Happy Birthday Ryan!

Happy Birthday Ryan!

Happy Birthday to the Mad King!

You started off as "the guy that sounds like Jack", and have evolved into one of the most interesting and hilarious people that I've ever had the pleasure of viewing.

I hope you have a great birthday. Don't kill (or trap) anyone!

Ryan The having a birthday Guy.

Happy Birthday Ryan! If I could, I'd tear someone's arm off and use them to applaud your birthday!

Thanks everyone!

edit. Wow, lots of people also born today. If I missed anyone: Happy Birthday!

"The Haywoods send their regards"

I hope you have a great birthday.

Don't kill (or trap) anyone!

Pick one.

Let's make one up right now.

Ryan the natalysy guy.

Sound good.

Ryan is like a good Jack Nicholson performance. You can see the crazy clear as day, but the intelligence of the man shines through the crazy to make a crazy smart dude, beloved among his colleagues.

Still upset that English doesn't have an adjective meaning 'having a birthday'.

Would you whisper his name while you do it?

In Dutch we have 'jarig'. Ryan the jarig guy. Could be translated as 'yeary'.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY RYAN! Thanks for being such a hilarious member of AH (: You've been fabulous this past year in literally everything you've done. (He's not that active on the subreddit so I don't think he'll see this but if he does... THANK YOU!)

He's the birthday boy he can murder all he wants today

I have always figured that Ryan is just a real, live Dr. Kreiger.

...or just "Ryan the Birthday Guy"

ALL HAIL THE MAD KING!! May your kingdom flourish and your animals stay forever entombed

He's said previously that she hasn't. Not too uncommon these days, especially as she's a professional. People build a reputation on their name, plus it can be an absolute bitch to get your name changed over on all your professional qualifications, degrees etc.

I wonder what it's like to have a birthday in the air??

The Mad King wasn't born. He was created. Forged from the shell of a mortal, and crafted into a god. All hail the Mad King.

Thanks for sharing! Happy Birthday!

Did his wife take his name?

Ryan the birthday-boy guy.

All hail the Mad King, Ryan Haywood! In the last year you've grown a lot in my eyes and almost became my favourite AH member.

So, Happy Birthday!

Sure, we'll take that one, too!



Judd Apatow was also born today... but we're not entitled to any of his money so I don't think it works that way. But Happy Birthday anyway!

Happy Birthday to your mum!

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday Ryan! [insert lame and overused murderer/psychopath joke here]

Birthdaying. The more we'll use it, the more legitimate it'll be.

Happy Birthday!

Ryan The CumplaƱero Guy