Praise be unto CRISPR

lolis arent children they're just small waifus

Known on Crunchyroll as Asobi ni Ikuyo: Bombshells from the Sky

Yeah, this is my .gif. You're welcome. It is the cutest thing ever, and everyone should watch Nyanko Days.

That's because you already upvoted it when I originally posted it in the discussion thread like a true hero.

If anyone is looking for a cute and fluffy manga with a similar premise, give Nukoduke a try.

I like how the link was already purple for me.

Get a cute girl (daughter is a good choice) Get a cute cat Fuse them together

Cat Planet Cuties

tfw you'll never be a cute 2D girl

2 minute long episodes

And 25% of that is the ED.

Now THIS is a Nekopara Kickstarter stretch goal I can get behind.

If you weebs want to fund it I'm sure there are some thirsty computational geneticists.

upbeat piano and triangle

Thank you for following the development of Yandere Simulator Catgirl Life Sciences

it doesn't.... It helps, but it's only a stepping stone.

On a side note we're far closer to biological imortality and super human traits than ever before. I wouldn't be surprised if within the next 10 to 15 years we will see genetic hair color therapy. Candy Color natural hair go.

It's sure making its rounds then, came across this on Facebook.

You've done god's work my friend.

It's a 2 minute long show about cute catgirls. If it didn't achieve its goal something is wrong somewhere.

I kind of don't think that's how CRISPR works, but I'm not certain enough to dash everyone's hopes.

what's the anime?

I know right? We already have cats, why wait?
I agree
Why wait.

inb4 CatgirlDev posts video asking people to stop emailing him.

Nyanko Days. 2 minute long episodes, on Crunchyroll.

oh that's why I can't ever seem to find it on crunchyroll

Of all the stereotypes that can be levied against anime watchers, enjoying combining cute cats with cute girls is one cross I'll gladly bear.


I always find it creepy

This violates equivalent exchange bruh.

Any longer and we'd overdose.

I had that same problem when I searched for it too, so I wound up hoistin' the Jolly Roger despite my subscription.

It seems a search for "Cat Planet Cuties" does return the series now, though.

those are chibi, they are for cutes

loli cat girls are for lewds

wait, what is this one from?

fucking brilliant XD

If anyone is looking for a cute and fluffy manga with a similar premise, give Nukoduke a try.

Is it about Japanese Duke nukem

You know what that reminds me of

♫ nyaa nyaa nyanyanyanyanyanya♫

Lolis are for everyone!

A few more

few more

Haha, glad it's getting around. Honestly, I cut this .gif down to tell a very specific story, but the whole episode is pretty adorable. And at a 2 minute runtime there's no excuse for not going and watching!

Calm down satan, there is only so much depresion i can hold.

I mean if Nekopara can do it

Monetized video of him complaining about email

The grim dark future of the forty first millennium


Anime was a mistake.

Catgirls are AMAZING!

The internet IS catgirls. Cats are all over memes and videos, while porn, hentai, and all kinds of ecchi lewd stuff on everything else! Put them together and what have you got? Catgirls.

Enjoy your nightmares: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stalking_Cat

You don't see it normally 'cause it's not pretty.



I honestly don't even remember why I wanted to watch this one.

There are three reasons I can think of: Tits, Guns, and to marvel at its absurdity.


This gif is pretty much the entire episode lol

Get a cute girl (daughter is a good choice)

What the fuck

in the words of one of the MAL reviews:

I don't care what you say, neko is love, neko is life, 10/10

Da...ddy? Daddy's hurt.

well, maybe I'll catch it later. So many anime this se-

2 minute long episodes

dammit, with that kinda length I have no excuse anymore. I could literally mute another anime's OP and watch this show in between

this just warmed up my icy heart.

this just up my icy heart.

Don't think that guy knows what he's doing tbh. Thank you

Not really, it's a pretty equivalent exchange: get two things and recieve a fusion of those two things.

Yeah, he's missing the meido fuku

maybe because KanaHana and Haruka Tomatsu is in it?

pff, flat is justice.

In the immortal words of the God Emperor of Mankind, "Flat is justice."

"Stretch Goal - 6 Billion = Fox Girls, Bunny Girls, Ect."


I dunno man, this seems like its almost Yotsuba levels of "no lewd" moe.

Now, if you want a REAL stereotype, lemme introduce you to an upcoming OVA called Nekopara...

72 virgin catgirls if you martyr?

I'm actually quite surprised that I haven't heard/seen anyone getting cat ears via cosmetic surgeries. I figured that would pop up before Genetic Engineering.


That's the point

Second stretch goal - 100 Bi: "Might as well make 2d people while I'm at it".