He saw his favorite ice cream

He saw his favorite ice cream

He didn't even close the freezer before walking out! I'm starting to think this guy might not have good intentions.

You know he didn't just steal that as an after thought. He planned it out, and he refused to take one when he first walked in, because it would start to melt. That man is a genius.

Yeah, that’s cold

What would you do for a Klondike Bar?

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He planned the whole heist around it. He really wanted that ice cream bar but didn't want to look like a goober just stealing that one thing. So he robbed the guy making it look like he had bigger motives.

"Cops are coming, gotta bail." "Oh snap Choco Taco!"

In fairness, the price of good ice cream is daylight robbery.

You need to chill

Id go out and buy it.

It's the perfect crime.

Rookie mistake.

"Better grab something for the kids."

See, he was meaning well.

Choco taco is life!

20 to life


The way these Reddit gifs end without looping, I sat here for an extra 20 seconds expecting him to come back and grab a few more ice-creams

"Hmm, well theres a camera, ill talk to police afterwards i guess. Fuck risking my safety at $9.25/hr"

Whats cooler than being cool?

Probably. He's got Good Humor

Unacceptable behavior. The rest of the ice cream was left at risk

ICE COLD! ... Now if you will excuse me im off to YouTube..