He knows!

He knows!

Most flight companies allow asians on planes.

And the Asian woman at the right lul


United airlines customers learn it the hard way

That's the fking pilot...what is he doing on the passenger seat

Well at least he's not in the overhead locker.

Ah, you beat me to the punchline. Guess I'll leave voluntarily.

"This is Captain Good Boy, Oh yes I am. Today we'll be chasing the mail delivery plane until it lands, then we shall be chasing some geese for twenty minutes before I go for a nap.

Dinner of your chewed slipper I left for you will be served shortly. Now if you'd like to pay attention to the dogtendants for your pre-flight safety doggostration"

Well that moment you realise you're in united airlines...

So you’re telling me scooby doo dresses like an old lady for no reason

2 soon :(

You should have known, United is always first to the punchline.

Happy cake day.

What does United airlines, your crazy ex and chocolate have in common?

they'll kill your dog!

Its not really that weird to see a dog on a plane

At least it’s not children

Reminds me of Scooby-doo

Not really though. The account was obviously made specifically for that answer. Beetlejuicing is when it's a preexisting account, and a huge coincidence.

But some put asians in the overhead compartment causing them to die from chocking.

I found that interesting. Thank you.

Barbaric, I say

tfw when a dog is in ur kids seat so she gets left behind