Hackers Holding Disney’s Latest ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ For Ransom

Hackers Holding Disney’s Latest ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ For Ransom
Hackers Holding Disney’s Latest ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ For Ransom

Why does this situation seem fitting for a Pirates movie? Hmm..

It would be stupid to pay the ransom because it's going to get pirated anyway.

Pirates of the Pirates of the Caribbean

Generally I would agree, but if it is the cryptolocker ransomware virus, they are surprisingly helpful. A business I've done support for was hit and they didn't have backups, I told them I personally wouldn't pay up as I wouldn't want to reward the hackers, but if they wanted to take the chance they would actually decrypt the files we could try it.

The hackers actually had a nice clean website that explained the whole process in simple terms and offered to let you decrypt one or two files for free just to prove the service worked. Then you make payment in bit coin and they send you an application that decrypts the rest of your files. They paid, they got the decryption program and saved 90% of their files.

I was honestly kind of impressed by their level of customer service, maybe that speaks to my experiences with other professional organisations though.

Disney: "First, take a step back, and LITERALLY FUCK YOUR OWN FACE!"

Disney would be very high up on the list of companies I would not want to fuck with.

"We have Pirates 5 and we'll release it on the Internet if our demands aren't...click...Uh, hello?"

"I think they hung up."

I'd say it's more like "Pirates of the Caribbean pirating from the pirates that pirated Pirates of the Caribbean"

Next some pirates should hold the movie Hackers for ransom just to balance things out.

Really. I mean why would you trust an anonymous hacker who is extorting you? There's really no upside (that I can see) for Disney to hand over the money.

If they release the film we will be Pirates of the Pirates of the Pirates of the Carribean

They bloody well murdered the Lone Ranger!

You'll end up dead. I think they could get away with murder at this point.

the movie already came out in shanghai, so it's not like it's some top secret shit like the force awakens was.

If any of us are in the Caribbean when we download it, we'd be Pirates of the Pirates of the Pirates of the Caribbean of the Caribbean

"Holding ransom" isn't exactly accurate. Disney still has the movie and can release it as planned.

Well you may tell the captain that I am disinclined to acquiesce to his request.

"The House of Mouse sends their regards." slits throat

But why is the rum gone?

It won't- the average Pirates of the Caribbean theatre-goer isn't into all that shit. Oh, come on kids, let's sit around Daddy's laptop and watch the movie without any cgi!


Not saying people won't pirate, but this whole idea that we who dwell on the internet represent large portions of society is just plain wrong.

Haha that's actually kinda hilarious...wow. You know what? That makes total sense. You have to have a good reputation for yourself, to set up future ransome hacks. Interesting.

You're gonna have to call the fucking UN and get a fucking binding resolution to keep me from fucking destroying you!

I'm talking scorched-earth, motherfucker! I will massacre you! I WILL FUCK YOU UP!

hangs up

Can you find out who that was?

Organized crime works because it can put up something resembling professional face. The more it feels, and above all, works like a business transaction, the better the chances of success.

Although in this case you can't really run to the police.

Wouldn't it be pirates of the Caribbean pirating pirates of the caribbean?

5/5 would get hacked again

After that some hackers should hold the movie Ransom for pirates.

Did they give you a survey at the end asking how their service ranked?

Well that was an underwhelming roller coaster. This thing is out in like two weeks and people are already set on seeing it in theaters. The people who pirate over seeing it in theaters would not have seen it on theaters to begin with. This will have no impact on the box office.

Hell I bet Disney wants it leaked. So they can blame it in something other than themselves if it underperforms.

Means no.

The last wave, Wannacry, usually cost between 300 and 600$.

But this has nothing to do with ransomwares. The hackers have the movie, Disney still has the movie. The "hostage" part is just the hackers asking for a payout to not release the movie online.

Unfortunately some couldn't be recovered, but they weren't critical files so they were just happy with what they got. Lost a day and a half of production trying to stop the virus but once the files were decrypted they were back up and running in a couple of hours.

Easily my favorite Tom Cruise performance

The hackers said they would release bits of the film — in increments — if their demands weren’t met. 

To which Disney requests that the hackers add the Fandango watermark and "in theaters May 25" at the end. Thanks hackers.

If you make people pay protection money and then don't protect them they are going to stop paying. The mob knows this.

