Happy little trees—Sandy, Oregon [OC][2160x1440]

Happy little trees—Sandy, Oregon [OC][2160x1440]

Looks like a fire

Same here. I thought I was looking to a forest fire.

Twin Peaks theme started in my head

For inspiration?

Just some happy little trees bathing in the fog—a classic PNW view. This photograph was taken a few months back. The yellow is the fall colors, not the recent fire, nor smoke.

Shot with Canon 6D; ISO 100, f/8, 1/13s

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Clarification: I guess it's been more than a few months back. This was taken early December.

For what in tarnation

For incendiation.

That's where I live.

for incineration

Now you've made it about segregation

You messed up that incantation.

Back to the plantation.

Because of the implication

That's an exaggeration.

Don't be. All you have to do to have a top post in earthporn is take a picture somewhere in Oregon or Washington.

Fall colors a few months back? Is there an Oregon in the Southern Hemisphere?!

Great pic, just giving you shit...

They were given a choice.

I love Reddit

Haha love the Bob Ross reference

I live in a small mill town in Washington and used to play this as my friend and I were on our way to work.

That's where I wanna live.

Wow the fall colors do look like fire.

No you don't. Sandy still has a Blockbuster, that pretty much explains the town.

Every single episode is beautiful and dreamy. You have to watch it!

Me too! I'm surprised to see a picture from our little town on the front page :3

Awesome thread of mental masturbation.

Well, your comment wasn't too funny either, pal.

It is. First season is pretty crazy. Second is alright, but the ending is pretty crazy as well. Twin Peaks itself is pretty crazy if I'm honest, but yeah. Worth it...

Go a little bit more north... here in BC, you'll be right

I love this great nation.

Me too thanks

How was there fall colors a few months ago?

Not giving you shit like the other guy, genuinely want to know how the fuck that's possible?


Is it worth a watch ?

In that case it would be sad trees.

That's where I used to live

Oregon marches to its own beat.

This is giving me a definite Twin Peaks-vibe!

Also Yosemite. So basically the entire west coast

To protect the world from deveststion

i immediately sensed an evil presence in those woods

A happy little forest fire

Hey hey! I fought bears at 4am to get to this view point.

His little town being Sandy, specifically. Yep, zillions of posts are from OR; not so many posts mentioning Sandy.

It's almost Boring.

Where outside of Sandy? My town.

True David Lynch experience.

Alot of 'crazy' in the explanation, Must be worth it!

the new season is basically an 18 chef-d'oeuvre of david lynch

And the closer you zoom in, the more it looks like a fire.

Wtf reddit front page of my small town, idk what's worse. this post, or you all knowing where I live.

The fires been burning since the world's been turning.

But but it's a dollar cheaper than renting online!! And don't forget Joe's Donuts

taken a few months back

fall colors

posted 18hrs ago

one of these things is not like the other.

It's almost as if they waited to post it

Ditto. Is that at the viewpoint on Bluff, by SHS?

I'm reporting live from where you used to live.

If that is fire, those trees are not happy.

We're not the only ones on fire, man!!

And the more you zoom in, the closer it looks like a fire.

Probably Jonsrud viewpoint

I thought this was a painting holy shit

To extend our reach to the stars above!

I guess it's been more than a few months back. Taken early December. Time flies...