Guy gets called out about buying car

Guy gets called out about buying car

Selling Amway is a good way to make family and friends want to avoid you, not to buy a dream car.

You won't see those returns. Get out now. It's a pyramid scheme.

It amazes me that people fall for these multi level marketing scams. But what is more amazing is that these people have to lie in order to get other suckers to fall for this scam.

Yeah no wonder "friends and family have come and gone"

He should hav gone to a porsche dealer and asked someone to take a picture of him in front of a car holding a piece of paper in his hand.

Another victim of Amway. You can say whatever you want to try to justify falling into their trap but at the end of the day, you’re still just part of a pyramid scheme.

Get some help dude.

Where do I sign up? Sounds like a entrepreneur's wet dream. /s

But you ARE a sales rep. You are literally advertising a product your employer sells. How is that an insult coming from you?

Ummm... It's in the shop. You know, supercars need their servicing a lot, right?

Ah yes, my local dealer totally sells Porsches with French plates still on them...

Amway a k a "turn your friends into customers".

"but mostly gone"

Except no, you already said you sell the products. You're deeper in than if you were just going to walmart to buy something you needed.

I'm not sure I'm following. Do I just give you my credit card number or what?

So Fred, where's that Porsche you just bought?

It's a giant pyramid scheme and while you may not be getting as deep into it as some, you're still participating.

Your essentially supporting something that purposely preys on thousands of people, stupid people but still

How else are you supposed to do it?

Should xpost this to /sub/antimlm

They are the original pyramid scheme. .. What you described is literally a pyramid.

Well, you also said that you "sell Amway", so you do more than pay money to get a product.

If you like the products you should just buy them, not sell them too.

That's actually fairly believable statement.

Growing up in the town Amway started in (Ada,MI), I can assure you I have heard every kind of pitch for their products... Lol But this guy.... Kinda pathetic.

The racing seats didn’t allow enough room for my dick to hang


A pyramid scheme. Also kinda cultish. You can Google "Amway pyramid scheme"

Simply letting friends piggyback on your orders is not selling, and you admitted that you sell in a previous post.

Considering that you were talking above about how you think people can make a comfortable living at the bottom of the pyramid, and saying that you SELL amway stuff, it appears you're bought into the scam.

I sold it. It wasn't fun enough.

Is this how amway phrases it to people? "Get products for yourself and for your friends too!"

And he’s passing the savings onto YOOOOUUUU

Image Transcription: Facebook Post

White: Five years ago I started on an exciting new journey. Along the way friends and family have come and gone, they're have been good times and bad. Today I purchased my dream car in CASH! This is further proof that you CAN be successful with Amway. If you have not all ready done so, please let me show you how your dreams can come true too!

[Photo of a nice porsche]

Blue: [Link showing the exact same image on the cars Wikipedia page]

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Also known as a reverse funnel scheme

Or become Secretary of Education

This is bullshit. It is without equivocation a pyramid scheme.

The easiest way to tell is that the people who tell you it isn't a pyramid scheme, have a significant vested interest in you buying their shit. They will use an unbelievable set of mental gymnastics that they learn (read: are brainwashed into believing) at these seminars and retreats.

My father dragged our family through the bullshit of Amway, then Quixtar, then Noni Juice, and so on until we were pretty financially fucked. He ended up buying most of their shit himself to keep active in these programs and we had to throw away boxes of their garbage fairly regularly. He dragged us to their creepy retreats as kids that I can only compare to low-key cult gatherings.

In short, these are predatory organizations that destroy families in order to channel wealth to a select few. Steer clear of them and if someone you know gets involved, cut them out of your life, and if they're someone you love, get them professional help.

“Turn your friends into not friends”

He even dreams small - not GT2 RS or Turbo S, but a Carrera lol.

How many knives are you going through? It's not like knives are perishable; if the products are so good they should last you a good long time. Also I do not ever think "I like this product, I should sell it". Never. You're either peddling their bullshit promotional lines or you drank the Kool aid.

Do not listen to u/Dez_Champs. They are completely wrong. It is a pyramid scheme.

It's sad to see examples of high school friends pop outta nowhere after years, equipped with these sales pitches.

Every time that I read about this company, it's in reference to the cosmetics and household products that they sell.

Then there's this. WTF?

Bonus (?): Michael Moore gets color analyzed.

so you just stock up on tons of makeup, and not expect people to buy and to get any returns out of it. is this what people do for fun now adays?

Holy Christ you're a walking amway infomercial. And you just admitted your product is overpriced and you don't even buy it through the channel you sell it through.

What's an Amway?

I don't know anyone who's "garage qualified" for Amazon. Look up the term.

Amway is a predatory pyramid scheme, and you must be a paid shill.


I had a friend who did this with a Lotus Evora. Posted pics all over Instagram and Twitter with a story about how he leased this car. He actually takes photos of cars for dealerships as a side job, I'm sure it was just a fun thing to do while working for him. He drives a 94 V6 Auto Mustang. He even photoshopped his personal vanity plate onto the Lotus.

He actually dropped off the face of the planet when we called him on it in a group chat, when he was still driving around a 20 year old Mustang.

Really has nothing to do with anything.

My 1992 Camry is WAY more enjoyable.

Ahh yes, CC number, expiration date and your CVV number should do. Thanks!