Greedy squirrel gets stuck in bird feeder

Do as you must

I've already won

Not today he ain't.

Ah-chee ka goak, nu nee, Solo.

The CDC has never documented a case of rabies in squirrels

Do you want rabies? Because this is how you get rabies.

I got bit by a squirrel and went to get see about rabies shots. The doctor said it wasn’t necessary—squirrels don’t get rabies.

However, they bite hard enough to make you wish you were dying of rabies instead. I had triple thickness leather racing gloves on and he bit through those like they weren’t even there. I had him by the neck and he spun his head around and bit through my thumb joint.

I expect he's very thirsty.

I was going to say. Everyone here thinks this is hilarious like the squirrel is in some food coma, when really it is probably in an actual coma from dehydration...

Me in bed in the morning

Think you may have read that wrong. Greedy*

Dude, if you got to go, you got to get up & go to the bathroom...

good to know, but playing with sickly acting wild animals is never a sound plan.

Agreed friend :)

Everything except that part :p

Perhaps, I am high afterall

consider yourself more fortunate than I :(