Has anyone from the South made fun of you for being from New Jersey? How did you respond?

Has anyone from the South made fun of you for being from New Jersey? How did you respond?

A few years ago, I was in a hotel elevator in South Carolina. A family gets in and there’s some friendly chat and they asked me where I’m from. I said “New Jersey” and they proceeded to laugh… in my face. Now this family hit about every Southern cliché you can imagine. And they’re yucking it up – “Ha, ha, New Joisey! NEW JOISEY!” I was surprised to the point that I couldn’t say anything. The only thing I could mutter as they were walking out the elevator door was “um, we don’t say ‘New Jersey’ like that.”

I’ve had people from Virginia and Delaware give me shit too. I mean… Delaware? What do you say? I’m not really inclined to tell a family with kids to go fuck themselves, even after 5 minutes of “New Joisey!” The best family-friendly comeback I can think of is, “don’t feel bad for me, I’ve had your pizza.” Has this happened to you?

"My state pays your state's welfare."

I have the opposite. I was in the Atlanta airport recently. Saw there was a Jersey Mike's and I was really curious if they had pork roll. Well they didn't and I had to explain I was from Jersey and what pork roll is. Meanwhile there's the normal Point Pleasant mural behind me and the worker im talking to says "wow. Your from a place as beautiful as that (points at the mural). Every day I dream of just getting on one of these planes and going to Jersey"

He then kept asking me if I have been to point pleasant and I told him I live 2 minutes from it (howell). And he was jealous. Was saying how much he wants to come up here and live here and hopes he would see me here one day.

Was a very nice experience after a pretty shitty trip. I really hope that guy makes it up here.

“don’t feel bad for me, I’ve had your pizza.”


pfft, people from all across the country try to make fun of anyone who's from nj. and they do it by making us sound like stereotypical staten islanders in the process. who cares.

Definitely have gotten the "Joisey" thing before, but it doesn't really bother me. I just say that I've lived in New Jersey my whole life and I don't know anyone who talks like the. Then they point out that I just pronounced the word "tawlk" instead of "talk". Then I have an existential breakdown.

I've paid 30k in federal taxes myself so far, not a millionaire..

It sure does suck being able to get to NYC, Philly, AC, Mountains, Rivers, or the Beach in less than 90 minutes :/

If you're gonna get shit for being from jersey then live up to it.

Punch them in the neck and yell your area code at them.

Apha roll

It's pronounced Taylor Ham

I have to add.. first time I went to a "diner" here, it was a "Silver Diner" which is a franchise that is created after a model of a Jersey or old fashioned classic "diner".

So I get my tab, and I start wandering around, confused. Wait staff stops me and asks if I need help. "YEa, wheres the counter where I pay grandma?" "Excuse me? Counter? Grand-wha?"

"Yea, you know, the register. Where you pay. Usually there's an matriarch sitting behind it giving out mints or taking payments. Sometimes a guy named "Nick"."

"No, we don't have that here. Your waitress will take the payment at your table".


In my experience people from the western philly suburbs hate new jersey more than any other group. which is funny because that area is practically a mirror of the philly suburbs on the jersey side. (pa having far worse schools of course)

When I first moved to VA, I had no idea that pork roll was truly that much of a regional thing. I remember asking for arugula, prosciutto and pork roll/taylor ham and getting blank stares. Definite culture shock.

Of course my now former boyfriend finally told me about a place called the "Italian Store" THREE YEARS after meeting me when I first moved here. For him being from KC, that would be like no potato salad or BBQ for him and saying "Oh yea, I know this great place that is just like Bryants!". Bastard.

Turns out that there is one store near me that carries Taylor Ham brand Pork Roll in the slices and 1lb 'loaf' but still isn't the same as going to a deli or a diner (again, a rarity to have a 'real' deli or diner) and ordering one.

Bagels, a decent one is hard to come by too.

