HAHAHA Snopes ruled the face sperm in Obama's portrait FALSE by cutting off the image that shows it!

HAHAHA Snopes ruled the face sperm in Obama's portrait FALSE by cutting off the image that shows it!
HAHAHA Snopes ruled the face sperm in Obama's portrait FALSE by cutting off the image that shows it!

So a liberal organization severely edited or even cut out pertinent information so Obama looks good? That totally didn't happen for 8 years!

Oh no, that sucks!

They casually admit the artist puts sperm in his other works too. LOL

They casually admit the artist puts sperm in his other works too. LOL

Obama didn't bomb a hospital and send 1.7 billion dollars to a state sponsor of terrorism. (He did)

Snopes: False because he sent $1.71 billion!

Archived link mentioning his other works containing sperm

They also showed photo of Obama at the end, not the portrait.

Which is hilarious, because if his actual vein doesn't look like a sperm in real life, it bolsters the claim that the artist put a sperm on his face.

❌ False. He left his wife for an escort.

How would they even know? There clearly is something that can be interpreted as a sperm in his temple.

That site is the worst form of propaganda, clearly extremely bias yet trying to put up a facade of objectivity.

What a disgusting, rapey, racist, amateurish artist, and Barry had to have known that when he picked him. Just like Barry and Michelle following Rev. Wright for years, it shows those two look down on America and white people (even though Barry is half white).

Isn't snopes the site owned by the guy who left his wife for a hooker, that's close to going bankrupt?

lol, I can totally see them doing this because he sent a bunch of payments 1 cent short of the maximum amount in rapid succession to circumvent oversight of what he was doing.

Notice how they don't have a comment section to point out their bullshit, can't have any wrong think showing up.

Don't you get it? Some racist trolls claimed it, so it must be false.

As a corollary, you post on The_Donald so your point is invalid! Checkmate bigot!

Snopes has long been known to publish fake news for money.

If they had included the whole picture and said that it's clearly a vein and people just have overactive imaginations, that would have been plausible. The fact that they chop part of the image shows that THEY somehow think it DOES look like sperm - too spermy for their false fact check.

I was willing to say...OK, it sorta looks like sperm but maybe not...but this definitely pushes me more towards the sperm judgment. That in combo with the artists predilection for sperm...it can't be coincidence. Plus the vein doesn't look like that.

Anyone who looks it up themselves will find out snopes was hiding the sperm's head and be redpilled about just how dumb and biased slopes is. But I guess they rely on gullible idiots not checking.

Notice how they immediately submit the sperm story as something created by "white supremacists" who apparently have a direct line to Sean Hannity while submitting ZERO evidence that white supremacists had anything to do with it. This, from a "fact checking" website.

Affirmative Action encourages the worst sort of behavior instead of discouraging it. Social policy gone awry.

It's like this ongoing lie about VP Pence supporting "gay conversion" therapy. They rate it as a Mixture, even though what he supported had absolutely nothing to do with gay conversion therapy. They still try and push a false narrative even when the facts don't match their claims.

Don't tell that to redacted. They will quickly pull up a dozen poltifact sources that says snopes is 100% credible.

Obama's forehead doesn't ACKHUSUALLY have a sperm on it. Look! Wrong again, Drumpftards!

Snopes is only around to pump up Google's search results, so in 2 years little Johnny searching for "Obama sperm head" will reach Snopes instead of some meme website. Google Search has been shit for a long time and now I realize why -- they want to "curate" not to the most relevant sites but to ones that share Google's own leftist ideology.

Exactly. When they're dead, they're just hookers.

 Look no further than the racist trolls inhabiting the 4Chan message board

Open and shut case! It was racist trolls!

And then a few Snopes sources to prove Politifact is even-handed.

What about the penis drawn on his left sleeve?

Is that FALSE as well?


What about the penis drawn on his left sleeve?

Is that FALSE as well?

"Wiley’s previous works depicting black women holding the severed heads of white people — tableaux some decried as “racist”"

Because it's silly to take such imagery as racist.

"and once joked about “Killing Whitey” during an interview."

