He loves his pitbull

He loves his pitbull

I'm not a trump supporter by any means but holy shit this person is fucking obnoxious

Whatever political stance you have, it's never wise to tempt someone into kicking your vehicle.

Whatever political stance you have, it's never wise to purposely kick someone else's vehicle.

This truck is missing the kid pissing on a ford emblem.

Cry me a river. Racists hid behind the first amendment for their unwarranted disdain for Obama. Now there are actual reasons to hate Trump and somehow we must remain neutral on this?

Fuck that noise... they hired a blowhard that "has no filter", well this guy is giving a "no filter" reply.

Feels like the special flower syndrome has changed for these entitled Republicans.

I hated this shit when Obama was in office and I hate it now.

I agree with the practicality of the former statement and the sentiment of the latter

It's more about putting annoying shit on the back of your truck than the legitimacy of said annoying shit. And if this makes Trump voters feel how I felt by the Obama stuff then it isn't helping anything.

This is just instigation. Can't even be passed off as education.

When are people gonna get tired of this shit On the front page?

I'm always disappointed when I see those decals. Bill Watterson never licensed C+H for any purpose, which makes all of those decals stolen.

On top of that, while Calvin is a little shit, he'd never stoop to urinate on things just to get back at them. He's too clever for that.

Pitbulls really are great dogs. They have a bad reputation because of dog fighting, but if you raise them like any other dog, they can be very loving and gentle.

If you have the word fuck on your car for any reason you are classless garbage

I have a sticker that says "Fuck people who are classless garbage"

The kid is Calvin.

I'm American and they're fucking weird to me.

When your big bad pickup truck's rear window looks like a 13 year old girl's Math notebook, you lose the tough guy cred you're desperately seeking.

In 4-8 years.

I just hate bumper stickers. As a non American, they just seem weird. Only people who have them where I live are bogans who cover their cars in Ned Kelly, Southern Cross, and Australian flag window stickers.

That's the thing with pitbulls. They're limitless batteries of Overall Enthusiasm. You raise them right, and you're totally fucked if your preference is not being covered in slobber and having a lunatic monster jump all over you all the time, forever, because there is no upper limit to how much they love you. Unfortunately, if you're the kind of throwback cocksucker who trains them to fight, they'll turn any living creature you set them on into chunky salsa without a second thought.

They rarely know what they're doing, but they know they're doing the crap out of it.

The clear solution is to build a wall. A great wall to keep all the bad hombres away from your hard earned vehicle.

"When it was a president I liked, they hid behind the first amendment to talk about a president that had no reason to be hated, now that its a president I dont like fuck that put your anti trump signs up" or something like that

The kid is not "Calvin." That image was lifted by counterfeiters from a single frame of a Calvin and Hobbes comic strip, but it is definitely neither licensed nor approved by Bill Watterson or his syndicate. People made money off of that thing for years, even though it was, essentially, from stolen property. Every time I see that image I die a little inside because I know that one of the reasons that Watterson retired was because he saw his art being misused in such a way.

I'm glad that, over the years, the thing has lost its popularity. But the damage has long since been done.

The problem with people like this is that the people following this truck who voted for Trump perceive this person as one of the people who is making America worse. The use of 'fuck' and the middle finger in the air signifies counter culture nonconformists, exactly the sort of thing a Trump voter hates, so it validates their bias. Trump voters feel good reading this aggressive overly large window sticker knowing that their Trump vote made this guy (who they have absolute contempt for) so mad that he would buy this expensive sticker for his truck and look like an ass.

I dunno, I've met a few pits. They seem to always try to murder me with love.

You know...That's not exactly what I expect from the back of a pickup truck.

Who the fuck upvotes this shit

Someone keyed my car because I had a Feel the Bern magnet. Sometimes it doesn't take much to "trigger" people.

Or Russian prostitutes pissing on Trump's face.

You have to understand.. these car kickers , they're not sending their best people.

sigh yet again with more political posts.

You seem to make a lot of assumptions. First that anyone that disagreed with Obama must be racist. And now that anyone that thinks this sticker is obnoxious, must be Republican.

A large reason why people didn't like Obama is because they were just die hard members of the Republican party and always blame the left for anything that they see as wrong. And you appear to be doing the exact same thing from the other side. You are quick to assign guilt to an entire party even though the comment line you are replying to, specifically said they were not fans of Trump.

