Hawaii senators fire back at Sessions: 'We won’t succumb to your dog whistle politics'

Hawaii senators fire back at Sessions: 'We won’t succumb to your dog whistle politics'
Hawaii senators fire back at Sessions: 'We won’t succumb to your dog whistle politics'

Senators from Hawaii shot back at Attorney General Jeff Sessions on Thursday, after he said he was "amazed" a judge "on an island in the Pacific" could halt the president's travel order.

"Hey Jeff Sessions, this #IslandinthePacific has been the 50th state for going on 58 years," Sen. Mazie Hirono (D-Hawaii) tweeted.

"And we won’t succumb to your dog whistle politics."

Sen. Brian Schatz (D-Hawaii) also fired back at the attorney general.

"Mr. Attorney General: You voted for that judge," he tweeted.

"And that island is called Oahu. It's my home. Have some respect."


Jeff Sessions is a piece of shit who cares about no one but himself (and maybe other older white men). Way to call him out on the dog whistle bullshit.

California is not real America.

New York is not real America.

Washington is not real America.

Hawaii is not real America.

If they keep going like this, the administration will have painted themselves into a small corner of Kansas by the Nebraskan border, leaving the rest of us a little wiggle room.

If Hawaii isn't a 'state' - it means Obama was not born an American citizen - get it?

"Mr. Attorney General: You voted for that judge," he tweeted.

This is awesome. Goddamn some of the Democrats are brilliant.

yeah, the only real America are the treasonous states that rebelled and fought a war against America

This is exactly right...a farmer in Iowa was interviewed on NPR and he said he voted for Trump because he understood the concerns of "real Americans" who work everyday for a living unlike Californians.

I was like bitch please, all I see around here are people working their asses off trying to get by. So I don't shovel manure, it's not like life is so easy for everybody on the coasts.

This is smart. Our Attorney general has no credibility and should be ignored. Way to go Hawaii. They are quickly becoming America's balls.

I didn't catch that at first but hot damn it makes sense. They hate him so much, and hate the idea that a black man was a president, that they can't help it in what they say but show their hand.

Is Donald Trump a real estate farmer or something? Is he a reality-tv show-wrangler? Did his casinos fail because the chips stampeded?

Yes, people work hard in the cities and on the coasts but the bit that gets me is that 45 is a rich non-manual worker from NY, how the fuck does he understand real America?

See also what Jamelle Bouie pointed out on twitter: Southern racists opposed Hawaii statehood because they feared a pro-civil-rights state.

This may be why they'll never allow DC or Puerto Rico to achieve statehood. All part of their routine disenfranchisement of minorities.

Democratic sass has consistently been the best part of this presidency, much like it was for the Bush years.

It's a fitting statement to think that America's balls are currently detached and floating in the ocean.

said he was "amazed" a judge "on an island in the Pacific" could halt the president's travel order.

Isn't he a lawyer? How is he* "amazed" at what a federal judge could do? I believe he is a so called lawyer.

Amusingly enough, this doesn't include Kansas.

Hey Jeff, buddy. Let's clarify something. The "Federal" in Federal Judge is the same "Federal" as in Federal Government. There, that should solve that.

Funny that when someone on "that island in the Pacific" upholds constitutional law, it's some faraway place that is of little significance. But bring up Pearl Harbor, and people like Sessions can't hold down their patriotism boners.

The silver lining from this presidency is the surge in the Democrats gaining their backbone.

That's right. Sessions is a relic from a vile era of politics who wants to usher it right back in with the discontent of our times now. The Dems ought to expose this creep for what he is.

I think if they get a good showing, like if 65% of people vote for statehood, it will be really hard for the GOP to ignore.

The GOP ignored a Supreme Court nominee by one president and treason by another.

Obviously because he's not a secret Muslim.

Well, half of it anyway. Remember that Bleeding Kansas was the 'dry-run' to the Civil War. And it was an active battleground during the war.

Idk, he refuses to drink, marries many women, loves to put gold on everything, takes off Fridays, is big friends with people in the gulf.

Are we sure Trump isn't a secret Muslim?

California grows a fuck of a lot more food that we actually eat than Iowa with their inedible corn subsidies. California is a handful of cities and one giant farm. Source: grew up there, then moved to Ohio.

Aloha Felicia

Why they ever lost their spine remains a question for debate.

This is exactly right...a farmer in Iowa was interviewed on NPR and he said he voted for Trump because he understood the concerns of "real Americans" who work everyday for a living unlike Californians.

Does this idiot not think Californians work? The newest farm tractors, nowadays, are really high-tech and computerized. I wonder where this guy thinks the programing for those tractors' computers comes from?

