Hauntzer - "By myself, I'm really confident in my own skill and my ability in lane and I think I can beat anyone in the world" | Naver Interview

Hauntzer - "By myself, I'm really confident in my own skill and my ability in lane and I think I ...

Just from the times his face cam was showing him during the games I could tell Hauntzer is in a completley different mindset at Worlds. You usually see him laughing here and there after kills and what not but he looks extremley locked in and focused.

Damn it, the hype for TSM vs WE is getting to me. Time to wake up at 3am again. My sleep schedule is messed up.

Yeah people have some sort of weird idea that kevin messes around too much and doesn't take shit seriously, but they forget TSM is pretty well known for not putting up with shit like that. Kevin is serious when it matters and has a goofy personality out of game. Same could be said for pretty much all the players.

Ikr my sleep schedule is weird too. Im on west coast so game is at 12. I go to bed at 9, wake up with alarm for 11:58, watched game till like 1:30 and went back to sleep and finally woke up at 7

I think Doublelift earns that title right now.

Think about who you could take off tsm, drop into any team, and how successful they would be. I think DL would excel in virtually every single team you put him on, while Hauntzer might struggle with teams that can't have his back the way TSM does. Kevin is playing unreal, but the willingness of the team to buy into Kevin's style when it's working is what's helping that be so successful.

I also think it's really, really hard to quantify Bjerg's contribution at the moment. He's mostly playing as a stabilizing force, trying to do as much as possible with as little resources as possible. If you go back and watch the FW game between fights they're funnelling basically all of the farm onto DL, and Bjerg is playing a big disruptive role to give him and Hauntzer enough room to work. It's like, Kevin & Peter are looking for how to win the fight, while Bjerg is looking to force errors & create the openings for the other two to jump on.

I actually think Hauntzer is the best player on TSM (right now), or is playing like it.

I didn't watch much LCS this year but since the playoffs I've been extremely impressed by his play, though I'm sure it's easy to dominate your lane when the other team has to deal with Doublelift and Bjergsen as well.

Even last year I thought Hauntzer was extremely underrated and he's improved leaps and bounds since then.

After one game you're going to say Sven is choking? He didn't play his best but he played well enough to get us a win. Cmon man get real

Shit, u woke up at 3? I stayed up till three and when the game was over I was so excited from the game I wasn't sleepy anymore and was still awake for another 40 minutes.

Love it that Kevin is confident!

....just please just don´t get complacent like MSI and you should well enough be able to go against even the best of the KR top laners.

Yup same scenario for me. Try to sleep around 9pm ish, wake up with alarm for the game at ~2am, watch the shit outta of the game and then back to bed to wake up at 6 for morning shift.