But if they release it before it goes to theaters....then all they people who were going to torrent it get it sooner. Interesting how that might (or might not) affect box office sales.

I wonder if this is a "in production" cut of the film or the final version. It could be from the same studio that got hacked for OITB.

Either way, I don't think this will hurt Disney much. If it's a low quality pre-SFX version then people will wait for the full quality.

While I can't prove this, I still believe this movie was made to pay Johnny Depp's divorce lawyers.

What about the other 10%?

Were you not paying attention? They blew their whole IT budget on those hackers.

I didn't know the Irish Republican Army was looking at my taxes

Guarantee the source of the copy was from china

This isn't the type of movie where the box office will be affected by bootleg availability. It's a long-running franchise with a large fandom, and it's family-friendly. Not only that, it's a reasonably thrilling action movie that benefits from the big audio/big screen theater experience. Also, they're usually quite funny, and personally, I like to see comedies in crowded theaters because of the contagious laughter affect.

Not only is Disney not going to pay up, but these assholes just got the attention of the world's most powerful team of lawyers.

Wow. You're a great American. This nation owes you a huge debt. Now shut the fuck up and let me do my job!

They've probably been scouring the earth to find them too. With that kind of money, I bet Disney would just hire a mercenary group to send a message if they could at least find out what country you're in.

Because Johnny Depp is still in the It's a Small World Afterall ride.

Also, Disney seems like one of those companies that you really wouldn't want to fuck with.

Also the pirates movies are HUGE box office internationally, even though piracy is already rampant in many parts of the world. On Stranger Tides did $241M domestic and over $800M worldwide. Whole domestic sales have gone down for the last two films, they've kept going up internationally.

I would have expected more, but I guess that makes sense. Target a company or other decently sized institution, and say they can have it all back for $500, the bosses will probably just say "Fine pay it and let's be done with it," then the hackers go on to the next one. A $150k ransom might take more deliberation or produce more efforts to thwart them.

The fact that he's a raging alcoholic and was constantly drunk while filming this does give us that picture yeah, he lost most of his fortune because of his extreme spending.

Worked for Disney before. Let me put it mildly, they take security very seriously. This was me after reading that article https://i.makeagif.com/media/11-03-2015/k6pwFt.gif

Worked for Disney before. Let me put it mildly, they take security very seriously. This was me after reading that article

We don't negotiate with terrorists


Correct me if I am wrong... But the movie was planned and green-lit way before any of the divorce stuff was even happening? I remember the title/logo being unveiled over a year and a half before or any of that BS or so. On Stranger Tides was no At World's End at the BO but it was still really strong and didn't hurt Disney at all. This series is still going because, despite what the subreddit sometimes thinks, people are voting with their wallets.

Yeah, sure... lawyers.

EDIT: I forgot there was a video clip

Yeah, sure... .

EDIT: I forgot there was a video clip

What was the cost

Hell Civil war had a practically HD rip a week before it got released in the domestic market and it still made a billion dollars. If people want to see it, people will go see it.

How else will he afford his collection of extravagant hats and scarves?!


I had once heard (not sure if true) that the IRS doesn't care how you earn or spend your money, as long as it's reported and taxed.

Hi-ho Pluto, away!

Because traditionally IT isnt an expense companies need until shit goes wrong...

"Theres nothing broken, why do we pay the IT guys?" followed by "Everythings broken, why do we pay the IT guys?".

here's a follow-up question, if you pay protection money to the mob, do you have to report that to the IRS as a business expense or some kind of operational service fee?

Give me back my movie! -mel gibson

Come. There's more.

Here's Johnny Depp's private jet. Notice anything?

Jonny used to have a Gulfstream IV. Now he had to sell it and get a Gulfstream III because people like you chose to download movies for free.

The Gulfstream III doesn't even have a remote control for its surround-sound DVD system. Still think downloading movies for free is no big deal?

They better all be dressed in character costumes when this happens

I also worked for Disney. In the parks and then for the cruise line. A lot of my friends who worked physical security on the ship were ex-military. Definitely would not want to fuck with them. And Disney's InfoSec is on point. Speaking from first hand experience.

Not even two mil, tells me he has at least 1 mil on hand. If that mother fucker is "struggling" then I'm the fucking pope.

