He in prison for the culture.

He in prison for the culture.

Bail doesn't mean he'll avoid prison. He'd still have to go to court.

Spend a couple million on a top legal team

I'd loan that nigga $60

I would give my father 24 dollars in commissary if I won.

Nigga getting oj team. Gonna resurrect johnnie chochran for this shit

If his bail is 24 million he probably did some shot I shouldn't bail him out for.

I love my dad, so I’d probably toss him the 24 mil and probably an extra 500k for pocket change.

awwwww :( I would totally give my dad $24M if he needed it. He’s gone now but occasionally I still get money from him [his estate] or discover stuff I inherited. That more than tells me he’d give me $24M if I needed it. I wouldn’t risk the karma backhand by even daring to think I wouldn’t just give him that jackpot.

Well I'll put money in his commissary

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