Guy can surf

It’s Austin Keen basically the best skimboarder alive

I've never been that smooth in my life.

To be fair only like .00000002% of the population has ever been this smooth so don't feel too inadequate.

His name was a prophecy. You can't be keen and not awesome.

That’s about 1 person for the entire planet. So.. that guy?

If I'm not mistaken that's Laguna Beach, California. Saw this guy a few times, comes to the same spot every time.

It's also a designated surfing/skimboarding area, there's a flag that separates it from the rest of the beach

Skim boarding for the unaware is mainly eating shit.

Pretty much, yeah

Is this that same crazy fucker that was seen sprinting like a madman on the side of a lake, and rides his board super far out until up to a passing boat?


I think this is the one they are talking about.

I'll just break my ankles for effect.

Can confirm. Owned a skim board for a year or two. Never really got any good at it. Just ate sand a lot.

Most areas around SoCal have this designation. The lifeguards will tell you it’s due to rip tides but it’s more about protecting swimmers from a board impact which can be pretty serious.

Commander keen

Don't forget the second floor balcony wake-boarding parachute guy.

Yes. ‘Dis da Keen

for those who don't know it

This guy fucks.

I've accidentally bitten my fingers while eating french fries on 2 separate occasions.

Work with spinal cord injury patients. If you like walking and pooping without using your fingers to scoop it out, fucking avoid getting hit by a board.

If I had the option between curing cancer and being like the balcony guy.....well, let just say you are gonna see more bald kids while I ride the waves.

Can't explain that

Isn't that a skimboard? Or is it too big? Guy can do whatever this is.

I went from "I have to try this" to "nevermind" in less than a minute

Another record for Reddit

I did break my ankle skim boarding. Twas not fun.

Him and Brad Domke basically own all of the skimboarding skill in the world. They're hoarding it from the rest of us.

Holy goddamn that's amazing

I'm betting it wasn't just the ocean that was wet and frothy at the beach that day.

I just woke up my mistake laughing at that in my living room.

Water pushes up, he’s pushing down.

Wow that's a rough thing to call your kid!

My childhood hero.

i tried once or twice. it hurt a lot.

I'm not the supposed spinal cord guy but..

I've lived by the ocean my whole life. The worst way it happens is when tourists come and rent big boards. They don't know to check the beach for a landmark to make sure they haven't drifted north or south into an area with people swimming in it and then they go for a wave. They fall. The 9'0" board they rented is hopefully a foam board so it probably wont cause too serious of damage but it obviously still has a chance that it will. However, if its a normal fiberglass or epoxy board with a glass fin.. look the fuck out.

The other common way it happens is in the crowded line ups people inevitably are going to collide. Fortunately that, for the most part, is a crowd of people who all know the unspoken rules and guidelines of surfing. Between my friends and I we have all had plenty of cuts of varying severity. Most of those caused by falling on your own board and getting cut by the tear or ding you make in the fiberglass. One of my friends had a board hit him in his right eye. He's got a fake one now.

No pooping and scraping it with fingers though... That comment sounds like a normal "am _____ can confirm ______" troll, or maybe we've just been really lucky.


Do you have to eat the sand though?

Your health is more important than your friend’s skimming! You should put your foot down next time.

Crunch it, munch it, it's coarse and rough and irritating and it gets everywhere.

Nah you just flung yourself into the World Wide Web. OP has been surfing websites and posting OC for years. You're skimming the articles on Reddit bro.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone without dreads use a skimboard.

I thought it was just a way to fuck my shins real good.

I didn't even think skimboarding was cool until just now.

You thinking there was a Starbucks close by?

But you still got to be second floor balcony wake boarding parachute guy.

Upvoted just because the GIF plays at full speed BEFORE the slow motion replay, as God intended.

What if I'm interacting with the World Wide Web via my browser, am I surfing then?

Is the act of surfing confined to it actually being a surfboard though? I feel like someone could surf on an ironing board and it'd still be considered surfing. Skimming is traditionally done on that little bits of water left over from the wave coming in, where surfing tends to be done on the wave, which is kinda of what he did. I guess he skim 'n' surfed?

How does he maintain momentum and not just sink into the water?!?!?!

Yeah I tried to skim board once. Both noses plowed into the sand.

Surfing is catching a wave and riding it. You can theoretically surf on a skimboard, but this isn't it. He just flung himself into one. Just because he interacted with a wave doesn't make it surfing


I've gotta see that video


Was going fast, hit a dry spot and came to a stop, but instead of rolling with it - I decided to put my foot down, rolled my ankle so bad it broke. I could hold my leg straight and see the bottom of my foot.

