Happens way too often

Happens way too often

Oh, I’ve got this! The man with the dragon eating its tail is Uranus, the sky in Ancient Greek mythology. He used to be in permanent contact with Gaia, the earth. Uranus and Gaia would mate, but the children would be trapped deep within Gaia, causing her pain. One of their children, Cronus, used a scythe to castrate Uranus so the children could escape. He threw the severed genitals into the sea, and the mixture gave birth to Aphrodite (Venus in Rome), and the beautiful lady in the water in the picture. The sky and Earth were separated by this, and things could walk on the Earth.

Aphrodite is not just the goddess of love, but also the goddess of beginnings and creation.

The dragon eating it’s own tail is the Ouroboros,1 we usually use a snake eating it’s own tail now. Symbol of infinity, it used to be a symbol of sky or the home of the gods before Olympus.

The scythe should be with Cronus instead of Uranus. The era when Cronus was king of the gods was a fabled golden era, and Cronus was the god of harvest, food and bounty. However there was a prophesy one of Cronus’ children would kill him, so Cronus would eat his own kids. So the eaten baby depicted here should strictly be be with Cronus. Later Zeus/Jupiter killed Cronus and deposed him to be king of the gods. All the previously eaten children were retrieved from Cronus’ stomach. (Being gods, they were tough)

As an aside, there was the god of linear time, Cronos,2 not to be confused with Cronus. Although they both carried scythes. Since time brings old age and death, Cronos comes down to us as the Grim Reaper.

Edit, correction thanks to Trippycow31: the tail-swallowing dragon/snake in Greek mythology is spelled Ouranos, which is another spelling of Uranus. Uranus is not really anthropomorphised by the ancient Greeks, except as have genitals to cut off.

Edit thanks to guebja and TydeQuake:

As an aside, there was the god of linear time, Cronos Chronos (Χρόνος), not to be confused with Cronus/Kronos (Κρόνος).


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Spoiler tag please. Not everyone has seen this episode of Game of Thrones yet.


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The Da Vinci Code wasn't great literature, but it did introduce the idea of symbolism to millions of people. The technique of using the image of a single item to stand in for an entire story. Usually those stories had messages, that were lessons in morality, or were metaphors for how the universe works. Some messages were about how human psychology works.

A simple one such as "Aphrodite forced Helen to be with the man Paris, even though she was married to Menelaus" is saying "Helen fell in love with Paris, so she left her husband for him."

Addition/Edit: these days the visual language of symbolism is used everywhere in adverting, brands and logos. Companies work hard so that you associate a lot of ideas with their logo or name... a name that will always have an individual font.

One logo means quality, durability, practicality with grace. One means an abundance of affordable useful items that won't break on you immediately. One means personal achievement through forward momentum. One means extreme exclusivity, power, adrenaline, and uncatchable speed. One means complete safety, comfort, longevity and value for high spending ...

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You want some wild shit? Check out Hindu mythology

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There is a Maori legend about the earth and sky being lovers as well. With a slightly different approach to separating them.

Can't wait till myths and legends podcast gets into Hinduism.

My lecturer was pretty gleeful telling us the icky details. He was more pornographic than my explanation, as befitting original Ancient Greek religious mythology.

His technical description of Zeus' sexual behaviour was 'Polymorphously Perverse'.

He also, swear-to-god, named his own son Zeus.

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Many of the oral stories around the world were multilayered. If the story is very exciting or graphic it's more likely to be remembered and retold. At the base level, the story is an adventure story for children. Since most of the gods ruled certain human traits or emotions, as you grew up you'd recognise the stories also described human psychology in a metaphorical way.

If you went through an initiation, you would be told how the stories metaphorically described the universe, physics, and human life. Concepts such as time and infinity, cycles of birth and death, change and rebirth, matter and the immaterial, etc,

This was a period of history when philosophy and science were practically the same thing. In English 'Natural Philosophy' was the term used before 'Biology' and 'science'. Alchemy used chemistry techniques, but was mired in mythological, metaphysical ideas about the nature of matter.

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Really good question. It's the castration that is convincing me. While (like most stories that started out Oral instead of Written) there are several variations of the myths, I don't think there's a version where Zeus kills Cronus by castration.

There's at least two possibilities here. The artist could have mis-remembered some of the details. Or the artist could be deliberately mixing together the two gods. Both Gods killed/overthrew their father to free themselves and their siblings. Both gods took over from their father to be King of the gods. This is an example of the common ancient idea of the Cyclical nature of time.

The year goes through the four seasons then repeats. The sun and moon go through repeating cycles. Humans are born, grow up, live then die. Their matter is then recycled, and in many ancient traditions their soul is recycled too. Births to deaths then around again.

abrahamic religions absolutely have what you could call mythology, the leviathan, the 4 horsemen, djinn, 7 angels representing 7 virtues, 7 demons representing 7 sins

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You ever wonder if the major religions of today will be simply referred to as mythology like their beliefs are now?

Yeah, me neither. Everything is too consolidated now. The earth will become uninhabitable before there's time for a cultural shift that enormous to occur.

Thanks for informing me about this podcast!

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Damn I love mythology, especially Greek/Roman. I used to be super into it back in elementary school and still remember most of the details. This post is a blast of nostalgia.

I mean, Saturn eating his sons isn't the most obscure myth. Goya's version gets shared around Reddit fairly often. The ouroboros is pretty popular too.

Are you sure the scene isn't depicting Zeus killing Cronos?

People are different but also the same. The guy who painted this is long dead, his life was so unlike mine. And still, we share the same basic experiences.

Rangi and Papa

In Māori mythology the primal couple Rangi and Papa (or Ranginui and Papatūānuku) appear in a creation myth explaining the origin of the world (though there are many different versions). In some South Island dialects, Rangi is called Raki or Rakinui.

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And Zeus is actually the youngest of the gods, but he was the one who freed all the other gods from their father's stomach so he became king, right?

I think the film and book were popular because a) it appeals to the idea that there's a secret world out there that most people know nothing about and that you can explore via the fictional narrative, and b) despite being a shit writer, Brown was very good at keeping his characters in constant jeopardy leading to a "must read one more page!" feeling.

Is this the same dude that's called Saturn in Goya's creepy-as-fuck painting?

Is this the same dude that's called Saturn in

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Sooo, Cronus castrated Uranus while trapped inside of Gaia. Right, I see...

Your spelling is a bit inconsistent. To avoid confusion, I usually stick to the "Greekest" spelling:

Greek = Roman Ouranos = Uranus Kronos = Cronus/Saturnus

And afaik the god of linear time is called chronos, not cronos. Starting with a Χ (chi) and not a Κ (kappa).

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