Just take it easy with the strawman stereotypes. We are all our own people with our own opinions.

I hated this shit when Obama was in office and I hate it now.

Yup feel the same here. Up voted for truth.

Instead of a Ford emblem, it should be Bannon's face.

Especially considering the image was lifted from a panel of him filling a water balloon.

Hell if anything most Trump supporters welcome this level of saltiness.

It achieves nothing but makes the left look bitter and incapable of rationally accepting an outcome of an election, features than no neutral would be persuaded by. It's a poor strategy in getting people on your side.

I just fuck garbage

Thanks Obama

It's interesting how people who ranted and raved about Obama's plans to ban fishing, attack Texas and take our white women was considered reasonable in their eyes, but the other side complaining about Trump lying quite literally every week, being incapable of understanding the branches of government, his gray-area business practices while in office and potential collusion with Russia is considered not being able to accept the election results.

"Trump wont even win a single state in the primary, you have nothing to worry about"

Pretty sure each party is comprised of millions of people who might have different standards of public decorum. It's not like the people from the puritanical evangelical Republican crowd of the 80's have disappeared entirely.

People who put giant stickers with expletives on their car are always very intelligent and are definitely the people you should want to identify with. :)

Obviously, but that won't stop criminals from doing it.

Shut your whore mouth.

I'm that guy with a beat up jeep that has stickers from all the National Parks I have visited. Are people thinking I'm weird?

Why do people in the U.S. feel compelled to voice their political opinions on their rear view windows? Or.....to share with the world a photo of an eagle soaring over a mountain? I dunno, if you can't have a license plate say 'Fuck' on it, maybe a giant 2' sticker shouldn't be legal either.

That is a fantastic description of the pit bull mindset.

Sigh. Now I'm going to have to break into your house and key your fridge.

Not making life easy

There were legitimate, non-racist reasons to despise Obama. He was the first president to call out hits on citizens. He lied to our faces about the NSA. He started a half-dozen wars and no one cared.

Just as there are legitimate reasons to dislike Trump, there were legitimate reasons to dislike Obama. You can't just write it all off as racism. OP's point was that this is just partisan bitterness, which was the cause of some of the opposition to Obama.

Feels like the special flower syndrome has changed for these entitled Republicans.

How are they "entitled"?


From the Fwoooosh cell

At least he hasn't displayed his political stance on his vehicle as obnoxiously as this guy:

At least he hasn't displayed his political stance on his vehicle as obnoxiously as this guy:

Tell that to Shareblue

Here are reasons, whether warranted or valid I won't comment on: debt increased by 7.4 trillion dollars (70%), some people lost jobs due to lack of support from the Obama administration e.g. jobs related to going to space as well as fossil fuel jobs, social justice warriors gained power around Obama's time, increased government interference. Those are just a few off the top of my head that I've heard from speaking with republicans.

For reference I'm not a republican. But not far left either.

How to get your windows smashed 101

Deserve? no. Probably going to happen? yes

Maybe in certain areas, sure. But what really sealed the deal was the Clinton bullshit.

I hated Clinton for what she did, I hated the dems for what they did, but the alternative was... well, we see it now. Too many people on the Dem side got fed up with everything surrounding her and the Democratic Party that they went full on "fuck it, burn it all down". I cant blame people for their choice. I was conflicted myself. Of course I would not have voted for either, if I had not payed attention to the polls after that disastrous bullshit by the FBI, the "new email sources", which were bullshit, and Russias "anonymous" involvement, and voted for Hillary. She would have won had that shit not transpired. Look at the polls before and after.

But, what really needs to happen is the Dems need to change their way of thinking, drastically. They need to be much more up front about their issues, and they need to be much more responsible to bullshit confrontations leveraged by the false press.

I fuck people who fuck classless garbage

I also think this guy has a hatred for Trump

Guys I don't think he's a fan of Trump

But isn't it encouraging that even classless garbage truck drivers hate trump?

Also why would you want other drivers to see this on your car? If an obnoxious Trump supporter is driving nearby, they now have an incentive to slam their brakes in front of him, cut him off, throw food at his car, etc.

Why does anyone want other people to know anything about them while driving?

ya pitbulls are awesome

I feel like there are a lot of sweeping assumptions and generalizations in this thread...