Yes and the best way to answer it even with kids around is to tell them to go fuck themselves. If that does not shut them up you pick out the Alpha male of the fat Southern slobs and you sucker punch them in the gut. After he is disabled from the painful gut shot you sweep the legs. Then you stare down the bata members of the pack until you have taken the Apha roll.

Or when they ask you say none of your fucking business

Don’t get me started on NJ’s eating problem.

Easy to develop an eating disorder here when you have all the best food concentrated in a small state

Yikes, Delaware is one of the shittiest states in the country. I go to Ocean City MD every year for vacation and driving through Delaware is absolute torture.

Give me millions of dollars and a 6 figure salary and I'll gladly pay my taxes.

The problem is that many of them have only watched Jersey Shore and assumed that that's what folks from NJ tawk (and act) like. If I recall correctly, none of them were actually from NJ.

I will admit that as /u/AwkwardBurritoChick mentions, I do indeed say Cawfee, tawl, awl, awf, etc.

You godda problem wit dat?


I've heard the Joisey thing in Colorado and New Mexico... I just tell them I've never heard that until I left the state. They always walk away a little confused.

The other day I was in Alabama and someone heard I was from NJ and told me "you guys get a lot a crap but I passed through Jersey for a few days with my job and it's one of the best looking states I've been to." I didn't know what to say to that because I've never heard someone else compliment good ol' Jersey.

Wealthy Blue states like NJ generally pay a lot more in federal taxes than they get back from the federal government, while many states in the south tend to get more back than they pay.

Even if it’s wealthy millionaires paying the bulk of the taxes in NJ, regular New Jerseyans are still hurt because we are not getting our fair share of federal spending. One could argue that we should be getting more back from the feds to help pay for things like major infrastructure projects (e.g., new train tunnels across the Hudson), especially since the tri-state area is so economically important to the whole country.


I go to school in VA. I pronounce it like "what-er" and there's this one girl who feels the need to exaggerate how I say water, repeating it several times. "WORter" "WORter" "WORter".

She was rather upset when I told her, "you say some weird shit, too. But as my mother taught me, we have a saying in NJ for people like yourself. Fuck you."

Man, people outside of NJ are really sensitive to our state slogan.

"Fuck you, ya fuckin' fuck!!!"

Just ask them who won the war. Gets rednecks pretty upset.

Good luck with that. There’s this thing called the NJ Supreme Court that has repeatedly defended allocation of funds for Abbott Districts.

Because children shouldn’t get a worse education because of where they’re born. And the short-sighted selfishness of people who attack them for marginal gains in property tax.

The states don't pay anything, the state residents do.

Now you’re being pedantic. Any reasonable person would know that I was referring to the state’s taxpayers as a whole when I said “wealthy Blue states like NJ.”

Also, the whole Abbott district thing is a completely different issue. OP is talking about South Carolina vs NJ, not Camden vs Montclair.

I still have the "awl" on many words though much of my accent mellowed out. Dawter, Cawfeee, tawk, awl, awf and my F-bombs are still glorious when they do happen. I embrace it. Can take the woman out of Jersey but can't take the Jersey out of the woman.

I once had a girl from Cali go on and on about how gross the "Joisey" accent is and how glad she was that I didn't have one.

I got her to shut up by saying (in a really heavy stereotypical valley girl accent) "Oh my god, and I'm like, so glad that you don't have this like, super stereotypical valley girl accent, I thought like, everyone in Cali totally talked this way!!"

She got the message pretty quickly and apologized, and then I politely explained to her that the "New Joisey" accent is really more of a Brooklyn/Staten Island thing and almost nobody from Jersey actually really talks that way.

In your scenario I probably would've made a reference about having lost the civil war or how they shouldnt practice incest.

"ya gotta problem with that" in jest. Yea, fuck SNL and Joe Piscopo for creating that shitty stereotype that doesn't exist. Sometimes I'll correct them by saying it's Jer-zee... like the Jer-zee Shore...

The pizza one is good, though then you enter into the world of why they think that Papa Johns is perfectly good pizza.

