Guy lies about nearly have a million, forgets about his post history...

Guy lies about nearly have a million, forgets about his post history...

I think I just found my favorite username masking technique. It's very nice and unobtrusive, but effective.

He decided to double down...

Also.. he must be trolling at this point.

Edit: Rip, the dude deleted his account.

Idk, this will always be my favourite technique.
The secret is to use ms paint, squash with the select tool, then un-squash

The secret is to use ms paint,

Are you going to take your comment down or not?

Holy fucking shit this guy

You squanched his username? Hott

I don't follow the market, I just buy shares of the biggest and most successful companies on the planet

Ooh, do me! Do me!

I didn't even open that Ask Reddit post because I just knew it would be riddled with bullshit like AR is. I say it all the time that it might as well be /sub/casualwritingprompts for the most part.

Awh.. okay :c

hahaha that was my takeaway too. Not a lot of self awareness going on with that person.

Damn foreigners with their commas and decimal points all higlty piglty!

I like how he mentions his one bitcoin - a value of only about $4000 - as if that's any significant portion of his supposed million


Millionaires of Reddit, how did you become so wealthy?

Don't get too squanchy over there

Its like that dude has two brain cells left and their constantly playing freeze tag with eachother

I bought a fan and blew a million airs into a bag.

How did he get access to those IPOs? They don't give them to just individual investors.


Damn foreigners spelling 'higgledy-piggledy' wrong!

"I bought a Bitcoin"

Quickest way to find out somebody doesn't know about making money with crypto

Hate to see when people lie on here. I enjoy Reddit bc I like to trust most people to be truthful and helpful or funny. When people lie in threads asking for advice, it bursts my bubble.

I just don't get the reasoning behind it. Like, ok, great, now you've convinced 7 people that you'll never meet and that have no idea who you are that your username is a millionaire and a savvy investor. Congrats? What impulse are they satisfying in that way?

I sat here googling for several minutes trying to figure out what the "squash" option was with the select tool before I realized you meant to literally make the selected area super small and then back to normal size.

I am not a smart man.

I just fold all my dollar bills. When I do that I find my money in creases.

Thank you, Edgar A. Poe.

I squanch jews.

Maybe he bought 1 and a half

I prefer covering each name with a separate colour, not necessary in this case as it's only 2 comments but usually it helps see the conversation and who is talking whilst hiding the names.

I will never understand why people feel the need to lie to random internet people. What do they get out of it? Do they get anything out of it? Any sense of satisfaction? Bemuses me, it really does but I can't think about it too much, my naked supermodel girlfriend is calling me.

he meant a million cents, not dollars

Bad timing.

Sometimes I wonder if these karma hording bs accounts are only created for the sake of selling.

What was the question?

He also bought 1 BTC at $100, which is now worth $4000 more so clearly he is a millionaire.

What is it that you're doing to make it like that?

Just in time.

Also depending on what he did in the finance industry he couldn't by legit ipos and would have to buy on the secondary market.

Rules is rules.

This guy's sold so many accounts that he's only 30 and already nearly reached one million!

What a zinger!

The first time I saw that I didn't realize what it was and I thought, "well, of course that guy is lying, his user name is 'Bullshitter'"

Maybe he bought bitcoin with one present value bitcoin before bitcoin became "bitcoin." The really successful PHDs do this ALL the time.

almost a millionaire.

It really does piss me off that that guy got gold though....

Something doesn't add up.

"usi tech scam" is the first search suggestion, so I'd be wary of it

Everyone in my country has exams mid/end June. But then who am I to argue

Press Print Screen

Open MS Paint


Click selection tool

Select username

Use mouse pointers to shrink selection

Use mouse pointers to make big again

upload to imgur

post to reddit


Haha. I was starting to believe him and then I read the companies he bought. Okay, guy 👌

"$26,171.43", I think

I once sold 100 bitcoins for $1500.

Nevermind, don't remind me

I squanch my family

Snipping tool instead of print screen. I love me some snipping tool. 😀

pls dont

Tell me about it. My supermodel girlfriend is always doing this.

What has been done cannot be undone

Having people attack other users or subreddits is a pretty big no-no. Yes, if someone really wanted to it wouldn't be hard to find the relevant post but most people who don't have an easy link aren't going to bother.

