Guy saves Xbox from terrible demise

Guy saves Xbox from terrible demise

Goodie bag from Microsoft Xbox team incoming!

Guy probably has his entire collection saved on that bad boy without any cloud backups. He made a good decision, RIP any children that were left behind so that this beautiful Xbox could live to see another game. Your deaths will not be in vain

seriously give this guy an X!! Microsoft pls

Hes already dressed up for PUBG as well.

Anyone have his social contact info? I’d love to reach out to him.

If you know who it is please message me.

Edit: Thanks everyone. I tweeted at him I’ll see if he responds so I can DM him.

Edit: He has followed me and I have DM’d him. Looking forward to chatting with him. And ensuring he removes that sticker :)

Pretty sure that's an OG One. He could use an X.

no weapon, no backpack, no guns, probably looted 4 houses.

"Only take what you need and evacuate as quickly as possible"

Say no more!

Doesn't look like he needs it

He could also use a house.

If my home was in danger from a massive county-wide fire, and I had little to take with me, I'd most certainly take my xbox and games. At minimum you'll have something to do while you rebuild your life and not lose your game saves and dank captures.

high res version:

high res version:

Nah look at that Monster! Leaving the stickers on the Xbox.

The damn sticker probably caused the wildfires in the first place.


Omg it's happening

Looks like he is not a member of #nosticker


How big are your pockets that you can fit an entire Xbox in there?

I put my sticker on my roommate's PS4


"dad where are you going?"

The family can't fill you with hours of entertainment like an Xbox can.

This guy is his priorities straight.

"To buy some cigarettes."

I have his twitter: His instagram and snapchat usernames are listed in the bio.

Except your game saves and captures (unless you set it up to save locally) are all stored on the cloud. And since I'm 100% digital, I have less shit to grab :P

underrated comment

Yep. My laptop and my one x would be my first non-living priorities on my way out too.

At least if I'm dead, I wouldn't care about having an Xbox. But if I'm alive, I'm definitely worried about that Xbox.

I didn't know the stickers came off until I saw someone be derided for leaving theirs on. Always assumed it was actually part of the Xbox.

This guy fucks

lol looting an OG Xbone

Good guy Larry

Don't blame him, consoles are expensive.

Xbox live director of programming

His entire Fap collection

without any cloud backups

Like everything syncs to the cloud now you know. I moved to another continent and my saves came with me. This is honestly really dumb. Guy could have died saving what is now 200 buck of electronics.

I didn't know that was a sticker until that thread here last month

Not all heroes wear capes.

I’m still using my OG XBOne, as are I think all of the guys I regularly play with. Would I like an X? Sure. But I’m still using like a 10 year old TV, so I don’t see any reason to upgrade. When I graduate and get a job and can afford both a 4K TV and an X, I’ll upgrade, but I’ve had literally no reason to do so.

That's a sticker? Fuck I'm stupid I just thought it was part if the Xbox.

California? Considering how many people are losing everything, I can kind of understand why you would grab something like this. It might not be something of importance but it may bring him and his family some confront over the next few days or weeks while they wait to see if they have a home to return too. I had my console packed and ready to go when Hurricane Irma came to town.

Thank you Jesus fuck the OP is bad. I can't see shit

Catch your house on fire then we'll see

God damn it Ray, that was all the liquor money!

Fucking way she goes, boys.

They don't sell the OG Xbox anymore.


This guy knows what's up.

Xbox and iPhone which is already in my pocket haha.

Surely you were expecting a high res version of the OP's image?

Need to make sure /u/majornelson knows

He said on Twitter at that point he was carrying the last things out of the house lol

Good Lord that camera is crisp as fuck

Poor dude's house is burned down, and I'm triggered AF over the sticker. What is happening to me.

The always smiling guy you see at e3 microsoft Xbox presentations

edit: I just realized Phil Spencer and Major Nelson are completely two different people.

Sure, you can have my thoughts and prayers.

This guy actually finds his picture on twitter

Hey I have an OG One. If we're giving away Xs I'll take one.

That'll send the message to encourage others to do the same if there house is on fire, instead of doing the safe thing and get out. From a PR point of view, I doubt they'll send him anything at all.

ouch owie my house

I just realized I could take mine off

Yeah but it's not a Nintendo, all saves on x1 are automatically backed up to the cloud.

Anyone actually thought he could be looting?

Excited to see what will come of this!

Ha, Nintendo living in the network past is going to save my ass in an emergency.

There goes my hero...

Peyton Manning

Ok that makes it worth it then. My mistake

he could have already been leaving his house, I had to pack my xbonex and externals hard drives when we were evac'd, cables can be replaced memories can't

I can't see them encouraging people to run into burning buildings to save Xboxes. Lol.

First thing I noticed was the sticker. This guys an OG.

Did he grab the power brick? Did he think to grab the power brick?

What are these stickers that you speak of? I don't remember getting any stickers with my Xbox One.

MFW I read your comment

Because some wear bandannas

Wait... you can take which stickers off?

I lost all my games back in Hurricane Katrina before it became common to get hooked up after social media posts. Can I get something?

No doubt!! He went back in to save a first generation Xbox one, give him a serious package!

Depends on how big.. ugh I can't finish that

Undererated comment

House burning juice

oh shit, my bad

lol his own wiki page and everything, i feel like a dumbass now

so did I.. goddamnit.

These are pre-evacuations because fire is near. He didn't run out of a burning house leaving people or puppies behind.

He had time to grab a few important things and he chose an xbox.

Major Nelson tweeted him an hour ago asking him to DM he's inbox, looks like you were right!

I mean a One S is less than $200 if you find a deal. Hopefully he grabbed a lot of more valuable and meaningful items first, and this was for entertainment in the downtime. I hope his home made it.

How can you have a collection without cloud? That’s not possible.

the one under the disc tray, safety sticker...

Or t-shirts on their faces.

who was that? an xbox rep?

Aww thanks... wait a minute

Man, Recore Definitive Edition is looking sharp

Found Broly’s Reddit account.