Grower hides from SWAT in warehouse closet

Grower hides from SWAT in warehouse closet

This is some Scooby-Doo level police work here.

He was panicking, then he remembered cops' vision is based on movement.

He's a grower not a shower.

More like assassins creed guards.

"Huh? Who's there? Must've been my imagination."

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awww... the poor guy has a reptile dysfunction...

I was expecting that metal insulation tubing from that one "How to hide from the cops" post

TIL cops are reptiles.

Right, all those years of complaining about how dumb guards are in video games. And then this swat team runs out and proves me wrong. I take it all back

I feel like this has to be fake. But I'd like to hear the backstory if it's true... like if he got away.

Wtf... I did the same thing during a dorm fire alarm and my RA caught me in 1 second flat.

Cop here... You're not taking into account the small-town SWAT teams... This is the quality of work (and size of cop) you might get.

While I agree it's probably fake... I think you're being to generous with your review of law enforcement.

It screams fake to me. They just did such a poor job and he moves like a stage comedian. Not saying it's for sure fake, but I'm logging this is my "ehhhhhh I don't knooww" file until someone tells me what to believe.

That was brilliant btw, and it is probably why they use dogs

Reasons why it's absolutely fake:

First: first cop barely sweeps one corner; in a raid where SWAT is involved, they'd absolutely follow protocol and do a scoop and clear and not just look right and walk on in

Second: second cop just moseys on in without a hand on his gun, going into an unknown room even with minimal threat he'd absolutely be gripping his rifle

Third: most likely from the United States from "police" written in English on the arm, and they're equipped with what appear to be UMP or maybe a G36 I can't quite make it out, in the United States a swat team is almost definitely gonna have an AR variant and not a German SMG

Fourth: one of those dudes is fat. SWAT members are the special forces of police, they're absolutely not gonna let Fatty McGee be one of the 4 people to clear a room, he's a liability on the possibility of a fight

Fifth: definitely not certified bulletproof vests with AR-500 inserts, look like cheap dollar store cops and robbers vests

Dark room. Nothing looks like a human shape. Yeah, it's real. We aren't great hunters; humans normally would run prey till exhaustion rather than invade their homes.

Ah, but were you and your environment in black and white?

No alternate clearing lanes, no tracking inside edges of the room, low readies while entering a still uncleared room, lack of a door man, and they sent in far more individuals than necessary which could have easily maximised casualties if the situation went sour. If you are in a situation where you are going in with live round and full kits, you'd better be acting like the enemy may be violent.

Pathetic and unprofessional.

Let me put an end to this. Sorry Redditors, IT IS FAKE. Original video is called "Watertown Lockdown Surveillance" and there is no one hiding in that room. "Grower" is just a guy named Josh Dave who edited video for fun. Have a nice day. PROOF:

Haha I couldn't fucking believe it but fuck me they all get realism points

I like your daily recap. I'd subscribe!

I feel like this is fake

That's just because we hunted houseless animals.

is this real? i cant believe it 😮😮

There is actually. But I can't remember what it's called.

Edit: I think I found it /sub/tldr

Right down to the guy barely hiding within sight of the guards where you're thinking there's no way they don't see you right now. But then a whole SWAT team walks past this dude even though his entire lower body is exposed! Hell, he probably could have managed to stealth choke all of them out one by one as they walked back to their van in a straight line.

High mouse sensitivity

I had an albino cornsnake exactly like the one in that gif and I can confirm, intelligence-wise they are only like 1 tiny tier above plants.

In the scuffle of wrestling an (already dead) rat mine would routinely end up biting it's own torso and then trying to constrict itself to death. This probably happened 10-15% of the time. Dispite all the odds, that snake survived almost 18 years of its own stupidity until one day it must have just forgotten how to keep being alive anymore.

Small-town reporter checking in. While our SWAT team is moderately well trained, they're far from "the cream of the crop" or fit. Basically they can handle most situations, but if any sort of major incident occurs, they just hold the scene until the State agency can get there (about 90 minutes).

here's the original unedited video

Aren't these SWAT types supposed to do a sweep Of the room they enter in. It's pretty convenient that they all ignore one corner of the room.