The fact that he's a raging alcoholic and was constantly drunk while filming this does give us that picture yeah

Honestly that just makes me more excited for the movie

I actually had no idea that was Tom Cruise until the credits rolled. He sounded familiar but I just couldn't place who it was ....

As someone who isn't a fan of Tom Cruise, I fucking loved his performance here.

Seems ripe for a viral marketing campaign.

Why would a company risk their business by not taking backups?

In my experience, laziness and cheap fuckers.

It's a pirates of the Caribbean movie. I think everyone already knows what to expect.

Well nobody glamorized pirates more than Disney, so

The Wolverine had a leak that was pre- or mid-CGI completion. It was a lot of green screen and wire frame models. Kind of interesting to see but I definitely couldn't sit down and watch a whole movie like that.

Edit: it was X-Men origins Wolverine I think.

Just watched Tropic Thunder for the first time today. A1 quote

Tom Cruise in Tropic Thunder

Disney is

Ok flaming dragon. Fuck face.

Got him.

Now hack his mainframe.

man elon musk has great taste a lot of money

Wasn't the source of the copy Disney? /s


And then they use all the data from the keyloggers the decrypting app installed to fuck your shit again...

No but they did ask if the hacking could be monitored for training purposes.

And then they started keeping backups, right?..... right?

No doubt about it. I worked for the film division as an artist. I have worked for many top firms, but never seen a company with such a high security. I don't even dare tell people what color my desk is. It's always been inspirational they do so much to protect our work.

Edit: I = No

I know, right? Mickey is ruthless!

It's very well known that Dead Men Tell No Tales.

The pirate movie has been pirated by internet pirates!

Well sure, IRA doesn't care. However if the DEA or someone starts looking into you, pretty sure those tax forms will not be good for you.

Lemme tell you something you little shit bird, I've never even heard of your little agency!

Birth certificates turned my frogs gay!





I would be careful if I were them, Disney has a lot of fuck-you money. I wouldn't want to be made an example of by Disney.

only version

I remember watching this - the final fight scene was too hilarious to not appreciate with its own merit.

Here's the I can find at the moment - those lasers are top notch. SPOILERS obviously and unfortunately there's no sound.

Exactly, they'll throw you in Disney Jail. Mickey is cheery on the surface, but he's a fucking sadistic warden.


They've taken the hobbits to isengard.....

Hack the Gibson! - Hackers

Read in the voice of Mickey

wait it's the movie before cgi?? i almost wanna download it to see that

Whoa, whoa, reel it back. You can't jump straight to 9/11, you have to soften people up with chem trails and illuminati first.

Thanks. It's nearly 1am and I was hoping for a good night sleep. Now my nightmares will have a soundtrack.

they were already shooting in australia (? i think) when SHTF in his personal life.

Definitely! Shit, if I had it on my laptop I would still choose the theater. Opening night blockbusters are so much fun

Unless people watch it and spread the word that its horrible. Which is the likely interpretation. I mean if youre still a fan more power to you. I agree disney probably wants it to leak so they can blame losses elsewhere. And there will be losses. Whether its outed or not.

Yep, those hackers are wading into some deep Sith.

And if they were pirates pirating pirates of the carribean that pirated the pirated pirates of the caribbean and pirated the pirated pirates pirating the pirates of the caribbeam theyd be the pirates of the pirates of the caribbean pirating pirates pirating the pirates of the caribbean. I think.

Well, he's saving money by not bathing.

That looks more like a picture of a pirate's worst nightmare: a sunken chest and no booty.

Reading pirates so many times is making the word look weird to me like it's misspelled or something

"I'm talking Scorched Earth, motherfucker! I WILL FUCK YOU UP!"

Some of them raise the price the longer you wait to pay. I had a customer who got hit that didn't bring their computer in till about 2 weeks later. The cost had gone up to something like $1,500 or $2,000 (its been a while ago). They didn't go for it since there wasn't anything that important.

Well, if Disney pays and the hackers release the movie anyway, then any future targets of those hackers will be disinclined to pay up. But if the hackers do not release the movie, then future targets might be more likely to pay up. So the hackers do have some incentive not to leak the film.

I double checked and yes, they were!

Also, Heard has apparently since moved on to Elon Musk now? I'm not a celebrity gossip fan... But I am curious to see how that inevitably goes, haha.

"Find out who that was"