That may be true, but it doesn't do any good. Most Trump supporters didn't vote for him because he was a xenophobic misogynistic pig. They voted for him because he promised to bring back their jobs. Now that may have been a flat faced lie with nothing to back it, but people bought it. Telling them to fuck off inly increases divide in this country and hurts democrats by "proving" what Trump says about them. Instead, democrats need to start figuring out how to reach out to these people, who (in my own opinion) would be better off under democratic leadership! Democrats have fallen out of touch with working class Americans, and that truck sticker is representative of why! Edit: Prez Jim

Totally convinced me to hate Trump, I was on the fence but seeing this has truly opened my eyes.

Racists hid behind the first amendment for their unwarranted disdain for Obama.

Yeah, because racism was the only possible reason to oppose Mr. Obama.

A friend's car was keyed because it was a car near someone with a key in their hand. I think they just didn't like Hondas maybe

Nah, they're 5% of the dog population but are responsible for 65% of fatal dog attacks in the last decade. 40% of those victims are children under 9.

Compare that to Rottweilers, who have the same reputation and ability, they only account for 11% of fatal attack in the last decade and there are more of them.

Florida ND


Don't have to support Hillary to hate trumpf

I'm glad that, over the years, the thing has lost its popularity. But the damage has long since been done.

I just bought a gadget for my motorcycle and in the box was a couple of those stickers depicting him pissing on their competitor's name.

It immediately gave me they impression the company was much less professional than I initially thought.

This started to happen in my area to people who still had Bernie magnets after the convention, so mine moved to my fridge since I have no time for immature vandals over a magnet for a politician who wasn't even running anymore.

The street was covered in ice and he's just spreading the salt.

Pretty sure Trump voters love the word fuck. They love Trump's crassness and vulgarity. Plenty of them wore Trump t shirts with swear words like "Trump that bitch!" in reference to Hilary Clinton. It's not exactly the puritanical evangelical Republican crowd of the 80s.

What're you, some kinda moderate?!

Oh look, yet another unfunny anti-Trump post on a sub that has nothing to do with politics, what a fucking surprise.

Some of them, I assume, are good people.

"If your opinion is so simplistic that it fits on a bumper sticker, you didn't think very hard about it." Sounds like a good bumper sticker..

I'd say anyone with more than three bumper stickers of any kind seems a little weird to me, just because it's a car and not a billboard. That said, if you have to have them, national parks are at least an inoffensive thing to promote. The way I see it is, if your opinion is so simplistic that it fits on a bumper sticker, you didn't think very hard about it. That's troubling for a subject like the president of the United States, or whether there's an afterlife, but if the sentiment that you'll brook no argument over is "national parks are rad"? Rock on, dude.

Trump won, can we please stop bitching about it? It's not going to accomplish ANYTHING

Yeah bitterness or "liberal tears" as they call it is just music to their ears.

Because conservatives had only super nice things to say about Obama...

Damn. I like that. Someone once told me it's like setting yourself on fire and hoping people choke on the smoke.

Voting brigades that operate out of Discord servers.

The people from ETS, esist, ImpeachTrump, ect are private discord servers where they coordinate upvoting these political posts in non-political subs.

What a shitty line of reasoning.

"You're entirely wrong because one thing people were upset about was stupid."

Yea, no. He increased drone strikes dramatically (ten fold I believe?). He never closed Guantanamo Bay like he promised. He ramped up domestic spying and created the least transparent whitehouse in our history. He lied about making stricter rules for lobbyists. He lied about making a path to citizenship for illegal aliens. Lied about reducing US oil consumption.

Do I personally hate his presidency? No, but there were plenty of things to be upset about.

Hey, you're the same guy who said Trump isn't misogynistic or xenophobic higher up in the thread!

Does anything but dogshit ever dribble out of your mouth?

People are always surprised to Florida ND out that in the Victorian Era pitbulls were considered "baby sitter dogs"

Edit: find not Florida, North Dakota.

I know where you're coming from, but, it'll be a lot more than eight years. The man is part of American history now. From now on, students in school will be learning about Donald Trump alongside every other president from Washington to Obama. The only question is, will they learn about him as a heroic figure, or a cautionary tale. That's what the next four-to-eight years will tell us.

Yes, because people like that person got him elected and are responsible for an image that is sticking to the Democratic party making them unelectable.

