He was born in a log cabin and WAIT WHAT?!

He was born in a log cabin and WAIT WHAT?!

This is probably how Ron Swanson would circumsize his kid.

They don't do it with their teeth. It's done with a knife, then the mohel sucks the 8 day old boys penis clean. Nothing weird there.

I love how the just tried to gloss over that.

"He loved apple pies, fixing cars, he was circumcised with a pocket knife... ih, and he had a bulldog!"

Ron Swanson would only argue for circumcision in cases of medical necessity because with phimosis it is painful and impossible to work the wood.

In most cases, he would not recommend circumcision, not only because it's senseless submission to government and religion, but because wood working is best done to pristine wood.

Gonna go ahead and say your clam isn't shucked.

Better than being done by a rabbi with his teeth.

Nothing weird there.

Yep. Definitely nothing weird here. Nope, not one bit. I mean, aside from sucking an 8 day old cock.

Good I am glad we finally decided on one.

Clearly, this story brought this man so much pride during his days on earth, he needed it brought back out even in death. Honestly, I wanna know what the man's piece looked like. Did the dad do a good job? Was it all fucked up? THE WORLD NEEDS TO KNOW.

It's not like it's hard. Not hard. Not sexual. That's what my preacher says.

T'mater in this case, i think.

Maybe you should stop sucking it?

I can't take it anymore. I've been waiting forever! After hours of hearing my wife screaming, I just want to cut something! Wait, the baby's finally been delivered? Where's my pocket knife?

thats fucking sick to do to a human with anything at all

I'm just terrified at what the bait for the fishing was...

or shucked badly.

Nah he would probably be in favor keeping man the way nature intended.

Men are very proud of their schlongs. You come along and tell a man his schlong is wrong and chances are they are not only going to disagree, but be rather miffed at the suggestion.

Circumcision (that we are discussing) is taking a knife to the genitals of an infant for no medical reason whatsoever, causing damage which will never heal so that the man will not fully enjoy sexual intercourse.

On the other hand, the man won't remember the pain and it won't cause him future harm.

That is the dilemma, you've got a bunch of men who are feeling no pain and are very proud of their schlongs who were sliced up at birth for no good reason. They're all on team cut, and they're gonna make sure their babies are on team cut too.

I feel like this obit was written really poorly.

I wonder if they used a skinning knife.

You said it. Something IS missing. It doesnt bother me that people are circumcised. It does bother me when people, especially girls, are uneducated and think its a gross or weird thing to be uncircumcised.