Though I did have some adjusting to do in the first few months. One guy I worked with asked me "Where do you live" and I gave him the answer of the highway and respective exit. He looked at me blank. Said "We don't do that here. We simply tell the name of the town or county, or if in DC, the section like NE". Oh.

So I've been here nearly 15 years - much of my accent is gone (with effort due to work) but still comes out when I'm inebriated, drunk or pissed off, or combo. Though my coworkers do laugh if I pull a "y'all" because I say it "y'awl".

Yet if you REALLY want to get to them, simply say "Well, bless your heart" which is code for "fuck you". The Deeper from the South they are, the more they'll be a bit more mindful.

Southerners value politeness over the truth. They also like to bait Yankees.

Source: lived in North Carolina for 5 years.

"Yea, you know, the register. Where you pay. Usually there's an matriarch sitting behind it giving out mints or taking payments. Sometimes a guy named "Nick"."

Huh. I never realized how often that's true.

No, I've made min wage and I've made what I make today. I'm more upset that I pay so much in taxes but see little in the way of benefit.

You feel the soul draining out of you with boredom.

I’m from Louisiana but have lived up here in Jersey with my boyfriend for several years now. When we go to visit my family in LA/MS, it never fails that someone makes a comment or a face of amusement. My boyfriend pretty much has his “and what the hell is THAT supposed to mean” retort on the ready at all times.

Though I’ll say that 90% of the time, people will make a comment to me about the weather before anything else. “How are you handling the cold” or “what’s the temp up there” I️ definitely get the most.



There's Dogfish Head.

And tax evasion.


This. Lol people from winsconsin poking fun at people from minnesota.. so and so forth. There are just certain types of people who believe territory is everything, where you are from paints a picture to the type of person you are. O'DOYLE RULES?

Hey man, people fly in from around the country to go there! Idk why but some do!

I always considered Delaware like i do Montana and the Dakota's, it's there but what the fuck is the purpose, it's like we had some random land that no one really wanted so we just made it a state and said fuck it.

To be fair, there are some insanely beautiful parts of Montana/the Dakotas. Delaware is flat, ugly, and just a weird backwoods place with no redeeming qualities outside of its beaches.

I was thinking about a reply of "at least I never fucked my sister" but this one is a bit more palatable...

Southerners value politeness over the truth.

Except for when THEY are the ones being rude, in which case it's not politeness that matters, it's the importance of them being able to be right, defending southern tradition and HERITAGE.

If they start mocking your northern home, the correct response is to remind them about losing the Civil War.

What a cool story. Most people that aren't from NJ in my experience have a predetermined thought of NJ being kind of a crappy place, glad to hear your story. On a side note, also pretty cool to see someone else from Howell on here!

Can't blame ya, our local diners are the best.

I remember asking for arugula, prosciutto and pork roll/taylor ham and getting blank stares. Definite culture shock.

Hell..I got blank stares asking for Taylor Ham at a bagel place in Manhattan!

Where are you getting this idea that doctors who make 500k aren't paying meaningful taxes?

Been that way for years

That's more of a Brooklyn accent than anything. The only reason I know is because my mom grew up in Brooklyn and her accent is so goddamn heavy

And I think one of them was from New Jersey to my knowledge.

As someone who grew up in Southern California and now lives in South Jersey the answer to "how are you handling the cold" and "what's the temp up there" is "not well at all" and "cold as fuck°, thanks."

I bet they didn't even make their own Souvlaki either...


It even happens overseas too. I fee it's worse there because they're not even American, yet they still think we call it "New Joisey".

I've been doing some Uber and Lyft driving in NJ recently and I think it is worth noting that a significant number of visitors to our fine state only see a less than spectacular side of it.

The ride from Newark Airport to Manhattan is not exactly scenic.

I have had a few people make comments and my response is always "I don't come down to where you work and slap the dick out of your mouth". Generally people are not too happy about that response but I don't care.