Hearing 1 game for Matthew Tkachuk, so that’s tonight in MTL

Hearing 1 game for Matthew Tkachuk, so that’s tonight in MTL

Honestly it's not enough. Not because the play itself was deserving of more than 1 game, but because of the reputation he is building and how recent the last offence was.

So not only does Montreal get to play another team the night after we played them, they also get to play the flames minus Tkchuck. You’re welcome Montreal

Thank you OP for changing it to MTL

Edit: I just realized it's CAL vs MON tonight

Agreed. A player will never learn their lesson if they only get 1 game suspensions. Just intices them to do it again cause the damage will be minimal in their eyes.

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If he did that from the ice I'd say it's a fair punishment, but from the bench it should be 2-3

Tkachuk is never going to really learn his lesson if he keeps getting these short suspensions. Should be a little longer at least.

It's a conspiracy!!!!

I look forward to NEW vs NEW

He already is classified as a repeat offender. He got off easy because the incident "normally would not warrant a suspension".

They also said that this normally wouldn't even be considered a suspendable offense but they applied it because he's a repeat offender... hence the game suspension. I expected 2 games and a max fine.

The goal of suspensions are for a player to face consequences for their actions. This kid is not receiving much in the consequences department thus far. All this wrist slapping is gonna do is make him feel he can continue to get away with being an asshole on the ice. When he really crosses the line and hurts someone long term (oh wait, he already has done that) it will be too late.

This kid needs the book thrown at him hard so he hopefully gets the message sooner rather than later, and can go on to have a good and productive career.

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Odd though that the severity is not increased to be consistent, as per their own set of factors inclusive of whether the player has been subjected to supplemental discipline in the past. Which he was 20 days ago. For the exact same offense of unsportsmanlike conduct - spearing.

I do agree that if he can't figure it out himself, the suspension will likely not help, but the optics are bad with this for the DOPS. Realistically 2 games seems like a better amount, 1 game for the action, 1 for doing it less than a month after already receiving supplemental discipline for a spear.

I think that's fair.

Im not salty about getting 4 of 4 points against CAL. Im sure your not salty about getting 1 of 4 against the buds

I don't think 1 game suspensions entice them at all. It's not a reward. That said, multiple game suspensions are obviously a more effective deterrent

Ho boy did he get off lucky.

See, the problem is he's not a plug, he just plays like a moron, which is even more insufferable.

Looks like DOPS sees this more as 'unsportsmanlike conduct' than spearing. If you accept it on that basis than this seems fair, but it's arguable. I would agree it didnt seem like an attempt to injure, more an attempt to aggravate. IMO this seemed like a 2 game suspension incident, especially given his history, but it's hard to tell with DOPS.

No one will ever get injured if all he does is the same type of tap as last night. Don't get me wrong, it's unacceptable, but there is no danger to the receiving player with that kind of spear.

They said that the force wasn't enough to suspend by itself. The two factors that made it suspension worthy are A. He did it while on the bench to a player on the ice and B. He is a repeat offender. I feel like that's a fair reason for a suspension.

I think the fact that he's a repeat offender just ten games ago should factor in, though. I'm not asking for the world, I think 2-3 is plenty. I feel that considering his last suspension was 10 games ago for a similar incident, giving him a slightly longer one should hopefully get the point across. You can't allow players to get involved in scrums on the ice from the bench.

Tfw u make an account just to comment this...

Video explaination

I actually don't think the last suspension was driven by reputation. What I think it was, is a continuation of a new policy George Parros evidently has for this year.

This is the sixth time a player has been fined or suspended for "unsportsmanlike conduct" this year. Other than Sean Avery's sloppy seconds comments, that is largely unprecedented for the league. So it is clear there is a new standard at play. That's part of it.

The other part is that the league couldn't find away to bypass the automatic 10 gamer for Witkoski, so they opted to take the guy who "instigated" him as well.

And the thing is, if not for that suspension, this play probably doesn't even warrant mention. The league all but admitted that in presenting its rationale. However, Tkachuk did take that suspension, and it is therefore completely understandable that they nailed him again this time. What amazes me is that they didn't escalate it to two or three games. In context, Tkachuk got off damn lucky.

