He is one with the dance

PTA parent: "What is the curriculum for the upcoming semester?"

Teacher: pop-and-locks for 12 straight minutes

So screenshot videos are now a thing

Teacher a few weeks earlier- "hey guys you know what would be super funny, if we put on a talent show"

This isn’t wholesome. That kid got murdered by those moves!

It’s called a jeff

This year’s supply list: giant cardboard boxes.

"Somebody should do a dance. Maybe a dance-off. You know what would be really hilarious? This is just coming off the top of my head, I've put absolutely no thought into this. One of you should do a dance-off with me. I can't dance. at. all. Let's wager whatever cash you can find in your mom's purse."

I had a teacher (well the school had a teacher) like this. You wouldnt have known he was the coolest mf in that school cause he looked like Napoleon dynamite with dark hair. But damn could he dance.


my name yef


The custodian at my grade school was a former Olympic sprinter who would race any kid, but if the kid lost they'd have to help him sweep the sidewalks. He was a beast, but kids raced him almost daily, probably to just experience racing an Olympian and to help out the cool custodian

So could Napoleon.

This is simultaneously the saddest and sweetest thing I've read today

This is so nice. I always feel like the best teachers, the ones who taught me the most (academically and otherwise) were the ones who weren’t afraid to show us they were also people.

Literally Jean-Ralphio as a teeEEAACHErrrrrr

Honest question: which one is the teacher?

school custodians make pretty decent money, very livable

Reminds me of a teacher I had in high school who went to college on a track scholarship. After hearing this a guy in our class who ran track challenged him to a race after school. The teacher was beating him so bad 3/4 through the race he began running backwards shouting at the student to run faster. I was like "He went to college on a track scholarship what the fuck did you think was going to happen?"

Teacher schooling a kid......

Or business as usual

Pronounced with a soft J, like "yogging".

It's like the White Men Can't Jump of dancing.

Yeah, and they get plenty of paid time off, sick leave, good healthcare, etc. It’s union government work.

White guy looks like an adult to me

This is basically what those moving pictures in the Harry Potter newspapers were.

I was going to be all cool and watch the video to tell you but there is so much SCREAMING it's hard to tell that's there music at all. I didn't recognize the song but if you've ever heard an auditorium of middle schoolers losing their goddamn minds I think you can imagine

Throwaway because stuff.

Girlfriend (nearly 10 years) and I used to be two of the fastest runners in our part* of the country (USA). I ran middle distance and some long she ran long and some middle. I'm waiting for the day we get to embarrass strangers! If we get married I don't know whether we will spawn an Olympian or possibly the worlds slowest human.

Anyhow. Not too long ago a friend's friend had heard I was a "quick" runner and wouldn't quit about how he was the fastest 400m runner from his high school. Well this was many years in the future and he wasn't exactly still training to run.

Well... I'm not the machine that I used to be, but there was no competition. You can hardly call that a race. I proceeded to ask what his best time was back when. Well... turns out at my peak, I could have waited 10-12 seconds and still finished without it being too close. And that's in just one lap of the track.

And on top of that, experienced racers are going to have the strategy down. You wouldn't believe the amount of strategy that can go into any of the races. It's a lot more than run as fast as you can for as long as you can.

Anyways, I don't know what I was trying to share, but I had fun talking about it.

Edit: Changed Park to Part.

I certainly hope so, they literally clean up shit.

I know the teacher (white kid) in this video. Guy's an incredible dancer. He's really excited with all the exposure this is getting since he's trying to build his dance teaching career!

I'll take 3 please!

PTA parent: "Are you the gym teacher?"

Teacher: "English."

He's having a supplies party.

What a time to be alive

One of the best humble brags I've read.

Father Stretch My Hands Pt. 1

It's pronounced geff

Woody Harrelson can't dunk, but he makes up for it with good fundamentals.

Probably so you know it's a meme and not, you know, people actually dying.

Holy shit what song could that be??

Right? This is the moment in 8 Mile when it's the other guy's turn after Eminem and he doesn't have anything to say. It's over man.

What do you need 3 supply lists for?

"Let's go through the class and list each others talents! starting with mine, well, I dance. I'm pretty good, but don't peer pressure me to display my talents on stage! I'd hate if you all did that right now! OK YOU CONVINCED ME I'LL DO IT!"

That totally depends on the district. I knew a guy who was a school janitor who got paid $9 an hour with no benefits. He worked through a janitorial service that contracted out to the school.

Apparently all you do is run for an extended period of time

Max B invented it You ain't 🌊

wHiLe sTuDEntS wHaTCh thE HoRrOR

1) which one is the teacher?

2) WTF does it mean to be "WAVYYYY"?

It's like several steps... You screen record the video while on Twitter, upload the video itno a gif somehow, then upload that into imgur. I cannot figure out how to do it on a phone.

You mean he's the best character in the history of TV

He needs those cardboard boxes /u/Wacocaine suggested

I love how excited the kid is the entire time - he's cheering the teacher on!

Depends on how much you enjoy meth and domestic violence really.

They're both very good

My mom was a school janitor for about about a decade.

Shit is uncommon, puke though, kids puke allllllll the time. On everything. Everywhere.

Ios11 has screen record built in. Android has it built in on some devices otherwise there’s hundreds of free screen record apps.

Macs have screen record built in and there’s a free app called GIF brewery that screen records (your screen or your phone), cuts, edits and you’re able to upload directly to Gfycat. I have no idea about PCs since I don’t own one.

It’s actually pretty easy though definitely harder than just a screenshot. Source: I make GIFs.

Agreed, I’m glad he shared it.

yo where do you live? $9 isn't even minimum wage where i'm from 🤔

Actually, iPhones have screen recording capabilities now

I love pop-n-loktoberfest

It's spelled geoff.

And he could dynamite too.

My name chef

It's called pop and lock Christopher! Not pop and dangle!

In sorry but if you look back its yeff

That's fantastic! The world needs more wonderful people like that!

I loved Mona Lisa too.

holds hand out “Money pleeeease!”

I never understood, what's with the wierd capitalization in that sub?

It's not, it's supposed to be exaggerated yelling so you know it's nt really people dying


He’s the 🎶

And he's just so articulate.

Since the beginning of Android basically

"You dumbass, that G is pronounced like a soft J; you know, the one that sounds like a soft Y."


Props to the teacher for doing the original Harlem shake.

Why? Just fake your death, skip town, and open a casino in TajikistaaaAAAaaannn!!!

Yeah. I want the fucking answer to this question. I'm not sure why I haven't blocked that sub. The titles make me irrationally angry but then I see the post and I forgive them.

it's like going beyond all caps. if you want to emphasize something that's in lower case, you make the word all-caps. if you want to emphasize something that's in all-caps, you gotta fuck up the case. It's like super saiyan beyond a super saiyan, but with capitalization.

Here’s a tool to automate the weird capitalization: https://oysandvik94.github.io/mockingspong/index.html

The custodian at my high school made more than the history teacher

I was listening to Scary Monsters and Super Creeps whilst watching it. So I'm going with that.

I think it means cool? Something Kanye coined?


who is the teacher? they both look 30

Protein spill!

Yes. Thank you.

Small town Tennessee is either Heaven or Hell depending on your circumstances.