Have you seen the Olsen twins lately!? They're only 29 and already looking like Sicilian grandmothers

Have you seen the Olsen twins lately!? They're only 29 and already looking like Sicilian grandmothers

What a terrible tabloid level post. Just mean and pointless.

Daily breakfast of cocaine and anorexia. Breakfast of champs


Remember when there was an internet page counting down to the day that the Olson Twins turned 18 years old? Pepperidge Farms remembers.


One of them has Lyme disease.


That's what happens when you get a whole womb to yourself.

I didn't know goats lived to be 8.

Damnn.. She's fine.

She's fine.

Lyme disease and anorexia does terrible things to the body.

I just see a hot chick with some big ol' jigglies.

Their sister Elizabeth Olson is still real hot though

More like Oldsen twins

She's healthy af

Seriously, and then the top comments are just about "thank god for their hot third sister". Celebrity culture is fucking stupid.

Probably having serious personal problems. Maybe due to the fact that they are scrutinized almost everywhere they go. It would take its toll on any person. It just happens that it manifested the way it did. Illness perhaps? We never know. This in my opinion is cyber bullying. I mean think about your picture, yes, think long and hard about your ugly mug being made fun of.

Yeah, Robot Chicken made an offhanded comment about it during the Olsen wondertwins bit.

"Ha! They're finally 18!"

"Dude, you're 33..."

Yeah, it's hard to look good when you are tired and in pain most of/all the time.

So, vegetarian is something you can catch. Damn.

The infection is curable, but up to 20% of people have what is called post-treatment Lyme Disease symptoms (PTLDS). It acts in much the same way.

Scary Kate and Ghastly.

ehhhm, she got hot ?

Are you serious?

yep, ashley does.

Check her out in old boy (NSFW)

Check her out in (NSFW)

They remind me of Yzma from The Emperor's New Groove

Ashley has very severe lyme disease. She didn't catch it early enough for a cure, now she lives with chronic pain, fatigue, and general mood/sleep disturbance.

(ETA: it's Ashely not Mary Kate)

My uncle has this, or something like it. One day he goes for a hike and doesn't see a tick, three weeks later he's in the hospital for a week or two, and then for the past 20 years (and until he dies) he is allergic to SO MANY THINGS. He has a set menu of foods he can handle - VERY limited - and just eats that every day.

No meat, no wheat, virtually no soy (there is some specific kinds he can eat), no processed anything, no dairy, the list goes on and on.

Edit: This is getting some attention so I'll add two things:

I don't know the actual name of the disease he had/has, I just know it was after a tick bite. So maybe it wasn't Lyme/PTLDS. He actually has a really positive outlook on his condition. I'm sure he'd like to be able to eat other things BUT he lost weight and started running and now is a marathon runner. Despite the allergies (which are difficult for him) he's actually quite a lot healthier / more physically fit now.

Breakfast on a mirror is bad, m'kay?

Got em.

A childhood full of Bob Saget off camera is almost as damaging as the drugs.

How rude!

No kidding.  Look at what happened to Jodie Sweetin (Stephanie) after meth

No kidding.

It makes sense that their fraternal twins and not identical twins, frats have more cocaine.

I'm pretty sure a newspaper here in the UK did a countdown until Emma Watson turned 16 (the age of consent here)

Not to mention drugs. If that's their issue. Lord knows they weren't properly socialized.

Yeah, this is fucked up and pathetic. Cyber-bullying at its worst.

Elizabeth Olsen - Scarlet Witch.... I had no idea


Woah! Copyright infringement!

Wanda Maximoff

She also plays the psychic twin in Avengers 2.

Wow, that's pretty accurate!

I don't think they looked too bad at all on Ellen just last year

What about their fraternal twins?

They look fine. It's just a bad picture. You know like most people take on a regular basis. They don't have the option of deleting and retaking it a thousand times.

What a bunch of losers. It's 14 in Austria.

isn't that curable?

this gif looked hot as fuck till I remembered i've seen the original movie.

After seeing her sisters that's always the first thing that comes to mind

Damn, Netflix should just cast her to play Michelle in the Full House reboot

How rude!

29? Twenty nine!?

11 years ago the Internet was full of countdown timers to when they turned 18.

I now feel old. However, I do not look as old as them!

You won't BELIEVE what the Olsen twins look like now. Click here!

When I saw her in Godzilla, I thought she looked like an Olsen but I knew the twins didn't look that good and didn't know they had another sister. I also didn't even recognize her in Age of Ultron


Scarlet Witch

My teeth used to be deep as fucking Socrates but then I did meth and lost all my teeth thought.

Stay off the drugs, kids.

I want to make a meth on them jigglieth.

And she's a goddamn Avenger. She's officially the cool one in the family now

It's only 8 in the Middle East.

Guys, this is not the time to joke. One of them was impacted by a tick-borne infection. It can impact skin, colour, hair, mood etc. It's really not something the girls control.