We had just gotten to the beach to skim and this happened about a half hour later. My friend that I skipped with first told me to get up and walk it off. Then when he saw that wasn't going to happen, he talked me into just hanging out while he got some skimming in. 3 hours later, I was hopping to the car and tourists were asking me if I had been stung by a sting ray. Good times.

You choose then get diagnosed with cancer the day after.

Austin Keen

Austin Keen

Do a good number of your patients come from board injuries?

The shallower water has more drag so it pushes up under the deeper water and causes the wave to curl in on itself a bit. Since it’s pushing up on the inside (because it moves faster than the top/outside), the surfer can effectively “fall” down the inside portion.

Since they are counter forces, they balance each other out. At least if the surfer has good balance. I don’t think it’s exactly the same as wakes, but I think they follow the same principle.

Edit: I don’t know if that’s exactly correct, but that’s my understanding anyway. I just don’t know if I’ve got all the terms properly.

How old your mistake?

doing gods work

Sooooo Scat boarding then.


What an ass of a friend

Clearly he meant a laundromat.


Ive seen plenty of people who use a skim board without dreads. Ive just never seen anyone good without dreads.

not really further away when you really think about it, just time golding memories :)

Hes quoting a meme

Hope both noses are okay?

But not your injured one. The other one.

Well he does have his ironing board with him.

up, up in the ass of timo?



That is correct.

I was thinking the same thing, Laguna or Aliso. Definitely not the Wedge.

Skimboard, but still a surf

Sure, but in this case the guy managed to put the board back under his feet for a split second before eating shit!

That’s just everyone else in the world except these two dudes. Like the other guy said they got literally all of the talent in the world.

Weird fact: in my country (in latam) this kind of surfboard got popular in the 90s. The first promoters who basically made their boards out of plywood called it "run and surf". Very quickly people started calling it "rana surf", rana meaning frog in spanish :)

It is 1 in 5 bil no? He did a % not a decimal so maybe you forgot the last 102?

It really is fun and worth a try. I still skimmed after I healed up. We were at a beach that had a lot of shells, so I was reluctant to get cut up by falling hard. I wasn't really warmed up yet, either - so it was my mistake all around.

Man dude, agro kooks have almost sent me to the hospital multiple times. Those guys who decide they’re gunna teach themselves how to surf in the 5 days they’re in San Clemente are the absolute worst. There’s nothing wrong with being a Barney, if you’re learning then you’re learning, but being 28 with a dad bod, 3 Corona’s deep and deciding that you can totally surf because “all you have to do is stand up” is going to make allot of experienced surfers mad. I’m glad to bail cuz a grom next to me doesn’t fully have control but he/she’s trying as hard as possible to get the hang of it, but when I see those tourists with those shitty foam boards and their complete confusion as to what is happening around them, I either paddle to the other side of the beach or just find a new spot.


Not to undermine your comment but all I can think about is Dwight schrute telling me the names of ping pong players.

Billy Blaze!

I was like woah brah then dove in all like sssscrrruuuussshhh then rode the cresties like whooooshh then aired out like cacaw cacaw all with the landing like blooooooowf!!!!

Brad Domke is great a popping out THPS style tricks but I think you’re ignoring the grace and overall coolness of Grady Archbold. Also, don’t forget that Paulo Prietto owned skimming for years before he became a father. Domke treats waves like he’s mashing a controller for the most points. I won’t deny Austin Keens greatness, I skimmed with him once at OBX. That kid is crazy smooth.

That sneeze doesn’t sound right

You accept that you're incorrect so gracefully.

Surfing can be many things you do when riding on the surface of water. You can wake board, but you can also surf a wake.

The thing is, wakeboarding consists of certain attributes, skimboarding does too, and of course surfing. That's why they get categorised... This guy depicted IS NOT surfing, he is skimming. He does very often surf a wave on his skimboard though, as it is a different aspect of skimboarding. If what he is doing here is surfing, and surfing is surfing and surfing a wake is surfing etc etc it just gets needlessly confusing. He is skimming and boosting, if he turned into the wave, he'd be surfing.

Idk, it's coarse, and it gets everywhere

I broke a tooth on boneless chicken wings by biting my fork

Not like here. Here everything is soft and smooth.

How, by planting foot in the sand while sliding?