"Have I Won?" No, you have lied.

"Have I Won?" No, you have lied.

why you always lying


I mean, technically, if they saw all three images in one article, and read the entire article without leaving the city, then they aren't wrong


First ones legit. DMC run everything, even Mcdonalds fool

Image Transcription: Reddit

Have I won? Found all off these in the same city, 2.6k points, submitted by Unknown Redditor to /r/crappyoffbrands

[Three images are included, all of which are small stores. The one on the very left has the McDonalds logo with an extra hump, and reads "oMc McDnoalds's". The one in the very middle reads "Bucksstar Coffee", and the woman in the Starbucks logo on top of the text has been nearly filled in. The store on the very right has the Pizza Hut logo, but the "Hut" has been replaced with "Huh".]

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OP's pictures are from this article.

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All off these

Just fuck off with yourself