Happy birthday!!

Happy birthday!!

Where is this video ..

And she posts the whole story to widespread it even more?? WTF.

yeah that's the icing on the ca -


Let’s try searching “trifling bitch” on YouTube. That should work.

This is as funny as it is trashy.

Worst part?

Impact text on the photos

Trifling? But there are four men's pictures on the cake. Wouldn't it be a quadfling?

I wish I could’ve seen that baker’s reaction

Nah, the real fucked up thing is cheating on your boyfriend with multiple people.

OP plz

That dude actually used meme generator to make those pictures. Oh my god this has to be real, you can't make this up.

I wanna know what the 80 y/o woman at Walmart thought of this.

I bet she lost her dentures in laughter. This is fucking funny.

I would love to see that video....

Plz OP

You Triscuit eating Bitch

To some people, any attention is good attention

Link the video !

All of the big stores like Walmart and Brookshires won't do risque things like this. You'd have to go to a smaller local place to get any swears or suggestive photos like the center one put on the cake.

Please let this be real

I won't down vote ya, but do we always have to be so serious on the internet? These subs are for jokes, not seriousness.

Also, as someone who goes to Texas yearly, Brookshires needs to be investigated by every health department it lays business in, holy shit.

OP plz

It is lol

This man is my hero

On the cawk?

O Plz

Wait! Are we sure that's icing?

This is amazing

Trifling bitch


why is there an obese corpse on that cake

You Terra forming Bitch!