[GTA V] I must go, my people need me. Nevermind, I am back.

This gif is so satisfyingly smooth. Thank you, OP.

Ha, RES automatically converted your gif to webm and I was surprised how smooth it is. Praise webm and RES!

Well, that's because it's not a gif, it's a webm video. still looks like crap.

That is a wonderful title.


They're meant as a replacement for animated gifs, which also had no sound. Useful or not, animated gifs have long been extremely popular, but the format was never very well suited for it.

So yeah, while technically the format has nothing to do with gif, in a practical sense, it's a gif with far smaller file size, higher possible framerate and full colour support.

There's a couple! One, I know, is in (or maybe just south of) vine wood hills. There's a six car house right beside it.

Another, i think is right north of the suburban in northern LS, on the same road as the haircut place.

A third, for sure, is on the east side of town near the cheapest garage you can buy.

Sorry I can't be more descriptive, I'll send a picture when I'm home

Just to give a general example of how something like this could happen

Say they had something like:

if (NPC_on_bike) if(no_tilt) center_of_mass_height = head_height - feet_height;

Well if this NPC fell perfectly upside down, he wouldn't have any tilt, but now his center of mass height is negative (due to the programmers not considering a perfectly upside down npc)

So now all kinds of shit can happen because you have negative height. Then apparently some later code figured out the error and put him at the correct place.

It was probably something wrong with the velocity calculation for the NPC, it went negative so it got thrown to max value.