Happy 71st birthday Stephen Hawking

Happy 71st birthday Stephen Hawking

We have the technology.

he is 71?!?

What are you doing in /sub/physics?

He has a particularly slow moving case of ALS.


His most significant scientific contribution is his application of quantum field theory in a curved spacetime, which lead to the development of black hole thermodynamics.

Thanks to socialized medicine.

Please, don't get up.

He doesn't look 71, but remembering that he hasn't used his face much in decades, I don't feel so surprised.

How is he still alive?

Maybe it actually works the other way and he'll live forever

I believe that nobody really knows what exactly he has, because he's the only known case of such slowly moving ALS.

It seems like you have more of a mind for engineering. Not that such a predisposition is a bad thing, but I would say that scientific work for the purpose of understanding alone is effort well spent.

What is the immediate application of art and philosophy? Do those pursuits satisfy nothing? They help sustain the spirit of human curiosity and the search for quality in all aspects of life. You must have some inkling of interest towards the roots of how our world actually functions.

Having been told you would die at 21, and then living on unexpectedly, must be such an amazing advantage for the rest of your life. In a morbid way perhaps, but still, taking shit for granted must be one of the reasons so many people are unhappy these days.

I'm sure nobody respects your work in physics.