He got lost.

He got lost.

This needed to happen. Thank you.

Holy shit, you see that fucking show come apart man? I never seen spaghetti like that before

Well done. Make more of these

This deserves an Oscar.

Beautiful. Powerful. Poor Ant just wants to pet his adorable cat and play video games until he passes. :(

This is so good and so accurate.

Poor anthony.

Literally lol.

Nobody cares about this nonsense but us.

And soon, we'll be gone.


Didnt realize how close to tears anthony was during that argument

If this video was tweeted to Anthony on a daily basis, I think we'd see a real improvement in his behaviour.

he wasnt even making jokes about any of that, the nigger-hating author just exploded because he wasnt being praised and patted on the back

Some of the stupid shit in this sub makes me laugh harder than anything else I see all week, anywhere.

A poignant portrait of a tragic figure. It's not going to end well for him, is it?

This your second bomb in one thread.

Can this please get stickied. I don’t want it to get lost

I wish him nooothing but the fawkin' best. Nooothin' but the best.

Nope, he really wasn't even touching on politics until Mr. Single-Issue wanted to steer the conversation back to the only thing he cares about, three guesses what it was. He wasn't even really being combative about it until Colin kept steering everything back to the blaques. Ron had had enough when he couldn't even make silly remarks without the retard misunderstanding the point and thinking it was a serious comment to be agreed with.

Let's try it

We get it. You dont like black people. Move the fuck on.


this was amazing !

Making jokes on a comedy show, what a real SJW!

A fucking masterpiece

Not on board with the whole hate Ant thing- This is awesome. Perfectly executed.


Is he your dad or something. You sound like a bitch

It's fawkin' time for us to move on. We're just not that close anymore, the chemistry just isn't there. We all knew it! It was time to move on!

My favorite part is where he goes "Wha happen???"

You’re being a projecting faggot. It was a misunderstanding where Ron thought they were all there to make entertaining conversation and Colin thought they were there to talk more about how much we should all hate black people.

I hate when liberals try to turn the whole ‘snowflake’ insult around but you really are a little baby bitch snowflake if I’ve ever seen one. Do you really expect someone who doesn’t give a fuck about black statistics to sit there and listen to it for an hour? Is there anything in that conversation that wouldnt have already been said by Ant or Colin in a previous show?

Except Ron wasn’t trying to make any point except ‘let’s talk about something else’ until Colin forced the issue. Faggot.

big dick editor? thank you

Adagio for strings; a little Barber for a little Berber.