That being said, people like that person, and like you I am assuming, call so many people Nazi's who are clearly not, I will immediately dismiss any claim unless irrefutable evidence is provided by a reputable news source. BBC, New York Times, Washington Post (even though they have fucked up a lot), or even some right of center who care about retracting false claims. Nazi now means "anyone a regressive leftists disagrees with".

Man ! Americans really love to hate their political opponents, no shit like that in Canada, we vote and forget who we voted for

We fucked it, reddit!

Lol so in your mind anyone who didn't like Obama is a raract? Fuck off with that shit.

Or putin pissing on trumps face.

That's all absolutely true. But at the same time, they are basically the WMDs of dogs because they are so naturally muscular and strong. With great power comes great responsibility.

Gotta be Soros bots, the sheer # of upvotes for such a tasteless sign shows Reddits actual lack of integrity policing it, IMHO.

Cuz 'Murica

It was unlikely. But it happened.

So did the 37 % approval rating he currently has.

Still doesn't mean you deserve to have your property kicked

Is that why? I thought it would be because of the complete embarrassment the administration has been so far.

When I was in high school I went to an MLB game, and a car had stickers from almost every MLB stadium and team. It was a group of brothers and friends going on one last road trip before they all married and had kids.

One of them ate a hotdog at every stadium. Another was growing out his beard during their road trip that season.

It was so fun to meet them and share in their journey for just a few minutes before parting ways. They even gave me a shirt with all the MLB logos they designed and signed it for me. It's one of my most prized possessions some 12 years later.

If I saw your jeep, I'd think the same of you that I did of them. I don't think you're weird, but it does make me jealous of all your adventures and glad that you've found something you enjoy so much and made so many memories at those places.

I think the complaint is that nobody gave a shit what those assholes thought and nobody gives a shit what this asshole thinks and we'd all rather assholes stop telling us what they think with the back of their car/truck.

Hillarys pickup

Well at least someone in Texas has some common sense

Almost as unlikely as Trump winning seemed to his detractors.

Eh, who gives a fuck. People on Reddit are so quick to hate on the most random shit. Visiting national parks is cool...be proud of it!

You shouldn't mess with any dog that wants to be left alone, for what it's worth.

def 8 years

I've been camping for two weeks. Is there some new nazi development?


Fuck bumper stickers. Even if I agree with the message, it's still obnoxious and comes over as so preachy.

Muslims. Obama. Merkel. The Chinese. Brown people. Poor people. Fat women. And anyone who tells the truth about him.list not intended to be exhaustive

His statements, acts, and omissions are proof of this.

Meh, that's a pretty broad brush. There are plenty of us reasonable folks around that need a truck. You might not notice us with our lack of lift kits, truck nuts, and huge exhaust pipes.

With the prices for quality mid-size pickups (read Tacoma) being what they are, it frequently makes sense to get the full-size.

Also, diesel can actually be a mark of efficiency, depending on the application.

Aside from the trashiness of the person who puts "fuck" on their car I always cringe when I see political stickers regardless of party or candidate. People are assholes that's clear and one is just asking for their vehicle to get keyed or vandalized.

Really what made you think that?

Bumper stickers reveal link to road rage

What if I told you (you might want to be sitting down for this) that in a country where we vote for our president, there will often be a few people that won't be happy with, and speak out against it. If you don't like something, and have the right to speak out against it (and you do) feel free to do so while staying within the bounds of the law.

Getting upset with how things turned out and raising your dissent legally isn't that unusual. But getting all pissed off at people for being pissed of is just incredibly stupid. You're basically saying, "fuck you for not being happy, you shouldn't try to do anything about it at all. Just sit there and deal with it." Uhmmm fuck and no, I don't have to. Get over it.

Believe it or not people have different ideas on how to do things. And since the beginning, of, well, fucking time it has been a common behavior to raise concerns and express dissent at how something is being done. People will get upset, and they will speak out, and you can't do jack fuckin shit about it. Therefore, getting upset about this commonplace behavior just makes you pissed off for really no reason. I for one prefer to be happy, but if that's not the case for you, by all means, keep being salty at humans exhibiting human behavior.

Well he's failing miserably right now.

At what?!

There's a difference between being intolerant of black people or jews or muslims, and being intolerant of people who are intolerant of black people or jews or muslims.