Hearthstone: “The Light Candle” Official Kobolds & Catacombs Launch Trailer

Hearthstone: “The Light Candle” Official Kobolds & Catacombs Launch Trailer

This is amazing !

Someone at hearthstone's marketing has done his homework, really funny sketch.

I'm busting up laughing right now. Was not expecting this incredible production value. Great job!

Their best video yet imo.


We really need to step up our meme game to keep up with the Hearthstone team

By the holy light!

Why is Jerry Trainer in this video lol

Seriously, and by FAR!

That perfectly captured the essence of the early 90's VHS movie trailers that would run before your movie started.

So so so good.

That's incredible!

Did they really make all those props and sets just for this trailer? I want full length episodes now!

I'd watch this movie.

Didn't Blizzard make this?

So first off I’m not making this up. But Kobolds have candles that they wear on their heads because they fear an entity called “The Darkness”. They believe that as they mine and dine through their labyrinthine tunnels that if they lose their candle “The Darkness” will get them.

Additionally. If you played World of Warcraft back in the day and made a human character you ended up killing a lot of them. Each time they would aggro or you would kill them they would exclaim “you no take candle” clearly a tie into their religion or whatever belief “The Darkness” is. Also if you play the kobold minions released before this expansion they would also say “you no take candle”

I’m not 100% sure about this lore but if my memory serves me right that should be the gist of it.

You no take candle!

He would definitely be a bard.


Even better, there's this cave in highmountain filled with Kobolds. (hilarious questlines, highly recommend it) In the cave, there's a nook with several candles which you can extinguish. Do so, and an elite mob DARKNESS spawns and proceeds to kick your ass.

and to think the same marketing department made GUAC BOI a few years ago



Chat disabled for 3 seconds.

80's are EVERYWHERE these days. Not that I'm cpmplaining.

Groundhog day?

Is that that one dude from icarly

Yeah, if anyone says this is better then guacboy we're gonna have to take this inside.

Jerry Trainor, aka Spencer from iCarly. Believe so!

Somewhat popular movie release date and fits with the underground theme lol

I want to hear that song they were singing at the end.

Is that Janina Gavankar?