He was finally found

He was finally found

Weird way to hold a cup


His face is exactly the same... You know what that means.

Does he know he's famous?

Hungarian TV Interview with Harold

Still keeping that anger bottled up. Look at that clenched fist.

He is immortal

Why have you done this

I don't know how to type in an English accent but,

I can't believe you've done this.

This is the legendary Hide the Pain Harold in case some of you are lost

No exaggeration or hype, check. Meme pronunciation, check. Full breakdown of said meme and explanation of the forced smile, check. This video gets a perfect 25/25 schmeckles.

This is exactly everything I wanted to know about this man. Very nice video report

Edit: what the hell, this comment blew up! D:

He looks happier to be in the photo than you do

He's hiding the pain of standing next to op

He has inside him blood of kings. His name is Duncan Mccloud.

Ah, fuck

He's doing his best for the photo, but suppressing the pain has got to take incredible willpower.

No hover hand though, Harold has great confidence.

A living meme! Incredible!

Holy shit, he's familiar with memes.

Hungarian game show.

Here he is winning a

Yah, and he seems nice.

why does it look like hes trying to get a picture with you rather than you with him

That's how toffee is made.

and covfefe.

His real name is András Arató. He is also called painharold on Facebook and has a Youtube channel.

Some argue that the /sub/memeeconomy benefits when meme figures die because the prices of those memes tend to skyrocket right after their death. However my analysis shows that living memes can unlock intrinsic meta value over their lifetime that pays dividends for years.

Ah fook*


Did Harold just put lemon in his.....

He really is the same blood-meat people that we are.

It's MacLeod.

Yet it still pains him.. deep inside.

I think that is tea. He just made it in the coffee maker.

Yeah it seems like he understands it's all just in good fun


Good guy

It's actually Harold that posted this. He made this random kid pose with him.

Not cried out as in "cried from sadness" but as in he was offended.

Am Hungarian

Wrong part of England, but relevant.

"When we were schoolboys we also did memes"

Oh grandpa

It's making me uncomfortable. Like, if that spoon slips the cup is falling. If the cup is almost empty, holding it like that would just cause the spoon to act like a seesaw and tip the cup upside down. Then again, if the cup is full... how is holding the spoon into the side of the cup supporting all that weight.

I can't handle this.


The English translation is just really funny, like I'm imagining Harold sitting at his computer going "AHH!"

Did he win the orange juice?

wide penis

When he first discovered his fame, he cried out every day

Poor Harold :(

The best part is when he shows the amount of likes he just got on his Facebook post after ten-seconds and half of them are people with anime or meme avatars.

Is his name really Harold, OP?

Nice try, Dick Van Dyke.

He does, there was a Russian interview that asked him about it.

The memes have become self aware.

Harold is confidence

dude looks like he wants to die so bad

He is right though, they were memes by definition.

He is hungarian not russian btw

That old guy is doing something similar

Yes, we are /sub/totallynotrobots.

Why do you need to hold the spoon and the cup?

Just hold the freakin' cup, that spoon ain't going anywhere!

When people don't take your stock image career seriously

This deserves downvotes, but your boldness prevents me from doing so.


The look at the end. "I'm winning fucking juice? Fuck this show."

It looks to be making that man next to him kind of uncomfortable but he is trying to hide it.

Altough I'm not OP: the sign of the pharmacy (?) in the background is definitively Hungarian, so I think yes.

Rick and Morty episode used it as currency. Not penises, just the word.

and coffea.

I know right.

Yeah it's really good it cuts the sticky aftertaste of the coffee and makes it smoother. I like my coffee with honey and a twist of lime everyone thinks I'm crazy but you should try it man

Kid probably has bruises on his shoulder now.

tea in a coffee maker, huh?

I think it's regarding the Arthur's Fist meme. I could be wrong, though.

Maybe the spoon was short and he didn't want it to sink?

The struggle is real.

Best documentary I've seen all year

This guy invests.

He's holding a spoon that's why.

Yeah, it was more received pronunciation, so definitely a "u" not "oo"

When in the fuck did Schmeckel (Yiddish for Penis) become an online unit?

That's how you know it's a certified dank meme.

Who doesn't?

No, that's made by witches. That's why he mentioned a witch hunt.


Found you!!

Did you not have captions? When I played the video the captions were on automatically.

Is that op on the left? Damn, hello 😍😍


Yes, I'm pretty sure though it was a Russian news network though. I'll try and find the video.

EDIT: I was wrong, it was Hungarian:

Nah that's Andrew Bernard

Hold my pain, I'm going...

Oh, looks like I'm early.

That's what I love about this! He seems like a fairly normal guy and makes the connection of him and his generation making jokes and satire of others in his day. It doesn't make him a good or bad person, he's just a part of something out of his control at this point.

I truly wish him good health.

He's a retired electrical engineer from Hungary

I should be studying right now, but what am I doing? Watching an interview with an internet "celebrity" meme in a language that I can't understand a word.

a meme is just a unit of cultural knowledge. think of them as an "inside joke" that many people are in on. they go back as far as recorded history.

what most people think of as "memes" are really just image macros, and image macros existing is itself a meme.

being able to scribble an eyepatch on someone in a book and make them look like a pirate is an example of a meme as well. so he was absolutely correct in saying they made memes as children; it's just that nobody used that word for it back then.

I disagree. I think it looks like an iced lemonade or something similar.

Oh, that's Hide The Pain Harold!

Here's an example http://i2.kym-cdn.com/photos/images/original/001/251/631/1ef.jpg 

He's in a bunch of stock photos and always looks happy and sad at the same time, which is kind of hilarious.

Oh, that's Hide The Pain Harold!

Here's an example

He's in a bunch of stock photos and always looks happy and sad at the same time, which is kind of hilarious.

Man Hungarian sounds like nothing else. I forgot it was a language isolate non-Indo European language

My hovercraft is full of eels.

Cheese wheel

Lemon in coffee is very nice, especially dark coffee imho. Restaurants often serve a wedge slice of just the rind for espresso drinkers.

It won three Oscars and a Grammy.

Now we need one of the high expectation and unreasonable teacher.

Kraft Mac'n'Cheese

You know you love it.

Did you meet him in Hungary, or somewhere else?

'That man'? Do you know who the heck that is? He is a L E G E N D. You show some gotdamn respect!