Great touch by Giroud to Walcott

Great touch by Giroud to Walcott

Giroud exists in two states at the same time.

a state where he's Dennis Bergkamp and a state where he's Marouane Chamackh and there is no way of telling which state he's in unless you pass the ball to him.

He Schrödinger's footballer.

WOW please add this to the tape he shows to his grand kids.


This is the best explanation I've seen of him.

giroud has to be one of my favorite french players.

This guy developed his technical skills in the weirdest way.

we all saw that video a couple of weeks ago.

Could add this to the highlight reel

he seems very hard to dislike regardless of who you support

If this man would make a fancy video of his career, someone who don't interested in football could think was one of the greatest.

Giroud is actually a fucking god

best comment I've seen on this sub

Giroud isn't slow how fucking fast a snail did you find?

Giroud used to dance so it kind of makes sense

You live up to your username

A poor man's Zlatan isn't the most inaccurate description for him.

Kind of like Zlatan

You should watch the whole thing

This is so satisfyingly accurate I’m putting my phone down and tucking myself to sleep.

kudos to you. got me laughing hard

at least for zlatan you can say his insane ball control comes from being a taekwondo black belt. For giroud you have no fucking idea how he manages things like these but its great to see

He is slow in comparison to other players, yes. But a player with a similar body type like Zlatan or Crouchy or say good ol' Jan Coller would be as fast as Oli. If he was faster he wouldn't be critisized so much. His skills are remarkable. Anyone who says otherwise is either biased or should watch that tape of his :p

Is Giroud the equivelent of a a lesser Zlatan?

Giroud is more of a Mandzukic type of player. Zlatan isn't as much of an "aerial" player as Giroud is.

I mean his PE teacher made him do dance.

maybe he is one of the greatest, there is overwhelming evidence

Awesome footballer