Change this to a straight white guy saying and painting things about black people and see how much snopes would be defending him.

This is what mainstream America sees. This is what all POC read and it fuels their hate towards white people. It's what white Americans read every day and ignore, or worse internalize. Everyone needs to see the non-stop negative criticism of the white race from all forms of MSM before it's too late.

There might be a sperm in Snopes logo too.

Spez: Ruled as False by them of course. It's clearly not there.

There might be a sperm in too.

Spez: Ruled as False by them of course. It's clearly not there.

What kind of crack are they smoking to think that using a real photo would disprove what was painted?

It's almost as if snopes propaganda minister is at the Olympics or something.

AA? Do you want sperm on Obama's forehead, because that's how you get sperm on Obama's forehead.

Now you are thinking like a liberal!

Don't forget a few CNN and yahoo news quotes just to make sure you cover the center and right of the political spectrum.

I guess we know where he wiped his forehead, lol.

Yeah, that's the best part. "While adding sperm is the artist signature to represent charged masculinity, the sperm you see isn't that."

I'm starting to think this isn't about ego but about ruining the image of the presidency in and of itself. The bastard may have a big ego, but his main goal is to create distrust in Americans towards their government. Sad if true.

NO NO NO you are wrong drumpher,

He only sent 400 MIllion, plus another 1.25 Billion.

And it was THEIR MONEY already, we were just holding it for them.

I'm shocked, shocked to find that gambling is going on in here.

The fact that is even a question for debate proves how BRILLIANT choosing this artist for your Smithsonian portrait was.

Obama... the most overrated "man" in history.

Made me spit out my covfefe!

look at bottom of article: "Filed under: 4chan, Hannity"


They have since updated it to actually show the enlarged version of that section of the painting, which is EXTREMELY CLEAR.

I'm not sure what's more pathetic, hiding the part everyone's talking about and using that to say it didn't exist, or actually showing it, and saying it doesn't exist while it's literally right there on the page.

Makes sense. Even if he really was born in Hawaii, that's not a mainstream-America kind of place (no offense to anyone there). And Barry lived in Indonesia as a kid, with a Muslim father and in a Muslim culture. His allegedly biological father was Muslim, and Barry's mother and her parents, who helped raise him, were basically Commies. Then Barry was affirmative-actioned into Harvard and the Senate, after years as a Left community organizer, specializing in sucking money out of the government. So he "didn't build that" career. Everything major he had was unearned but given as if owed to him. Every week for years he listened to Rev Wright condemn America. So Barry is not really a mainstream American in background, culture, or belief. He further seems to be a globalist elite who wants a Socialist, one-world government. And he's willing to subvert government to achieve that, if the implications of the Nunes/Grassley memos are correct.

That’s still worthy of oversight. When someone is clearly structuring payments to avoid oversight it can still merit oversight.

Shit every bank teller can blow the whistle on some random asshole attempting to circumvent Anti Money Laundering laws and scrutiny, why not 0bama?

Here you go.


At first I thought this was making a big deal out of nothing. Then I looked at the painting in more detail and I can't think of a valid reason to paint his temple that way. Now this shows how the painter puts sperm on everything. so yeah, that's a sperm. I used to like snopes but wow they are full of shit. I think it's run by some guy and his sister,

And yet liberals eat their shit up.

Snoops is the absolute truth to the left

Snopes is Very Orwellian

Snopes is shit, but I wouldn't trust foodbabe.com to tell me the time. It's not a reliable source for anything.

I'm glad these kids are too young to remember Yahoo Answers. They would have believed everything there, too.




And hang it in the Smithsonian for all the world to see

Snopes is literally run by the deep state.

internet: "hey it sure does look like a hidden sperm in that Obama portrait, made by an artist who likes to include sperm imagery in his paintings" snopes: "no it's not"

Really debunked that one

Look, I am not afraid of GMOs, and there is disinfo on both sides, but Snopes being influenced by business and political entities is nothing surprising. There is a reason they still dont have an article on Laura Silsby and her connections to Hillary Clinton.

