Guy bets his friend he can bench press 185 lbs

Guy bets his friend he can bench press 185 lbs

Guy was laughing so hard he turned into a raptor.

Proof that there is a god of comedic timing somewhere, looking out for all of us regular joes.

Looks like he found his second wind.

I like how the spotter takes a second to laugh at him, then helps him out.

I haven't laughed so hard on /sub/funny in a good while. Classic fart comedy.

Fact: The only time anyone ever farts while working out at a gym is when they're being recorded or a hot girl is working out next to them.

How can fart jokes be childish if a God creates them.

Gotta take your punishment.

This is what i heard

Checkmate atheists

I was running on a tredmill on a Saturday night. No one in my row. Not only was I brewing one, but my body temp was elevated, so it was cooking as well.

I let it go, silent like the day is long, and steamy, and I swear on Our Great Leader Trump that as SOON as I do this nugget walks up and gets on the tredmil one over from me. There are like 15 empty ones and I'm in the center. I see her face be like "wtf?" and I just immediately walk away.

God damnit every time.

Nothing beats a well timed fart.

Farted in gym class next to the hot girl. Crazy long one the wouldn't end, too. Haven't farted since.

And still did his job with ease.

Chris Tucker from Fifth Element

I keep watching that part on repeat. Steady continuous laugh like this is great exercise for meditation. Good stuff. Its starting to hurt too.

Wow, that banshee laugh would be frightening to hear at 3am

Well, it's 185.

No joke, that's how my dad sneezes.

Shut up dad

Oh fuck, that's the hardest I've laughed in a while.

The human whoopee cushion

hot girl comes in, gas goes out. You cant explain that.

I farted right next to (The Future) Miss Indiana 2014 in Gym Class in high school once. I thought I'd never forgive myself. Then we graduated and she went on to become a pageant winner.

Now I think it's fucking hilarious.

I like how his spotter just goes:

"Alright, here we go...AHAHAHAHAHAHAH - Oh, right, I'm supposed to be spotting him - AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA"

The fart wasn't nearly as funny as the spotter's reaction. That's the best part.

The fart was proper. First a big floppy burst and the guy tried to hold it in and probably expected and re-geared himself for the spotter to pull it up. heh. But the spotter belched out a laughter so hard he forgot he was the spotter. So the guy lying down couldn't bear to hold it in and what came out then is a stream of what sounded like a wet spray sputter. hahahaha.

Imagine the guy's pov. He is pumped up he is gonna do the bench and he'll complete it. But his arms gave out and the damn thing lands on his chest. His entire being is now focused on his own chest trying not to die. So his butthole loses control and starts to release a huge fart he probably didn't even know was building up. He squeezes hard instinctively he doesn't want people to hear it. But then he is faced with the agonizing wait of about a second, which to him must have seemed like the last moments of his life while the spotter dude finally picks it up. But he had already done the deed by that time.. spraying in his pants. hahaha. Poor dude. hahaha.

Yep, it's only 185. I've crawled out gracelessly from under heavier.

You're 185.

I feel like a new person I just laughed so hard. The guys laugh man, he's just screaming in pain hahah

he knew it wasn't enough to hurt him, just pin him there for a while.

Knocked the wind outta him

I think instead of luck, it was more because of him flexing his muscles resulting in pushing out the fart. So it's actually the work of nature.

I wish.

When you said "nugget" I thought this was going a different direction.. phew

The facts don't lie. It's just science.


The old roll of shame.

I was on the treadmill and this girl walks up to the machine next to me. She was gorgeous. I had headphones in, she was watching a show on her phone without headphones. Maybe 10 minutes into her workout. This overwhelming stench infiltrates my nose. I did a little finger waggle under my nose. Evaluate for a half sec, yes indeed I did not fart. Shake my head, then say what the fuck? I look to my left, no one. Look to my right, hot girl is looking at me.... she fucking winks at me. I was stunned. So I kept my eyes on the screen in front of me for another minute before i bailed out of there. Havent seen her since.

If you find yourself trapped under the bar, just roll that thing up to your throat and die like a man.

The spotter's only job is to add three plates to each side and tell people you failed on rep number 8.

Guy was laughing so hard he turned into a terrified vacuum

It's Corbin

You're gonna make it bro.

I watched this first without sound, did not understand what was so funny about someone not being able to bench press that much weight.


