Guy is honest about why he is using social media

Guy is honest about why he is using social media

Yes, this video is of me. Please tell me how honest and humble I am and give me some upvotes.

I can't wait to see this posted on facebook by people who are guilty of this.

"Omg this is soooo me! LOL!"

"Who made this?? 😂😂😂👌💦💦"

This may be an overreaction, but when I see comments like this I want to find out who they are, then find out what they love and then take it away from them.

When you say guy, do you mean yourself OP?

I find it hard to believe you ran across this YouTube channel with 10 subs that just posted this video online.

It's okay, you can admit it. It's an entertaining video.

EDIT: from post history, yes. is OP.

Hahahaha nice.

Please upvote me for being willing to laugh at myself and not getting too defensive and share this comment with your friends and message me that I'm way more chill than you thought I could be and don't tell me I'm a bad person but do tell me I'm a good person.

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Done! Now if other people would please upvote me for upvoting this guy and being so friendly and willing to work with others.

OP is a fag, okay gold and upvotes, let's go boys.

Edit: obligatory edit, thanks kind stranger or whatever the fuck, but not enough upvotes and only one gold? I don't feel validated enough.

😂😂😂 WHO DID THIS 😂😂😂

That sucks your parents named you Guy.

Heeeey! That's me!

Edit: Please give me some upvotes for being a part of a D-List Youtube Channel and share with friends and tag your family and fill this GAPING HOLE WHERE MY IDENTITY BELONGS. Thank you.

well... okay... but I don't think I'm suppose to.

I'l upvote you if you upvote me

Extremely Decent

Hey, is that Nick from ?

You can upvote, but you have to call OP a faggot.

In Canada, being named Guy is a celebration; it means that your parents feel that everyone will be your friend, buddy.


D- Demonstrate Comedy

E- Engage Socially

N- Nurture Upvotes

N- Neglect Hate Comments

I- Instigate Social Commentary


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Karma please

This Guy Fawkes

This is what I like to find on the internet. Full sentences and no emojis.

Yeah it is pretty ironic, but I hope it gives people a laugh and brings to light the absurdity of social media obsession and allows us to laugh at ourselves a little.

Please upvote me for acknowledging the fact I'm getting internet karma by playing a character who is obsessed with internet karma.

Re: your stomach

Very nice, 8/10, ✔, 👌

Gold please.

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Arrest this man

Is this a young Dennis Reynolds? The similarities are uncanny.

Y'all got any more of them full sentences?

Looks like Dennis

Looks like Dennis

As is tradition.

I kno wat u mean fam😋😋😋😋😅😅😅😅👌👌👌😭😭😭😭💯💯💯💯🌋🔥🌋🔥🔥🔥🏢🏢✈🔫👳

ayy lmao 👽👽👽👽

Well okay then


You aren't. You are nothing. Life is fragile, a miniscule bug stuck to a speck of mud, suspended in infinite nothing. You will soon be dead. Soon after that you will be forgotten, it will be as if you never existed. Your existence is entirely meaningless, your choices largely an illusion. You are a Rorschach blot, for a second it looked like something, but it wasn't. Your past is gone. Your future will soon be gone. Your present is already gone before your senses even translate your perceptions. It's a cosmic joke. Realize that, laugh at the absurdity of it, then maybe you can be considered humble.

PS: I'm having trouble getting many followers on twitter, any advice would be welcome.

OMG me IRL @JohnDoe @KatieSmith

THIS IS SO US!!!!!!!!

Your wife is dead.

"Omg this is so funny, u must watch it!"

I ain't your PAL, NTSC.

Fuck, even just commenting like this can be considered "validation seeking". Humans are social animals, so we seek out social interactions (most of us, anyways) through whatever means we have available. It's natural. Accept that we are human, that we are biological machines that do shit mostly because we are 'programmed' to do it. It's kind of ironic actually, because he is literally doing the exact thing he is criticizing. then i put idk to cover my ass

That's gold, Jerry!

That's what she said.

You're just jealous your stomach is not as nice

You are...


