He got asked to leave the restaurant due to the nature of his t-shirt. Waiter who was serving him quit after seeing it happen.

He got asked to leave the restaurant due to the nature of his t-shirt. Waiter who was serving him quit after seeing it happen.

He was asked to leave a private business for wearing a shirt with a large, vulgar message on it. Both Trump supporters and haters should be able to see the many layers of irony here.

That is vulgar and offensive regardless of who you voted for.

Edit: I get it. Free speech. He can wear whatever he wants but that doesn't change my opinion that the shirt is an expression of poor taste and attention seeking juvenile behavior.

The facebook comments on this were such a mess. As was the dude's description.

Apparently only white, racist Trump voters were leering at him and cheered when he left. People of color were applauding his bravery. The whole thing reeked of /sub/thathappend

What if you're someone who doesn't like Trump but has children, and the shirt was a bit of a shitshow?

Afterwards, the waiter followed him to Home Depot for more pictures, too.

I can't stand Trump, but if I managed this restaurant, I would absolutely ask him to cover it or leave. It's just not appropriate.

Free speech sure, but in a private business? no.

This dude looks like an insufferable manbaby and he belongs on /sub/trashy. I'd have asked him to cover up the shirt, and I'd have asked him to leave if he refused. I'd do the same thing if somebody came in with a "fuck Obama" shirt or a visible swastika or a fishnet tank top. Restaurants holding their customers to a dress code is nothing new. The decorum of the people in your dining room sets the tone for the entire customer experience. That's why they'll deny you entry into a fancy steakhouse if you come in wearing jean shorts and shower shoes. This sort of vulgar display of tastelessness is inappropriate for anything nicer than a Waffle House.

Since always. The right to free speech is freedom from government censorship. A business can ask you to leave for a whole lot of reasons, amongst them having a shirt with "FUCK" written on it.

free speech, not free from consequences.

Then you are trespassing.

No, he totally got kicked out for having an anti-Trump shirt and not for having a giant "FUCK" and middle finger on his shirt. He definitely wouldn't have been kicked out if his shirt had "FUCK OBAMA" on it instead.


that waiter's name? Albert Einstein.

It's a private business. They can kick him out for whatever.

This guy is kinda the definition of 'impotent rage'; irrespective our your opinions on Trump, people like this do not make any society better.

This guy's story is about as credible as the people in MAGA hats who claim that they stunningly defeated a leftist-snowflake-SJW-Harvard-HRC/Bernie supporter in a spontaneous debate simply by (slightly) flexing their stunning intellect. The reality is that a guy who clearly has issues with self-awareness, social 'appropriateness', self-righteous rage, and handling himself in public caused a very mild scene and was asked to exit a restaurant. The rest is quixotic horseshit, to be polite.

Trump is terrible, but the absolute worst thing about him is how he brings out the most shitty behavior in both the left and the right.

A restaurant is not a public place, it is a private establishment that is open to the public. Big difference.

And gave him a $100% crispy boy

I love it. It's like /sub/iamverysmart and /sub/thathappened had the perfect baby.

private businesses

a few comments later...

public place

At least keep your ignorant argument consistent

Wearing something like this is basically asking for an argument.

No they're not. If you refuse to leave they can have you arrested for trespassing. Have you never had a job? Even cashiers at fast food places should be aware of this...

That waiter's name? Albernie Einsanders.

For someone that's against racism he sure notices the race of everyone he interacts with.

Yeah, this is fake. But still incredibly stupid. No one, regardless of politics, is interested in seeing that trash while trying to enjoy a meal out.

I expressed deep sympathies and let her know that explaining “grab ‘em by the pussy” and golden showers to my daughter was equally unpleasant.

Well then I hope nobody wears shirts like that in public, forcing his daughter to see them.

One of them states that the people did not tell their server - a person of color - their complaint. They requested the manager, a white person, to complain to.

This couldn't at all be related to the fact that the manager would be the appropriate person to report an issue to, particularly if the issue is about another customer, right? Nope! It must have something to do with race!

If I understand correctly, he was quitting the job on the spot over us being asked to leave.

I am not sure how much understanding is needed here. Did the person just say "I just quit" or not?

whereupon I cite Cohen v. California, 1971, in which the Supreme Court upheld the right to wear a T-shirt saying: FUCK THE DRAFT.

Has no bearing on whether you can wear it in a private place of business without being told to leave.

If your kids can’t handle the word “Fuck” they are going to have a really tough time in this world.

It isn't on you one person to decide what is best for everybody's children.

