Happiness is love and a toothbrush.


Now I gotta go find my cat and give him semi-aggressive loves. He’s not gonna be happy. Look what you’ve done, Reddit.

Those right angle back leggies... 😩

I...I literally might die from the cute! RIP. No regrets.

Look at that fat belly!

my naym is kit

i am so smol

I try to curl

into a ball

i byte my foot

i do a squeak

tha toothbrush comes

it brush my cheek

We call that corporal cuddling in my house.

Don’t know what’s going on. Better chew on my paw for self defense.


What’s neat is the toothbrush is most likely being used a substitute for a mother cat’s tongue. Kittens learn to groom from their mothers, so if you have an orphan kitten, you need to use a similar alternative.

See how the wee fuzznugget a licking/nibbling those little paws? It’s because she’s learned from being groomed herself. Or himself. Whatever.

KiTtY tRiEs To EaT iT's OwN pAw, WhIlE bEiNg ToRtUrEd

Forced kitten snuggles

Maybe he’s trying to go Titan

How are cats not the dominant species on this planet? I have the sudden urge to build a statue of the little guy...... And maybe a pyramid or two

M must stand for Mental.

Sinds wir das Kätzchen? Nein! Wir sinds der Jaeger!

Rip in pieces

We get that you're "parodying Tumblr", it's stupid and unfunny and overdone.

That's a misdemeanor now in some states be careful.


Dem eyes doh

Little fat belly... poke

Yeah, but then they assign you community service at the humane society, where you can't control your urges. It's a vicious cycle, some never escape.

She looks too young to be adopted yet, also

Worth it.

I'll take one with sound please, thanks!



Struggle snuggles.


Happy claws!

Have you ever been so happy that you tried to eat your own paw?

Damnit, beat me to it.


BUT ... insist that this is what you had in mind when you went after the panther with your toilet brush. a cat’s a cat, roight?

I was trying to parody tumblr. I gwess I shouldn’t do that outside of /sub/tumblrinaction. . . . And I shouldn’t make JoJo references without the proper context

I don’t wanna be skinny. I wanna be fat and happy!

You have been subscribed to anal play facts.

You’re probably right

RIP to you.

You must be fun at parties.

great, now my heart's all melted.

I like that kittens put their fingers in their mouths like people babies.

Nurse nurse noise danmit!!