Edit: It is fake,

Credit to u/emixaw

If you maintain a reptile for more than four hours...

Same. Is there a sub for that? Like "Today on Reddit".

Sounds like most guards from Metal Gear Solid too, nearly the exact same wording.

Don't forget, it's dark in there. That's why this is black and white and why a couple of them are using torches. It's just that no-one even looks to their left. I'm not even trained in this sort of stuff but even i know that one, maybe two guys go in and clear the room before everyone else just strolls in to what for all they know is a fire zone.

Edit: also, I just notice - at least some of those guys are wearing sunglasses.

It must be a set-up.

Ahh yes. Those damn dorm fire drills.

Freshmen year: Leaves building.

Sophomore year: Hides in bathroom.

Junior year: Turns off lights and continues gaming.

Senior year: Fuck off, I'm sleeping. Puts pillow over head and rumples sheets to hide body.

holy shit he rolled a 20

nothing he will ever experience in his life will ever be as insane as that moment

forgotten how to keep being alive anymore

Maybe your snake just learned how to die, and put it into practice without thinking further. You know, trial-and-error thing.

I'd bet these are average cops/agents dressed up in their tac gear and toys for the big bust. They probably don't have a lot of CQC training, nor do they frequently meet resistance proportional to their presentation. They walked into that room believing it was all clear, and so it was.

This has to be fake. Dude clearly moves in an exaggerated fashion like a comedian when he’s going to hide, and there is literally no way even the most retarded SWAT team would breach like that without covering the proper lanes of fire (clearing lanes) during a deliberate entry.

Source: I participated in real CQC when I was in the military. Different than SWAT, but same fundamentals.

*Edit: I froze the frame and noticed the officer’s vest says Transit Police. Honestly a bit confused now, bus cops have SWAT gear and conduct raids in America? Maybe these seriously are very inexperienced officers? Scary.

How to hide from the cops

LINK for those who don't know what this is referring to.

Adrenaline causes tunnel vision. But this video is funny

Jesus no one even checked that corner. The number two guy gave a passing glance over his shoulder, and that's being generous.

If he was armed and had ill intent that could have gone badly quick. That's pretty sorry for a swat team. Where did they have tryouts the mall cop convention?

Also, this looks like a black and white camera surrounded by infared LEDs (you can tell from how lit up the things closer to the camera are). So it's probably much darker in that room than it appears to us. The flashlights probably also decrease the cops' light sensitivity so it's easier to miss something in a dark corner they never looked at directly.

I found a HQ version of this on YouTube, still not sure what the story is. You can make out the letters of the department on their vests.

Personally, I find this to be the perfect comment here. I give you 50/50 odds on gilding. Good luck!

edit: what the fuck no HIM not ME! Stahp!

"Nothing in here, just a shelf with legs. Move out guys."


literally no way any SWAT team would breach like that without covering the proper lanes of fire during a deliberate entry

Eh. I don't know man. Sheriff departments in this country are hit or miss. Unprofessional attitudes and SWAT gear aren't mutually exclusive.

Everyone assumes the guys in front of them swept the room for other people

I hope so.

"This room smells like fresh piss."

It's the transit police. You're expecting competence?

wow this makes snakes much less terrifying

we are only joking but I think they train this procedure for all situations including an armed enemy and this could have gotten them killed.

I don't think it's real. It's the worst room clearing I've ever seen, They leave no one in the hall and don't bother re-clearing as they exit, and then they close the door when they're done

You just cut my reddit browsing time down by hours, possibly even days. I don't know if I should kick you or kiss you.

What lightbulb does that? LED? CFL?


To me, it seems maybe, since the lights in that room are actually probably off, and he's standing right under that window, that the light coming into the dark room at that spot would blind the SWAT team's eyes to an area around that window... that being said they probably should like... y'know, checked.

I don't understand why they closed the door after they were finished. Surely if it was a raid they'd leave it open.

Better Version


EDIT 2: Due to some messages, give me a few hours from this edit...I got you Reddit


None of them did. In fact they almost made a point of not looking at him. I call fake.

Some Scooby-Doo running away from the grower in the first place.   "Over here...zoinks, no, no, no...over here maybe..."

"CP, this is Zulu 6."