What impulse are they satisfying in that way?

It might have been a rhetorical question, but, excessive attention seeking is a thing.

Dad get off of reddit

All of them are probably 15 year olds who can't maintain a job delivering papers.

From my understanding if you sell at large amounts it creates an image of something being wrong, this reduces the number of people buying and reduces the value. If you were to sell several million worth of bitcoin you'd have to do it gradually as to not create a potential panic.

It always weirds me out when I think of Tom Kenny doing the voices for those kinds of characters.

From Spongebob to the jellybean that almost rapes a child. Ugh. Still, the man is amazingly talented, can't deny that.

PhD students make nothing and you don't really have time to have a second part-time job, much less a full-time job so that alone shows that this is bullshit, along with everything else.

Don't say it like that!

People keep saying shit like this but say you have several million USD worth of bitcoin. If you suddenly decided you wanted to convert it to a million USD, how easy is that to actually do?

Everyone talking about bitcoin reminds that I once spent like 3.5 bitcoin on four t-shirts... :'(

It was a good deal at the time though.

I feel a lot better now, thanks.

"The Gang Solves the iPod Crisis"

Sooo, you're telling me I need to go buy iPods? Well, it's just crazy enough to work!

Your friend is trying to get you to put up $600 so he can get $120 of it. USI tech is an MLM scam.

It relies on ppls laziness to overcome curiosity.

yeah, i still can't parse how much that figure is supposed to be o.O

It says "money doesn't grow on trees, it requires cryptographic keys", with an image of a bitcoin-bearing tree.

To be clear, anyone can buy an IPO (after all, it's called an "Initial Public Offer").

Getting in at the IPO price (since the price will immediately move at opening) or pre-IPO is what's hard.

Compulsive lying is not so uncommon. It's way more annoying in real life.

I currently have a little more than 150 bitcoin on a hard drive in a garbage dump somewhere. Less than $20 at the time but I still feel like a jackass every time I think about it.

Guys, I found sas-squanch!

Maybe next time

That's exactly what a bullshitter would say...

I am going to steal this insult.

Your penis got fat.

I never understood why we hide usernames. A simple google search, using quotations for exact text, will pull up the original post.

You can just Google like one exact sentence from the post and find it.. what's the point

Justin time.

Can I be next?

Pretty easy. Find a couple reputable bitcoin exchanges and sell your bitcoin on them. After it sells you should be able to pay the money out to any bank account you choose. I wouldn't sell a million USD worth of bitcoin on a single exchange all at once but on a large exchange it hypothetically shouldn't be a problem. Most exchanges don't need to verify your information before accepting bitcoin so you should be able to sell almost immediately. You'll lose a couple percent selling them and quite a bit more in taxes later but it's not particularly hard to do.

This is one of my successful strategies I employ to make millions through investerings.

My two simple tips: 1. BUY LOW, SELL HIGH. 2. Find out which companies are going to be massive, but no-one else knows about yet. Put your investerings in those companies, and not the ones that are going to go bad.

A lot of people don't make millions investering because they don't follow the second bit of advice. You should have invested in Bitcoin in 2009. Investering in Facebook any time after May 17th 2012 was silly really too.

If it ain't broke, don't fix it!

it amazes me how many people don't know the snipping tool exists. I watch people fumbling around at work cropping their "print screens" or just posting the entire screen in our group chat when all they want to show is 1% of the thing. Like don't you mother fuckers snip? WTF?


the Bitcoin market cap is now big enough to safely dump a few million worth without crashing the value. You'd have to try to sell hundreds of millions worth at least to cause a panic now.

His first mistake was talking about large over subscribed IPOs. Considering he isn't wealthy or has a family office, and he isn't an institutional investor, he wouldn't have access to those IPOs. Plus 2 years in finance means he was a monkey doing grunt work with no access to anything remotely related to an IPO.

I would think the feeling is the same, regardless of whether a person's real name is attached.

You didn't buy "a Bitcoin"

Easy. You are a gamer and in to formula 1. That took me all but 10 seconds. I could spend a lot longer diving into your posts and comment history but it's Labor Day and my day off work.