Guy sneaks backstage at McGregor vs Mayweather press conference in London and walks out with McGregor's team.

Guy sneaks backstage at McGregor vs Mayweather press conference in London and walks out with McGregor's team.

Eyy this is me!

I've always dreamt that one day I'd make it to the front page, little did I know that the day this was realised someone else would yank that sweet sweet karma from underneath my poor little nose.

Haha jokes aside cheers for posting! I'd be happy to answer any questions if anyone has any!

All because someone took a picture. Amazing

Let's be real, this takes a lot of stones to do as well. I'd bitch out before I left the house

Never sneak in through the back window. Walk in through the front door like you belong.

I hope someone from McGregor's team sees this and rewards him in some way for the balls of this.

RIP to Floyds "former" driver.

I was in London a long time ago when the UFC had a fight at the Royal Albert Hall. I bought a scalper ticket from some guy outside, and had no idea I bought a fake. Some how, it was good enough to get me inside the doors, but as I walked around, I couldn't find my section. I was in section 13, but as I went around, 9, 10, 11, 12, 1...

I said to an attendant, "Excuse me, where is section 13?" and he said, "No Section 13, only 12 sections, let me see your ticket..." I instantly knew I had a fake ticket. Like, zero, to sudden realization. I quickly said, "Oh, no, I'm meeting a buddy. I thought he said Section 13. Must be section 3..." and walked away.

Dodged a huge bullet, but, now I couldn't see any of the fights. You need to walk down tunnels to see the ring.

I hatched a new plan, and stood outside the doors of the private suites and held my phone to my ear like I was on a call. I stood outside open doors to the suites and looked through to the arena. attendants thought I was from a private suite, but was just out using the phone.

I can't believe the ticket actually got me in when I looked at it. Was such a cheap print job. What guys do is hold a real ticket on top, then bottom deal you a shitty ticket.

It's fortunate that the guy was a fan and not a crazy stalker, though.

Let's be honest if anyone has to deal with a crazy stalker a UFC champion and his team are probably some of the best equipped.

Yeah I'm torn between believing the story and thinking this is just a really clever marketing vid. I'm leaning to the former cause the length of the vid is a bit much and the editing is about right for an amateur video maker.

Also takes a good marketing agency

Special tickets like this should've been unique and scanned anyway.


A really clever marketer might anticipate the skepticism, and make a few carefully calculated amateur mistakes to compensate.


look at this guy's videos...hes done so stuff like this every few months Here is the one where he sneaks into Foo Fighters

You underestimate how widespread UFC and boxing fans are. These are two of the greatest fighters in their sport finally facing off. Ofc people would be hyped

As someone who used to work in radio and made fake passes to get into stuff, let me assure you that no one actually gives a shit

Are you worried that you're gonna be caught / prosecuted criminally? Did you consider blurring out the face of the security guard at the start?

This, no one's fault but the event security's.

Every big sporting event there is one of these videos where someone easily sneaks into a delicate area of an arena filled with tens of thousands of people... But hey, at least TSA is here to protect me from the 5oz shampoo people are trying to sneak on planes.

What you just described is the totality of the reason why anyone does this, and the reason why anyone would ever be sacked for this.

I was actually surprised that he was able to get the size of that pass correct. I didn't think it was gonna be that huge.

What was your alibi going to be if you were asked who you were and why you were there?

Maybe, but a gun will beat fists 10 times out of 10. Was there even a metal detector installed at the entrance that the guy used to get into the event? I didn't notice.

The laminator for sure that's a Lamipube 300C it's like the fucking Rolls Royce Ghost of laminators.

I doubt he would get in that much trouble. I've been caught being in VIP/private areas at clubs and festivals and the most they've done was walk me out.

It's a prank bro should work

In case it's not working from the reddit mobile app:

How much did the phony ticket cost?

God I can't wait for LeBron and Rory Mcllroy to finally go head to head.

Like 40 pounds... wasn't cheap. Especially then cuz the pound was like 2.5 to the Canadian Dollar. UFC 38. "The Brawl at the Hall". Matt Hughes beat Carlos Newton. I think I remember it was a decent card.

Damn it i don't know what to believe. Am i a fake account just to add to the credibility of this being an amateur video?

I hope not. The dude was probably just thrilled to be given the passes, so he wanted to brag a bit. No doubt a dumb way to go about doing it, but I hope Floyd keeps him.

For people calling bullshit, it's very possible and I've done it before.

My dad always taught me if you just walk with confidence and act like you belong, you can generally get away with this stuff.