I college I was at the gym with my roommate early in the morning. Only other person there was a cute girl. I did a squat about 5 feet from her and ripped the loudest fart of my life. I felt terrible for her, but I laughed so hard I couldn't stand up.

Sitting in the cloud of gas, that was the moment she knew she had to be destined for greater things.

Y'all wild.

WaPo Headline: Falling Fedora Sales Proof of God?

That level of self confidence is off the charts!

When he told his friend he could bench 185 the friend probably said "you're full of shit"

I fart from squats. Never know how loud it is either cause I always have headphones in.

Your dad farts when he sneezes?

Yep, that noise you should hear is him farting right as the bar presses into his chest. The bar squeezed that stink bomb right on out.

Wait hes saying coby? I thought he was saying Corbin

"Yea that was me, and you'd still do me wouldn't you..."

I was wondering what was so damn funny, then realized that my speakers were turned off

Yes, he has chosen his 15 minutes wisely.

It sounded like a goddamn jaguar being waterboarded.

Finding farts funny is what separates humans from every other creature. I will classify another animal as sentient when it recognizes the hilarity of a fart.

Big, if true

Dude, it's her that farted and you were emberassed? You just start slow clap, compliment her on the pallete. Tell her she owes you a coffee for violating chemical warfare convention. Go on a date, get married, smell her farts till you are 90 as you rock in old armchairs.

My dad says "HEYPWAAHH"

"There has been an awakening..."

I do this all the time when I'm dead lifting

Everyone is overthinking this. These are some high school kids fucking around in the weight room. They don't care about barefoot lifting or dropping weights on their toes. They haven't spent 20 hours a week in /sub/fitness debating proper squat form and whether you should use a belt and straps. He just wears those fucking shoes all the time probably when he wants to be comfortable. Remember back when you didn't analyze everything to death and just lived? That's what kids do.


Dude looks like Magmar

I watched it at too low a volume because my wife was asleep. I was waiting for the rib crushing.

You can't outrun a fart on a treadmill

If I heard a dude fart while doing a big lift in the gym im not convinced I could hold back at least a hearty chuckle

We all are gonna make it bro.

C... Coby... Coby my man...

Same. Was hoping it would end with said "nugget" plonking down onto the treadmill belt and OP repeatedly stepping into his own poop.

I was confused where the fart joke is and how this video is funny seeing how he could have gotten badly hurt... then I realized this is not a gif and my sounds are off.

185 lbs = 84 kg for the rest of the world

It's crazy what you find hilarious at 4 am. Thank you for a much needed laugh!

What... What the fuck? That slurping noise lmao

That's Big Pimp Gold Daddy to you, son.




84 kg if anyone was wondering.

I remember how my dad sneezed because as a kid I made fun of him for it "HUBBA-CHOO!" I can still hear it in my head.

theres almost no one who can bench bodyweight untrained

"...Have you smelt it?"

Is that what happened? Sitting here thinking that video wasn't even funny he just mildly got stuck with the bar on his chest.

No use. In the situation where there's only 2 people, you know you farted, and she knows you farted. Plain denial looks pathetic. Should have proudly proclaimed your fart to assert dominance.

Dallas Multipass

someone should have asked bill nye this yesterday on his AMA

you're full of hot air

You're less funny than the actual NSA

Making fun of someones laugh ≠ being racist

I didn't imply that. You assumed it was 1RM. I'm not jacked but I'm pretty sure every serious lifter has failed a lift without a spotter. It happens.

FYI, turn your speakers on. Couldn't figure out what was happening until I came to the comments.

Wait are you talking about a barbell or a woman?

That guy shit his pants as soon as the bar touched his chest. Perfect timing.

His face to head ratio is similar to the Ronaldo statue!

Sorry, Big Pimp Gold Daddy

Could God create a fart so big that even he couldn't fart it?

This was so unexpected but made me laugh! Thank you!

Straight outta his butt hole

I was worried we were about to watch someone seriously injure themselves.

Pleasantly surprised

SHE KNOWS... it's a Multipass.

You probably skip leg day too.

I dont know enough about this topic "gym" to dispute your science-y-ness.

Actually, I recommend full-plate armor. Full coverage, gets a good sweat going, and really works the core!


Skinny pleb? You sound like a neckbeard that figured out where to buy steroids.

Dude. Shut up.

The ridiculous laugh has nothing to do with race

Not at all.