Compared to racism, bigotry, misogyny and collusion with a foreign power, “Fuck” gleams with cleanliness and purity. Treating Muslims and people of color, LGBTQ and women as “less than” is the real filth and harm to our country.

This has nothing to do with whether or not a reasonable person in civilized society wears this type of shirt in public.

Everywhere I go with this shirt, white males sneer and people of color smile and give me thumbs up.

This is the real motivation. This makes the wearer feel superior to all other whites because he "gets it" and sympathizes with people of color while everybody who disagrees with him can quickly be dismissed as racist.

This guy is a giant douchebag who injects race into everything he says and does. Reading that post was a how-to manual for race baiting and virtue signalling. If a minority wrote the same type of post from their point of view they would be described as a self-hating person. This is actually one of the most racist posts I have seen on reddit.

He's wearing a rude and vulgar shirt to a restaurant.

Regardless of your political views do you really want a 5 year old reading the word "Fuck" and repeating it all day long in public? Or a 3year old seeing the back and flipping people off randomly?

He did it purely for attention.

No you don’t

No you do not. Unless you plan on going to jail.

Open a law book.

You're right. That definitely reeks of /sub/thathappened.

They have the right to ask you to leave their premises and express your free speech elsewhere

It belongs in /sub/trashy

First of all, fuck Trump.

But everyone who voted for him? That's as bad as saying "all millennials are snowflakes."

Yeah, sure, a very small percentage of Trump voters are actual Nazis. The rest of them are pretty diverse and so are the reasons a lot of people had for casting that vote.

Just because I think it was a bad choice doesn't mean "fuck everyone who disagrees with me."

On top of that, this self-righteous douche went into a goddamn First Watch wearing that shirt (for those unfamiliar, First Watch is a casual breakfast / brunch / lunch place with a lot families and older folks).

Sorry dude, but fuck you. You're as much a part of the problem as any Trump voter.

What? No you don't. You can go to public property and whinge there.

Seems like all parties involved exercised their rights appropriately. The system worked!

Jesus, thank you. Freedom of speech means the government can't imprison you for bitching about the government. It does not mean you can walk around and say/do/wear absolutely anything you want and suffer no consequences from the people around you.

He wore the shirt to get a reaction, he cannot now get all butthurt because he got a reaction. The establishment had every right to ask him to leave.

Then you can be arrested.

Then they can call the police on you for trespassing.

They wouldn't be suppressing your speech, they would be removing you from private property that you are trespassing on.

No the only reason you are trespassing is because the privately owned business told you to leave.

Somehow, in the last ~24mo on Reddit, I find myself being simultaneously called a "nazi apologist" in one thread and then a "SJW' in a different thread. And it happens frequently. WTF is going on here?

I'm not worried about the word fuck - I work at a hedge fund - I scream about every 30secs. I'm saying the vehicle for expressing himself is stupid and pathetic - I'm looking at a man-baby who struggles to function in an adult world....so he got a custom shirt printed and made a scene in a diner. To him that's a big win. To me that's impotent rage.

Since always. Free speech only protects you from the government.

Arrested for trespassing.

I'm gonna come stand in your driveway with a big sign that says "/u/Morbidlyobeatz is a pedophile!" You can't make me leave. Freedom of speech, brah.

I'm putting a fiver down to say /u/GallowBoob gets another inciteful link trophy for this bad boy.

I quit Reddit after reading the post.

I mean, I'm not one to get offended over this stuff.

But we live in a world with a variety of people with different sensibilities...

I have enough empathy to understand that people would get bummed on this shirt. And it wouldn't just be racist rednecks like this dude originally described in the post that has since gone viral.

You can get kicked out of pretty much anywhere for wearing a giant FUCK on your chest.

That’s not the “government censoring you.” Its a private business owner having you legally removed from their premises for not abiding by their standards of decency (and hence trespassing). They can define said standards pretty much however they want to as long as they aren’t discriminating against your ethnicity, gender identity, religion, or sexual preference(s). If you want to bring the case to court and can prove that you belong to the Fuck Trump religious organization, you could possibly win. Maybe. Probably not.

Mfw the BLACKS applaud me

My favorite:

“you should hear these people asking not to be seated near Muslims.”

I'll take 'things that never happened for $1,000, Alex."

His stance about trump was not the issue, the shirt was inappropriate for the vulgar language used, especially for a place where kids may be..

I agree. Politics aside, a shirt with "fuck" written on it big and bold is not okay for the general public. Think about the children.

Trump's policies and behaviour has always been unacceptable.

Good on this chap for expressing his views in public.

"The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing." - Edmund Burke

Why would a child know how to spell the word fuck?