Dad snuck backstage during a Scorpions show when security wasn't paying attention. Told a dude he was part of company that does sound equipment transportation and feigned like his pass must have gotten knocked off or something. Dude working backstage handed him passes. Dad came back out with 2 passes in hand, I suggested we walk right up to front row which we did and was amazing. Then we went backstage and hung out in the drummer's trailer.

Another time, Clint Black was doing some promotional thing for a radio station at some car dealership or something. Dad told me to just walk right past security like I belong and start talking to someone in there to seem normal. Did just that and never got caught, ended up getting picture taken with him as well when he finally made it into the portion I was in.

I know he's done this at least several other times at various shows throughout the years.

That sub info kind of annoys me. It's called word of mouth, and has been a thing since we could utter words as human beings.

It looked like there was. When he went through the door at ~2:40, there are visible metal detector 'walls' on both sides of the dude in front. There was also a small 'beep' noise in the background, which sounds like either the metal detector or a security guard using a handheld one.

Here is the one where he sneaks into Foo Fighters

You sure that's the right video...?

Said he'll answer any questions but doesn't answer any questions, well then...

What are they marketing? The fight? The laminator?

Have worked in events before. Unless the cards are being scanned and verified against a system then the size doesn't really matter. They don't hold them or inspect them or anything for the most part. Having any pass will work, even if it's off in size by a few mil.

You're not going to get arrested. They'll just chuck you out.

Genuinely curious if this is some /sub/hailcorporate shit, I've seen so much hype about this fight on completely unrelated subreddits.

He might be lucky not to get a call from the local police, to be honest (post-Manchester).

This fight needs no paid hype. Free press everywhere.

Right video

Floyd would never allow someone to replace his eye for a nipple. And Showtime would never want to appear easily fooled.

You underestimate the size of egos involved in fight promotion.

If this gets viral, think they'd hook him up woth a ticket? Lol

Pretty much. Someone did the same thing for last year's Cavs vs. Warriors Finals.

Copied a journalist pass, took in backstage journalist door, waited in the bathroom until crowds of people walked in, went into the press area, and saw an NBA Finals game up close for free (would've cost tens of thousands, otherwise).

That's because guns are hard to come by in the UK.

Yeah man I'm sure he's a horrible person for not answering a question yet, bet you've had an incredibly intense three hours of waiting.

There was a chain and some ornament. He could've judged it from that since just looking at a quick google gives you more images to judge its size from.

Also there's the holes for the where you clip it to one of those bands to carry around your neck that are probably pretty standard in size.

I'd stop right about here, because this rabbit hole smells like it goes all the way down.

You would be shocked at how much video doesn't help anything. If anything, I think it's a wake up call for the people who run that pavilion.

I give it a week till this is exposed as marketing. Guy seems to have a reputation for doing this, but suddenly the production quality went way up.

If I'm wrong I'll apologize to absolutely fookin' nobody:

Photographer or press for the McGregor crew. If they didn't believe that I was happy enough to leave!

Sorry for the late reply, I've been out all day!

I did something similar to this to meet some of the players for the Warriors after they swept the Trailblazers. I asked a rich dude who sat courtside for his tickets when I noticed he was leaving in the 3rd. he gave me his ticket and I sat right next to the Warriors bench for the rest of the game. Stayed after the game and noticed some people staying behind with yellow passes who were most likely friends/family of the players. Walked into their section and pretended to be on my phone while I threw my jacket over my arm which would normally have the pass on it. Security paid me no attention even though Im 6'5. Bunch of players came out and I got to kick it with Klay Thompson and Draymond Green.

it's like a copout because they realized most of their posts don't have any actual evidence of shilling, but it's also nonsensical, because what point are they even trying to make? that companies are part of a person who lives in a capitalist society's life?

Didn't you watch the video? Dude can make his own ticket just fine.

I think I could take a Mayweather-sized duck.

Should be more like rip security. If you can get a look at pass and clone it that easy, the guilty party is not the person holding the pass. It's the designer of the security

Sure they could, you're trespassing. They could definitely have you arrested. They probably wouldn't, but they sure as hell could.

Damn dude gave all his secrets out.

Just want to throw in here, the event security is usually a contracted company (I worked for 3 companies that did this) and they don't get to decide the form of the ticket/backstage passes, they typically carry out the instructions that the promoter and venue agreed upon.

I haven't watched a full YT video in a while but this captivated me

Look at this kids channel he has done this shit before.