"Hey Jeff Sessions, this #IslandinthePacific has been the 50th state for going on 58 years," Sen. Mazie Hirono (D-Hawaii) tweeted

I believe Jeff prefers to picture America as it was in 1864


I blame Anthony Weiner. He had such promise.

Just like New Yorkers aren't in "real America". Except when we talk about all those brave souls on 9/11.

The fucking cognitive dissonance of these people.

Yeah, but most of the "pro-South" side were thugs coming across the border from Missouri to vote illegally and terrorize the actual settlers.

Most of those tractors just stay in California, considering California grows most of the country's food.

Is anyone else really worried that the attorney general is "surprised" about anything to do with the federal court system?

Do they not have a like one day intro to government where they show him how the judicial branch checks their power?

I've met Jeff Sessions. And let me tell you, he's a very well mannered congenial guy. I can't picture him yelling at kids. Now before you jump down my throat, I hate hate hate his politics. But I think it's important to point this out. Because we may want to believe all the people we disagree with are mean small and repugnant in demeanor but they aren't. The people who do evil in this world can be unassuming in person or even likeable. And that is the most dangerous thing of all.

You must be young then. Democrats lost their spines in 2009. Part of it was a schism from Obama and congress, but it was mostly the fact that they were trying to be bipartisan and compromise when the GOP only wanted to obstruct. It's why we don't have a single payer option in Obamacare and why we still have gerrymandering to this extent.

Holy shit that was fucking fire

"The Gentleman will sit! The Gentleman is correct in sitting!"

It was sent to Congress last year and they've been ignoring it. The current governor of Puerto Rico said it's at the top of his priorities.

That's the old Southern charm. Say disgusting things with a smile on your face so people just talk about how polite and well-mannered you are.

Could easily be "amazed" that a cesspool like Alabama is even in the United States. Certainly wasn't in the 1860s.......

How does California have all that GDP if nobody works? How does a farmer in Iowa not understand California's enormous agricultural sector?

Fucking Trump voters.

wonderful antics

Yeah, man. He had a ton of that just pull on every emotional heartstring. He was a masterful politician. It was always suggested that his sights were set on the Mayorship of New York City, but honestly, he could have afforded to aim a bit higher.

But he turned out to be a skeevy bastard, too, and we haven't really had anyone rise to that level of awesome since.

EDIT: Added link to wonderful, pre-scandal antics.

Obligatory Fuck Joe Lieberman

Alabama is one of the most freeloading states in the union, contributing far less tax money than they take. They're the fourth worst, by one count.

Jeff Sessions can fuck right off.

"You mean a lil' ol' island thousands of miles away can tell the president what to do? Well I'll be a monkey's uncle!"

If PR did vote for statehood it would have to go through Congress and Republicans wouldn't allow it.

With the ultimate goal of turning Kansas into a slave state.

I know that's why they don't want DC in, but I thought PR was because the voters keep voting for the "commonwealth" option?

Yeah but calling it Nut Juice didn't play well with the focus groups.


Trump hates Obama because Obama publicly ridiculed him: . Trump has made it his personal goal to destroy Obama if possible. Too bad Trump is massively incompetent; he's not had much luck so far.

floating in the ocean

Do you remember that Congressman that thought that islands actually floated? He was in a hearing listening to an admiral talk about plans for expanding the military presence on Guam.

"My fear is that the whole island will become so overly populated that it will tip over and capsize," Johnson said.

Admiral Willard paused and replied, "We don't anticipate that."

Ah, that's the secret.

That's the reason the salt of the earth types feel they can have a beer with him (even though he's teetotal).

At this point I'd be okay with giving them their own little Republic. Shit, you can even call it America!

And you can play America in your own little Whites Only corner of bumfuck nowhere, and the Technocratic Republic of America over here can do what we want to do.

But if you want to leave, you do what we say or we deport you back to your shithole.




Because he's a racist prick? Probably a good explanation for everything he does or says.

Don't forget who appointed him. Make America White Again and all that.

In June they are voting for two options, and neither of them are the commonwealth. One, and the far more likely option, is statehood. The other is Independence/ Free Association which would move the Island in a direction away from American political influence and give them more control over their own affairs.

I think if they get a good showing, like if 65% of people vote for statehood, it will be really hard for the GOP to ignore. They will need to at least give their viewpoint which is something.

home movies of Hitler at Berchtesgaden

This concept right here is why I think that everyone should watch the . It's important to see him smiling, playing with his dogs, or getting down low to be eye level with children.

