Guys drives Maserati into a flooded street in Melbourne. A MASERATI!!!!

Guys drives Maserati into a flooded street in Melbourne. A MASERATI!!!!

Not necessarily. People will live by the skin of their asses to impress people they don't even know.

Payments too high on your super car? Well insured? Local flood? Problem solved.

To be honest if you can afford a car like that then you can probably afford another one if stuff like this happens

It's more of a luxury Sports car

Well, the emblem is a Trident.

I mean, Maserati's aren't that expensive or rare.

Well, if you leave your expensive gadget you're reading this on, and walk to your fridge full of food in a warm house with four walls and a roof..

Imagine breaking your chair because you stood on it while you knew it wouldn't hold you, to reach the chips in the cupboard, and you don't care that it broke. You'll get another. You just threw away some food because nah, didn't feel like eating that

Someone, somewhere in Afrika, doesn't understand the luxury you have.

Trickle down misunderstandings!

Does it matter so much what kind of car it is? An idiot is still an idiot.

They depreciate like crazy, it's not hard to find 3-4 year old Ghiblis with less than 30k mileage for about the same price as a decked out Accord. Maintenance will be more expensive of course. If you don't mind the inconvenience of the shit reliability, any middle class worker can drive a Maserati.

To some people it wouldn't be that much money

A luxury I will never understand.

The point is anyone driving that much money logically wouldn't drive thru that and yet it happened.

This was the moment he decided

"I should buy a boat"

Guess it's a.. . Massewetti now

Was thinking about buying a yacht as well, just had a crazy idea he wanted to try out first.