The security angle is probably the best argument for it being genuine. I don't think the people involved would want to illustrate that anyone with a printer can sneak into their illustrious event.

Am I even real?

Sorry bro. I'll try to be more literal in my jokes next time.

TIL a voice over and good DSLR make for amazing production quality. I'm just trying to see a good reason for making security look shit in a packed arena after all these terrorist attacks. Although I suppose it could be marketing for Tesco because that laminator did a great job on the tickets!

A Mayweather-sized duck would be a horrific and terrifying sight to behold.

No, you are batman

"clipboard and confident wave will get you into any building in the world."

X-post it on /sub/actlikeyoubelong dude.

It's gonna be such an awesome swimming race, greatest of all time!

There were no objects or people or anything in the picture of the passes though. The question is how did he know they were gonna be so huge. Like how can you know if they will be the size of a magazine vs the size of a baseball card? Being off by a little is fine, being a quarter the size would be weird no?

This guy has 775 subscribers, I highly doubt they approached him about doing this.


That's actually part of what hailcorporate is about.

This subreddit is based on the principle that popular culture has permeated so far into our own lives that we are acting unknowingly as shills for a multitude of things

In terms of blurring the face out, definitely in hindsight. I was on a bit of a time budget with this one to get it out whilst it was fresh! That and I was supposed to be going on a little road trip the following day.

As for being prosecuted criminally, to be honest I'm really not sure. I'm not too clued up on that side of things, but have the personal opinion if you're not discovered until after the fact and it was evident that I came and left in peace, then no harm no foul in my brain.

Every big sporting event there is one of these videos

There's been like 3. Calm your tits.

Tesco, he said it in the video.


for reals. shit like this is real. except I don't like telling people cause i don't wanna ruin my chances for next time.

Can you elaborate on that?

I work production often at large events and it is a huge huge no-no to post photos of your credentials online. It isn't a little infraction that gets you a message passed down, I've seen people intercepted at the event, escorted out, and banned for posting their production badges on their IG

yeah this guy is correct. i'm a nobody but i've shopped many concert tickets and press passes. even when theyre being scanned ill pay for one shitty ticket (lawn, balcony, whatever) and after its scanned ill swap the ticket for a shopped GA ticket and hand it to the person who seats everyone. has worked multiple times at multiple venues.

"Kick it" = stand around in their general area?

More likely fraud by false representation for producing a false ID and using that ID to "to make a gain for himself or another" via "A representation that is untrue and the person making it knows that it is untrue."

Trespassing in England is a very different law to elsewhere. It is unlikely it would apply here.

Although much more likely, they'd just kick him out if he didn't make a fuss. The police would only likely ticket him and take his fake ID, nobody wants to waste time on paperwork for a silly fraud rap.

Being 6'5" helpd


How hard were you laughing at the "fook de maywedders" guy?

I've personally refreshed the page 1,876 times now awaiting some responses...

I thought about this too. I figure he used some element of the image that could be considered a "standard" size and scaled everything based on that. I was thinking it could be the hole punched in the card, or the clasp on the necklace.

This is actually a youtube comment

by GA i think he means general admission. Generally means you're standing up in front of the stage so no seats.


Guys... I'm the person who text him saying you should do the event and his good mate... I can assure you this is fully legit and not staged. He's been doing it for a while now and since jibbing it back stage for Eats Everything (massive house DJ) at his chip rave shop: Eats Everything loved it so much he became his official video maker and recently produced this for him, note the 'by Zac Alsop' at the end:

That's where I think the quality of video making has much improved.

But you can also see where he did the olympic float too:

You would think that people could get paid to do this. Test security for large events like this and see if they get stopped and how protocols work in the real world.

I haven't seen it yet but this guy could have easily have been trying to harm people and could have gotten directly two McGregor or Floyd or Dana White, not t o mention everyone else there. Its crazy how easy that was and shows how easy someone eho wants to hurt people could accomplish their goals.

Their marketing attempts have failed.

Love that sub

I've worked events, we'll throw you out, police won't blink unless you've broken other laws, and even then if you've not been stealing or been violent you won't get arrested.

However you will be threatened with arrest if you don't delete all footage you took.

This guy who attended the skyfall premiere by fashioning a ticket using pictures of actual tickets posted online by people who were actually going:

Trespass is still trespass.

He didn't trespass under English law though.

As I said, trespass in England is very different from trespass elsewhere. He didn't trespass in the video.

Perfect example of "if you look the part, no one will ask questions"

All you need is a ladder

What are you talking about? There are metal detectors all over England, and cameras, even more than there are in the USA.