It's tempting to think of Hitler as a monster, when the truth is that he was a man who did monstrous things. If we think of him as a monster, then we convince ourselves that people capable of monstrous things are somehow distinguishable and recognizable from the general human population.

Now, Jeff Sessions is not Adolf Hitler, but the principle applies equally to those we disagree with politically or ethically. There is no reason Sessions can't simultaneously be a perfect gentleman and a bigoted piece of shit. One doesn't preclude the other, just like Hitler could be both a dotting dog owner or good with children, while also being a genocidal madman.

I live in rural Georgia and the kids who're the proudest Americans also wear shirts with the confederate flag (arguably the most anti-American flag in history) the most often.

Honi ko'u 'elemu Beauregard!

Sessions is like that old ass man on the block who yells at kids to not walk on the sidewalk in front of his house.

Oh and calls the darker skinned kids "boy."

I don't think it's at all arguable. There has ever only been one war fought with the clear aim to destroy the United States of America, and that is their flag.

If only CA and NY decided to stop paying federal taxes...

I'm starting to think Sessions wasn't the best person for the job.

Damn, I'm learning my own history here

Yayyyy Missery!

We've said aloha to the Trump administration. Soon enough we'll be saying aloha to the Trump administration.

We could wall it off, make them feel safe.

Until they realize they've been isolated with only aggressively stupid people just like themselves for company.

He just prefers the Confederacy, he can't stand those Yankee State like Pennsylvania and South Carolina which are far too liberal for his taste

He's a white male. That's really all it came down to.

Yeah. Thus spake a guy whose living is propped up by endless government subsidies.

They're not legitimate leaders. The GOP is a traitorous occupying force.

These are important questions to which we need answers. Why hasn't he denied that he's a Muslim??

Where does this asshole think the almonds we use to make milk come from?! /s

I remember something about Warren reading a letter.... and an evil Turtle made her stop....

Correct. Any city/state that is liberal, blue and productive is NOT real America.

There are a ton of idiot republicans in Iowa that think they are more American than bigger states like California/NewYork.

BUT, John Deere is headquartered in in Iowa, and Iowa State University is a dominant force in engineering like this.

My state is full of idiots, but it's not all bad! Just mostly.


Edit: Yes, technically John Deere's headquarters is on the Illinois side of the quad-cities. My point still stands that Iowa excels at biosystems engineering, from equipment to genetics.

Fucking REKT. Jeff Sessions is such an ignorant piece of shit.

The former mayor of Wichita, Carl Brewer, is an African American Democrat who is currently a front runner for the gubenatorial race in 2018. You joke, but "Wichita is out of touch with the real Kansas" is actually going to be said a lot in the coming year.

Edit: added former

That is the trouble. I'm a pretty good writer/public speaker but I have a history of drug use and do so love having people suck on my fella (though like... adults exclusively). It's hard to find people who don't shy away from the stage, but who have also never experimented with drugs/their sexuality or whatever else. Dull people tend to be dull in every facet of their lives.

And then you can play the victim when somebody finally snaps and calls out your pseudo-polite bullshit. Abusers and assholes playing the victim is a proud southern tradition.

Source: am southern

Woah woah maybe you are on to something. Perhaps this is all a misunderstanding. What if they think Hawaii and Kenya are the same place? They aren't racist* they are just horrible at geography.

*they are pretty racist

Proud of my home state today. Wonder what Inouye would have made of all this.

Paid for by California and New York.

Bankrupting a country would be a pretty big achievement.

They said we couldn't do it, folks. We showed 'em. Tremendous black hole in the treasury. Very amazing.

He ignored that day bc a woman gave the orientation I think.

I hate that those sorts of conservatives think they have some sort of monopoly on being "real Americans." It's a binary issue, either you are an American citizen or you are not. Just because I'm not a gun toting, Jesus loving Republican doesn't mean I'm any less American than that guy. I am exactly as American and my expression of being American is just as valid, but not in their eyes.

Not big thinkers either.

the ny thing kills me. ny is like the pinnacle of america . Edit:i blew it.

That was really good. Cringeworthy and a little uncomfortable to watch, but explains a lot.

It almost made me feel a tiny bit bad for him. :-/ He clearly has some deep rooted insecurities and shame, like most narcissist are ultimately trying to hide.

It's too bad. He had a lot of potential in life, all the resources in the world to better himself as a person.

I'm guessing they're not big travelers.

Nothing against that farmer in Iowa - but he and everyone like him gets a shovel full of lies and distortions of what people in California or NYC or Miami are like, and so he believes it. When you're surrounded by others like yourself getting fed the same shit, it's easy to think that shit tastes great. It's not that Iowa farmer that anyone should get angry at, it's the people and institutions that disinform and misinform people.