Ahhh fuck me that was good.

Y'all got any more of them full sentences?

"I wont lie, this is definitely me"

i'm still on the fence. i want to upvote this and maybe even share and subscribe, but i'm just not a 100% sold on it yet. maybe you could show me how good you are at convincing people to upvote, plus it would make you look super smart if you've got the rhetoric to back it up.

He talks in maths

I'm not sure if you're being sarcastic, but in all seriousness, /u/CommodorJuggles has a nice stomach.

Irony is, through pointing out why people do this type of stuff, he is doing the exact same thing he is calling out. There's no winning.

No you're Jeff.

Jeff, Jeff, Jeff, Jeff, Jeff, Jeff, Jeff, Jeff, Jeff, Jeff, Jeff, Jeff, Jeff, Jeff, Jeff, Jeff, Jeff, Jeff, Jeff, Jeff, Jeff, Jeff, Jeff, Jeff, Jeff, Jeff, Jeff, Jeff, Jeff, Jeff.


Since you asked for it, ok.

shoot me now

I...I can't tell what level of irony we're at here.

that was extremely decent

I'm not your buddy, pal

First comes love, then comes mariage. Then comes an abrupt, tragic miscarriage. Then comes blame, then comes despair. Two hearts Damaged beyond repair.. Namebackwardsname leaves CommodoreJuggle, and takes the tree. d-i-v-o-r-c-e


might be my favorite from some YouTube stuff they used to do

Well many are guilty of this to some extent.

Hes not criticizing being social via social media. He's criticizing the need that many have developed to base their self worth off of Internet attention.

Too cool for too cool for the room? Yeah me too. It's pretty meta so a lot of people don't get us.

If you insist.

pew pew

RIP in peace u/NegativeX2thePurple.

He/she/it was a brave man/woman/thing.

Is it irrational to hate the "this is so us" people?

The real nihilism is always in the comments

He buzzes like a fridge

cory, trevor, likes let's go


Oh ok I'll try harder next time. Please tell me how hard of a worker I am and give me an upvote and share with friends.

I always hate this type of "I'm too cool for the room"

oh wow you see people doing stuff and you have a cynical point of view. good for you man

Don't mind him. That's his caption when he shares those same videos.

truuuuu 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Definitely not 100%

OP is a cute faggot though

I'm thinking about doing it.

Update: I did it!

I get the joke but I always hate this type of "I'm too cool for the room" type of humor. Like oh wow you see people doing stuff and you have a cynical point of view. Good for you man

Haha, I just read "Y'all got any more of them full sentences?" 3 times.

Now you're reading it four times.

Not even slightly. That's why we hate Facebook, and 4chan hates us. It's just a really long hate chain with Tumblr 0.1cm above Facebook.

Someone has a crush.

Don't forget to put the huge black borders on the top and the bottom of the video and your quote written in huge white letters.

He's the very same person he's making fun of. So he actually is being honest.

Wicked smaht.

Smokes, let's go

Get me drunk and I'm region free.

Is that what you'd call an uncomfortable silence?

I find it hard to believe you ran across this YouTube channel with 10 subs that just posted this video online.

In this case, you're right, but it's practically a sport over at /sub/deepintoyoutube to find the most unseen shit. I have no idea how they do it.


If he tensed anymore he would poop

I think it is level 3, but it feels more like 5.

Is he doing the exact same thing? Is he working tirelessly on mediocre content and drowning that content out with pleas for likes, or is he making jokes, drawing our attention to the state of affairs we call normal?

...that was really good.

he's like a detuned radio

Well I already did it.

I saw you in your Company skits for Spring Sing at UCLA.

Comment and upvote me to acknowledge that we have a stronger connection than these other internet strangers.

Wow, I normally am not into most of these YouTube, short film/story channels but that was so god damn good.

SUPPOSED to you fucking idiot

One is nothing. Now you're asking me to spend money. Pass

No. Nice stomach though. No homo.

As many as it takes. Please send your likes and karma this way for acknowledging your question and answering it.

Money pleeeeeeeeeease