GTA Online: The Doomsday Heist - Trailer

GTA Online: The Doomsday Heist - Trailer

6.8 million to buy the jetpack, requires a 5.4 million dollar luxury building to be able to buy the jetpack, another 1.2 million to buy the workshop for the building that lets you customize the jetpack.

Of course it'll have jetpacks after all this time. Can imagine what they'll charge for em.

Wow they weren't kidding when they said more heists were coming soon....... back in 2015. That delorean knock off looks fucking sick. Wonder how much that's going to cost people.

I can't believe how real that sounds

6 million for the car itself and 2 million for the workstation to customize it plus another 3 million to trick it out to max. That's GTA online baby woo.

Jesus fuck. This game is just fucking ridiculous now. I was hoping this heist would bring me back but nope. That's weeks of grinding or over $100 if I wanted the content day one. I love how battlefront for so much shit but rockstar can still milk it's players. Such a damn shame.

nah im good, hope the players who have years invested into this game are excited though. cant imagine what rockstar will charge you for them this time.

Holy shit, looks good.

Dec. 12th is gonna be a stacked day

One million real dollars FTFY

That’s because they actually do that for them. Like the hanger and bunkers lol

Battlefield 1 DLC on the 11th.

This on the 12th.

Also PUBG on the 12th.

Has Christmas came early this year.

For the small price of one million GTA dollars.

I've got a fair chunk of change saved up, but i know it still won't be enough.

Awesome, Rockstar is adding a bunch of badass content to GTA 5. To bad I'll never be able to afford it.