"Go ahead Zulu 6"

"Got something worth checking out, over"

They should all be clearing. Not just relying on point man to lazily check one corner.

Yeah and there has to be a distribution in the competency of all the small town SWAT teams out there. Somewhere out there is the worst SWAT team in America. They're probably at least this bad.

OTOH, I'm still betting fake.

the first month into my freshman year was a nightmare for fire alarms. during the month october is went off 28. times.

by the 4th one i just hid in my room.

you can see the cut before and after the "swat" leaves

"the guy in the corner said there is no one here"


falls to ground with 10% health left

stands back up

"Must be the wind."

it has to be. there is no way swat did not clear the corners of the room. that's like... lession 1 of room clearing

This just has to be from a tv show or something. It's too perfect.

You wait.

Welcome to security theatre.

Most of the nations key electric infrastructure lies in areas where the first line of defense is "nothing ever happens out here in the backwoods" and the second line of defense is the no trespassing sign.

"shhhh just let it happen." -kevin spacey

I think this is one of the most depressing posts I've ever seen. In an existential sort of way.

Earth is everyone's home.

"America's WORST SWAT Team"

I'd totally watch that, I'm sure Discovery/History Channel could pull it off.

Well to be fair, this guy is a pro, he studied the art of hiding. It was only close because he forgot his piece of ductwork at home.

Possibly because then you know what condition you left it in. If you look back and its cracked open, someone entered or left. Or just habbit. Eddit- this is probably fake.

Someone overlay this with Metal Gear Solid music already.

I'm done.

No shit. If he had a weapon and intended to use it, he could have gotten all of them.

If this were a meth raid, I think things could have gone that way. Although the fact that NOBODY even looked at that corner of the room kinda makes me doubt this is real. Didn't even pan across him with a flash light. Usually your brain registers a human silhouette immediately, even in very dark places. The guy was wearing white.

A Dos Equis neon bar sign. Says "on tap" at the top.  "Stay hidden my friend."

A. Says "on tap" at the top. "Stay hidden my friend."

I think 2nd guy in was supposed to check the left corner, everyone else assumed he did his job.

The second and third guy failed to do their jobs, period. Had the grower been armed he could have killed 1 guy easily, probably 2, maybe 3. This SWAT team should be puhnished in some form or another.

Hilarious clip but MASSIVE failure by the officers.

I love it when they blame it on their imagination after they’ve been shot in the neck by a crossbow.

What's he holding up and hiding behind?

They didn't remember the basics of CQC.

3rd line of defense is a fucking bear though

It has to be. Look how slapstick-y the guy hiding dashes around the room in the beginning.

The guy was wearing white. 

The IR night vision camera makes some types of black clothing look white or light blue depending on the material they are made of and how they reflect light.

Look how the dark pattern on this blanket doesn't show up on night vision And the dark green doll looks all white.

The guy was wearing white.

The IR night vision camera makes some types of black clothing look white or light blue depending on the material they are made of and how they reflect light.

And the dark green doll looks all white.

snake... Snake..... SNAKE!!!!!!!

I was just wondering this, why are people saying this is SWAT?

"Copy, Sending over a patrol"

Fuck Fuck Fuck

It's 99.9999% probably fake. No worries.

If they want him to come out of the closet they should accuse him of sexual assault.

I love how many people here don't think there is any chance of this being real. I hid from the police in the woods after a party got busted. They had their flashlight go right over me and didn't see me. I felt like a Jew hiding from the gestapo

Post title.

OP should be sorry.

And here's the original video:

No one expected him to be indicaloset.

Don't insult Paul Blart with that comparison.

/sub/conspiracy is leaking

True. I'd say it's probably complacency.

Most likely. Because the first 15 rooms were clear why wouldn't this one?

All sarcasm aside, with this line of work you should always be taking the job seriously. Because even when you think nothing is on the line, you still have no idea who might be watching and what may be recording you.

This is a perfect example of that, and these clowns are just brought down the image of SWAT as a whole.

psst. you can swear around us, don't worry.

They did a really s***** job of clearing that room. The person following the lead officer in, was slow as s***. He was supposed to check that corner where the guys at. And he like barely glances


It's real. I'm the grower, AMA.