Hawaii isn't really a state... unless we use it to parade Pearl Harbor.

New York isn't really a state... unless we use it to parade 9/11.

This seems perfectly in line with the GOP agenda: embrace it as long as it benefits them, denounce it when it doesn't.

I don't know what that means, but I have a sudden urge to declayuh.

Honi ko'u 'elemu

Kiss my ass!

"I really am amazed that a judge sitting on an island in the Pacific can issue an order that stops the president of the United States from what appears to be clearly his statutory and constitutional power," Sessions said.

What a self contradictory statement! POTUS has constitutional power to direct federal agencies with EOs, yet the judiciary has a check on the presidency to rule on the legality of those EOs.

I honestly wish someone would wave a leaf of lettuce in front of McConnell and lead him back to the beach he crawled up from.

The schism caused between Bernie Sander Progressives and the Clinton voters. The political infighting really destroyed the party within for a while.

I feel like it's safe to say democrats are more unified than I have ever seen in my lifetime.

to be able to afford anything

Shit, maybe I should run for office. I'm a very good public speaker and a decent writer but was pretty much a monk for my teenage years and 20's.

*Alternative Patriotism

As someone who grew up in Hawaii it made me really proud to see a judge from my state kicking ass.

In this case, I'm more thinking about Trump's seemingly limitless jealousy for how much more popular Obama was than him.

Can we now please call Jeff Sessions as 'triggered' or 'snowflake'? Seems appropriate, no?

Sessions just got SPAMMED!

You must be young then. This is a story as old as time.

They think Ben Gozzy was the first Christian to die in the Horrible Bowling Green Massacre.

"Also, we have always been at war with Eastasia."

If Trump had said it I'd agree, but this was Sessions.

Either way, both racist pieces of shit.

I'm starting to think you may be correct.

"Wichita is not real America"

Hawaii fucking ruled today.

This administration is anti-American. Plain and simple.

I'm pretty sure this is a swamp dwelling turtle. Mitch is from Alabama originally. Just like our white supremacist Keebler elf AG.

Bankrupting a country would be a very bigly achievement.


I thought so too, but apparently they have already voted that they do not want to remain a territory in 2012. 64% of those "No" votes favored becoming a state, some voted for total independence, and others voted for free association status. They apparently planned to have another non-binding referendum in June.

It should be noted though that a bill was introduced to begin providing for statehood but died in committee.

Ain't that the truth! I'd give you gold, but I'm to broke to pay attention.

Spam is a Minnesotan invention.

Jesus. Hawaii is being sassy today. That's a 10/10 in my book.

Yes, by way of Hawaii.

Who would have thought geography was complicated?

Island Democrats are detached from the political grifting and hand wringing that mainlanders suffer from. They have to answer to their people, and they take it very seriously. I would not fuck with them when it comes to their constituency, or dog whistle racism from crusty old white dudes.

Fuck you Jeff Sessions. By your logoc, what right do you have, as from Alabama, to make desions in DC, hundreds of miles away? I'm proud of my home, so go fuck yourself you lying piece of shit.

As a Minnesotan I think Hawaii's SPAM fetish is fascinating.

I'm just going to assume that's Hawaiian for "Go fuck yourself with pineapple Beauregard!"

I'm amazed we're allowed to have a USAG from a Gulf Coast shithole.

We somehow flipped into the Confederate States of America.

Did someone go back and fuck up the time stream?

I disagree. He should be shamed every time he makes a fool out of himself.

I don't get it? Wasn't Obama born on Kenya??

As a resident of the State of Alabama, please don't judge this entire state by the actions of a few douchey, ignorant politicians and the majority of the state's population that is willing to support those politicians and a significant minority of the state's population on the other side of the spectrum that is equally uninformed. There are some people here who want to be a part of the United States of America and not the Confederate ones.

Back in my day, Democrats lost their spine when they lost the Civil War!

Yes, the island of Kenya.

Jeff Sessions is a piece of shit who cares about no one but himself (and maybe other older white men)

I'm willing to bet he doesn't even care about Jesus..

Wow TIL.

This makes my blood boil

Doogie dumbshit from bumfuck Alabama has no clue how the judicial system works? What a surprise.

Not only are they brilliant, but the Republicans are astoundingly dumb. Synergy, baby!


"The time stream is all messed up!"

Swirly Time Tube portal thing effect

"We'll have to send you back."






But yeah, it's gotten to the point where maybe a house divided would've stood on its own if we just repaired the load bearing struts and put a wall between 'em.

Serious question, why is being Minnesotan relevant?