He MAILED what??

He MAILED what??

Impossible. She had another container in her fridge. That's the ONLY way

They're CGI mangos and she's an actress. NO WAY this is real.

This just reminded me, supposedly you can mail a coconut without actually packaging it. You just put a stamp on it and write the address and they'll mail it.

mail_irl will mail anything


He went where no other mangos.

Haha me 2 thanks blvd.

"This dad" looks very feminine

She complained for two hours and even cried because she forgot a bloody mango?

This subreddit is turning shit and it's because of people like OP.

You can. They actually sell this as a service at Disney world because my bro passed a postaged coconut in one of the shops and few days later, I had a coconut at my doorstep.


We're all vegetables on this blessed day

If he can freely mail fruit without any authorities intercepting it, how can our children be safe? Now I'll have to ban my kids from opening the mail lest they find FRUIT or worse, VEGETABLES!!!!