Also bad picture angles. They really don't look THAT bad. http://www.harpersbazaar.com/celebrity/red-carpet-dresses/g3776/mary-kate-ashley-olsen-style-tran...

EDIT: Yeah, sure, they still don't look phenomenal! My point was that they don't look possessed!

I remember because I share the same birthday with them and was sending that particular web page to my friends to remind them it was my 18th coming up.

And they're 29 year olds who have been in the spotlight for about 25 years. I can't imagine how difficult that must be for young women in such a beauty-centric industry.

I was watching Godzilla today and I found it weird that she played wife to Aaron Taylor's character in Godzilla, and sister to his character in Avengers 2.

You got it, dude.


I have it right now and it's been around for possibly years slowly creeping into things. My whole life has been pretty much taken from me. I was a musician and it went straight to the nerves in my wrists and ears. Almost like it wanted to take me out in the worst way possible. Seems like the parts of my body I used the most got attacked the worst (joints and nerves).

edit: Added in that it's been years since I was infected since a few people were curious.

Did you happen to see Avengers 2? Yeah, the Scarlet Witch is the third one.

Hmmm, I think I'm going to start sprinkling meth in my wife's cereal.

big ol' jigglies

Meth. Twice.

Where's the after pic?

These comments are downright nasty...

Agreed. "Bad celebrities! You look bad, you should feel bad!" It's sad and it's most prominent with the female celebrities. And somehow it's on the front page...

Yeah dude, Kaitlyn Olson is super fine these days. After 2 kids even!

Yeah dude, is super fine these days. After 2 kids even!

A fate worse than death!

yup. They look better than 99.9% of reddit users and shall always will.

This photo isn't airbrushed to make them look perfect. Everyone has bad angles.

Edit: LOL. Butthurt neckbeards stop commenting on how my standards are low. I look at them as people, not as sex idols. They look attractive, I find them pretty and suggest you stop judging them over a bad image. Peace out.

We don't speak of that filth here

Would recommend. Evil twin siblings are not all they're cracked up to be.

I guess OP likes reusing jokes from Something Awful.

Can you catch Crossfit too?


same lady

They remind me of Mad & Hel at the end of Death Becomes Her.

There's a third one?

Haha look at how old and awful these celebrities look when they're only 29 xD how dare they try to stay out of the public eye, thanks paparazzi! Now we can all laugh at them! /s

I wonder if there's perhaps some kind of sympathetic reaction or behavior going on. Like one sister sees the other suffering, and she matches her appearance out of voluntary sympathy, or maybe involuntary empathic suffering.

OR it could just be a bad pic with bad lighting, or genetics, or just being a case of living 30 years in a solar-biased environment with light skin, or...

Fuck, I didn't even know they were 29. It seems just yesterday ephebophiles all over the information superhighway were counting the days to their 18th birthday.

that actually sounds like the result of a Lone Star Tick thanks for the correction fellasRocky Mountain Spotted Fever. People who get bit by those ticks often develop an allergy to red meat amongst other things.

Edit: Growing up not to far from Lyme, Ct I can tell you that Lyme Disease is a pain in the ass. I've actually had a lot of elbow problems, some pretty bizarre stuff actually, and we believe that Lyme Disease played a role. I never got acutely sick but I test positive for Lyme on blood test.

Never knew anybody who developed an allergy to foods post Lyme but I do know dozens and dozens of people who got sick, all with their own strange suite of symptoms. 1 friend had neurological issues, another had partial paralysis and needed a cane for months, another basically couldn't get out of bed for 2 months, chronic pain and fatigue, everybody gets super photo-sensitive from the antibiotics, etc.

TLDR: Lyme is a major problem in the Northeast (and spreading) and awareness of it, its symptoms (most people do NOT get the bulls-eye rash), and learning to do tick checks after being in fields or the woods is CRITICAL.

There is an incestuous plot in the comics between the scarlet witch and quicksilver, which makes them playing husband and wife in Godzilla so much ickier.

Drugs are one helluva drug.

All these people bitching about how ugly they are and how much must be wrong with them need to remember: They've been in charge of several successful fashion and movie companies, and are worth over $100 million. They couldn't give less of a fuck what any of you think of them.


More like they're retouched very well in red carpet shots.

Reminds me of Madam Zeroni

She was in Godzilla too. I know the film wasn't great but she must be doing really well for herself now. Slow and steady wins the race

Edit: actually I just did some research. Apparently the Olsen twins? (Mary-Kate and Ashley) ended up being designers and shit so have a shit load more money than they'd get from movies. Elizabeth is still hotter though so she wins for me

Edit2: I should point out that I enjoyed Godzilla sorta. Every scene that godzilla was in, was sick. The other 90% was dull. I want them to make a sequel with more Godzilla as that is the only reason I go to a godzilla movie

This post is mean and pointless.

Knowing the context makes it hotter.

I think they come across really well in that interview - they seem like poised, genuine young women who would be pretty fun to hang out with.