The play probably wasn't even worth a fine if it wasn't because how recent the last offence was.

Let's remember, they gave Brenden Dillon a 1 game suspension for a vicious retaliation slash. So let's keep this in perspective if that gets a 1 game, then 1 game for this is only because of his reputation.

How do you see this unfolding? A tough guy fighting him and catching him with a solid right? Perhaps a crosscheck straight to the teeth? Maybe someone will curb stomp him on the edge of an open gate? Flying scissor kick with the skate blade? Hit with a folding chair during WWE Superslam on Pay per view for $99.95?

If he can’t figure out himself that this kind of stuff needs to stop a longer suspension wouldn’t help anyways.

A longer suspension would be helping the rhetoric that DOPS is highly inconsistent. Just my opinion.

This is his fourth infraction since being a professional player I think? (Starting with the Brendan Lemieux incident) How many times must the meathead be a meathead before he gets a real punishment?

I had 3 being the lowest in my opinion

Im fine, we don't play you guys again, Tkachuk is earning an unsavoury reputation in the league, and we pulled off 2/2 wins. Feeling pretty ok with this right now.

I think everyone acknowledges that he is a talented player.

Totally true, but that's only the tip of the shitberg with this guy. People are calling for more since he's a repeat offender, to try and straighten him out a little. Looking just at this specific incident, ignoring any priors, one game is fair.

No, it's not enough. In the video about his suspension they mention the fact that he was suspended for a similar incident just ten games ago. If one game wasn't enough to discourage him last time, why would it be this time?

If and when that happens, he'll get suspended long term. But the NHL doesn't suspend players based on perceived threat of re-offense. They examine this incident, the intent, execution, and result, and any previous suspensions or fines and come to a decision.

Why is it that if a player engages in a fight on the bench, or comes off the bench during a fight, it's an automatic suspension, but if you spear someone from the bench it "doesn't normally warrant a suspension"? I know it wasn't a particularly hard spear, but Jesus man, that shit is reckless and indefensible.

you made an alt account to post that? lol, what a bitch.

His last suspension was literally a reputation call though, I think he deserved the game but i don’t think it’s really wise to just start suspending assholes because they’re assholes. I think the high hits, the crosschecks on the ice definitely need multiple game suspensions but the first time a spear (to a far worse area) ever got a suspension was last year. Idk. This is one of those where I feel like one game is justified

There is no valid argument to be made that this deserved an 8+ game suspension, so I'd disagree on that one.

Will these short ones not end up triggering the repeat offender aspect sooner than later?

TRT vs BST (Toronto vs Boston)

I don't see how that light of a tap would be suspended at all if it was from the ice

Thanks for your input.

Calm down bud.

What a joke. He is a repeat offender and he will keep being one because of the lack of punishment given to him.

But according to /sub/hockey Tkachuk is a plug who lacks the skill required to play this game.

He is a piece of shit.

No one said he lacks skill.

I'd argue that they already gave a guy a 5k fine for a similar thing and no one even thought twice that it deserved a suspension.

God I admire you.

Look at this edge lord pretending to be hard.

They actually talked about how minor of a spear it was. That factored into the decision.

Injured Davidson's shoulder who said it pretty much derailed his career.

Imagine some bullshit petty move after the whistle by some douchebag completely screwing up your career. Ridiculous.

because it wouldnt have been even looked at by DOPS

I doubt some of these people even watched the replay.

But history does matter for the punishment, hence the repeat offender status.

He already has injured someone with a slewfoot. Does noone remember this?

He did that to Brandon Davidson last year and he hasn't been the same player since.

Eh, repeat offender, I think 2-3 games would have been more suffice in terms of teaching this kid a lesson.

Most of these people get hard hating Tkachuk

He's already a repeat offender. That alone should have made it more than 1 game.

Isnt it pronounced “Toronno” though?

Thanks for the easy 4 pts. Next time try actually scoring more than 2 goals in both games combined. 😉

Not enough