Two things can be true at the same time, Obama naturally has a vein on the left side of his head and the artist made it into a tail for a sperm cell in the portrait

Barry takes spiritual advice from a monster. Political advice from a terrorist and commissions his art from racists. Black privilege is real people.

Hey, just because obama is gay doesnt mean he isnt just as much of a man as Michael is.

OK, I thought it was a stretch before to call it a sperm, but now that they're actually trying to cover it up, it probably is.

Left-wing "fact" "checking" is so entertaining. This is a perfect visual representation of how they "check" "facts" - by CHERRY PICKING INFORMATION THAT CONFIRMS WHAT THEY WANT TO BE TRUE WHILE IGNORING THE COMPLETE PICTURE.

As opposed to the racist troll who lived in the White House for 8 years?

The bill he supported for HIV/AIDS relief mandated that some form of "Stop fucking strangers in truck stops while shooting up meth with dirty needles so you don't spread this" be said when handing out free ARVs.

Snopes, please keep this series going.

I want to save all of these, because this is the Obama Legacy:

MSM obsessed to defend Obama Portrait. Investing money & resources to chase after claims of sperm sweat, dildos, hidden object. MSM tries harder to control narrative. Doesn’t work Still clueless.

Here’s a hit, Snopes. Take a step back from the cum and look at the entire portrait:

The Obama portrait is a joke

This is level Hillary 2008 Primary propaganda

Or a portrait Sean Hannity would hang in guest bathroom for laughs

Definitely continue picking apart every detail and writing lengthy articles about how the leaves symbolize sexism in lightbulb wattage

The Emperor's New Clothes Forehead

Whelp there we have it boys.. The fact checkers at snopes have called it false no way to prove it now. Time to turn in the towel and go home.

His vein doesnt look like a spermcell. Half of the spermcell looking bit in the painting can sort of reasonably be thought to be a vein, the other half is clearly something the artist added on his own.

The artist adds spermcells, or sperm cell like details to his paintings, deliberately as some sort of deep artistic comment on power and masculinity. It's one of the things he's famous for doing. Why would it be surprising that he also did it for this painting? To quote some arty comment about his use of spermcells in his works (pre-dating the Obama painting):

Wiley’s way of poking fun at the highly charged masculinity and propagation of gendered identity that are involved in the Western tradition of portraiture.

For a portrait like this, exactly the sort of western tradtition of portraiture where he likes to add the sperm motif, the temptation to add an ambigiously painted spermcell like detail, must have been overwhelming. It would have been stranger if he didnt paint a spermcell than if he did.

"Famous and currently in vogue african american pop-culture artist piants Obama the samw way he's famous for painting other people in similar portraits." SAYING THAT IS A RIGHT WING CONSPIRACY!! Christ almighty, how dumb.

In 15 years time we'll have art critics and the artist appearing in documentaries, giggling about how brave, groundbreaking and controversial it was to paint Obama with a spermcell on his face.

What about the one under Michael’s dress?

No, no. Somebody make a meme of Hillary holding the decapitated head of Donna Brazile. Then you’ll really see some pretzel logic.

Bukkake Baraki!

There's also a benis on Obama's left arm!!!

Checks Snopes to see if Snopes is accurate

OK I don't see it

Your Spez link made me LOL


wait, I mean, that's not a sperm!


Found this Snopes "Fact Checker".

Mr. David Emery

It'd be a shame if his Twitter page was flooded with pictures of the sperm cell crawling up the side of Barry's face.

One does not simply paint a sperm on the face of the former President, and assume the internet will never see that.

We need more autism awareness in this country.

Yeah, they've lost all credibility, sadly only we realize that.

All true, although I suspect Obama thought he was gonna get one of these; homothugs showpieces and not the actual painting he got; soy-boy shitting on a garden wall

I think even Obama got surprised from behind on this.

All true, although I suspect Obama thought he was gonna get one of these; and not the actual painting he got; soy-boy shitting on a garden wall

I think even Obama got surprised from behind on this.

So it starts near his watch and the tip is just beyond the knuckles of his right hand. It's actually painted a different colour to the suit as well. It's slightly greener.