Great technique to achieve 2 point perspective.

Great technique to achieve 2 point perspective.

This'll be the first time I've taken a redditors recommendation.

There was a kid at my school in interior design that came up with this and felt like he had the biggest epiphany ever, and showed his professor. His professor told him that he had been doing it for years. It deflated my friend pretty hard. But it did help him out a lot with free drawing the lines.

Thanks! I wish I knew about this back when i was still studying

Looks so easy but I know if I tried it it simply wouldn't work

Go into class and do this all casually and watch everyone think you're a genius.

Panties and whitie tighties WILL drop.

I just started two point perspective in beginner's drawing/painting.

Thanks for the tip, and the excellent timing.

This makes me so happy... i can’t stop laughing at this poor man (who is me, except with everything, and everyone instead of one college professor)

Less of a technique and more a tool.

This is so simple and brilliant. How on earth have I never seen this.

daughter of an art teacher that uses this tool to do hallway perspectives

I'll warn you it's harder to make this work than you might think. I recommend setting up a board with two holes in it to draw on- a lap desk or clip board works well. As well as using a string with very little stretch, like some kinds of fishing line or artificial fibers

I see this shown with hemp strings and tape so often but If your string moves at all it will Ruin it and be difficult to get it adjusted.

We weren't allowed to do this In my industrial design class.

I'm still pissed about it.

Yeah, fuck art.

Kinda like my Etch a Sketch pix when I was 6 yo?

Who am I kidding, like my adult Etch a Sketch.

Ah, that reminds me of the time that I "invented" backwards rollerskating. I was so proud of myself....told my mom and everything. She thought it was funny and I was pretty upset that the technique had been used for decades.

Wait why?

I can vaguely see the point of forcing kids to learn math without a calculator (not really, sometimes I wonder how much better i'd be at math if they'd have let me worry about the formulas and the calculator worry about the actual math, but i digress), but that is baffling to me.

We need you to draw a lot of lines in a certain perspective, but the you can't use the tools that you would in your studio to do it.

Next they will forbid CAD.

Then you'll realize you're actually amish.

What about granny panties, specifically? Will they drop too?

It can be a necklace where the paper clip can be made to look like an "s" for SpongeBob and an "s" for sandy

This giff looks like it has a lot of elasticity in the string though. I thought it was a rubber band actually.

Ikr? This should be taught in schools!

I had an experience like these as well

I was building a website and was trying to mimic the blur effect that iOS and Mac OS use when something pops up over what you’re looking at. Idk about now, but at the time, there was nothing readily available to produce that effect. (Well, there was one thing you could do but it was only supported on Safari browsers so no go.)

One day I got pretty stoned and decided to find a way to make it work, like some kind of workaround. While playing with the CSS (one of the languages used in web development, used for styling, color, layout, etc) I realized you could mimic do it by using a blurry version of your webpage’s background image, and apply that blurry version to the thing you want to be blurry, and voila, looks just like it.

I went online to share the method and found that it was already being used for a couple years, and at that point it was pretty much the accepted method.

I still feel achievement though, because even though someone already discovered the method, I discovered it just as they did, even if it was years later.

So don’t feel bad if someone came up with it before you; you still came up with it nonetheless and that’s not worth nothing!

I think it being elastic is actually a requirement for the very reason you stated. It needs to be able to change length/stretch while staying taught.

Fishing line and other non-elastic materials won't work because if it's long enough to reach the top of the page, it'll be useless in the middle of the page.

The things that a paperclip and string can be. What a long list.

Because without the grannies this is a non-starter.

Here's how it works.

Use a clipboard with two holes in it like /u/Douchebagette suggested.

Have the (non-elastic) string come up through the holes, and through two holes in your art.

Hang weights at the two ends of the string, so it's always taut but can be moved around!

Really the formulas are the actual math, what the calculator does is just... calculations

People think art is mostly talent, but it's really mostly a pathological tolerance for tedium.

It probably wouldn't. People are looking at this and thinking of it as a ruler. It's not. It doesn't physically guide your pencil since it's just a string. You still have to draw the lines freehand.

There was a solid month or two of my life where I thought I invented masturbation.

I’m you, except with everything.

That honestly seems like a pain to set up.

I have learned this a few years ago but then with ruler. You had to choose 2 points (where strings comes from) and then use your ruler for each thing you would draw. Hell of a job. This is way more easier but you will learn less of it.

How do you decide where to anchor the strings?

You know what they say: 18 to 80; blind, crippled, or crazy; if they can't walk, drag em.

Why would your friend be deflated over what a kid at your school did?

God damn you are so fucking right!

As a tattooer I can tell you the difference between a good tattoo and bad one is mostly just tolerating doing the same thing repeatedly until it's good.

Bad tattooer draws something and says "oh I like that, that's pretty good"

Good tattooer will draw something, hate one tiny fucking line in it and redraw the whole piece because it's likely the second time he'll do something slightly different somewhere they like a little better. Then, 15 drawings later they tolerate the product enough to tattoo it. Then once it's done they'll stare at pictures of it for days contemplating how they could've done it better...

Or maybe I'm just an asshole and a perfectionist that just can't ever think something is perfect... Who knows.

I don't understand what is going on. Also why is this a clip of him barely using the what looks like a rubber band


I think you just pick two spots and it works as long as its consistent.

I've been watching for 5 minutes waiting for him to finish this. It's looking great so far.

Either way I'm bad at the thing that the calculator is good at, but they forced me to do it and I lost interest.

It's easy fam. You just take a block of marble, and remove everything that doesn't look like David.

Its up to you as long as they are on the same horizontal line. This way, all vertical lines remain vertical and are not affected by the string.

I watched that for over a minute without realizing it looped...

What about the post 80 crowd? Asking for a friend.

It really bothers me that there are teachers that won't let their students use calculators. It makes no sense. Do they think they're helping the students learn?

When I taught Math, I always allowed calculators. I wanted my students to focus on the concepts and not have to stress over multiplying wrong.

Even in college, I had professors who would tell us to leave answers in "calculator-ready" form. Once you've shown you know the concept and the rest is just calculator stuff, you have the right answer.

Because his brother had hoped to come up with a revolutionary idea.

Edit: Maybe he wrote his comment from two different perspectives.. holy crap.

Or that sick nasty s from 5th grade if youre dedicated

When you wanna be a engineer but too poor to pay for college

Then you're just drawing two point perspective the regular way...but with a whole bunch of extra stuff in the middle. If you're using a ruler just use the two points on the page and save yourself the set up.

He's using it only as a guide. Normally you would use a ruler from both points(in this case, ends of the string) towards a corner. Imagine you have to measure twice for every line except for the vertical ones. It is a painstaking task

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Dude drawing lines isn’t hard. Y’all are seriously underestimating yourself.

I finally worked up the courage to tell my best friend Kenny. He got a really good laugh out of it, and then he told his mom, who also got a really good laugh out of it. Fuck you, Kenny.

lmao you overestimate us redditors with 0 art experience. I tried to draw a line once. Ended up with 2 broken arms

Hahah. This comment is fantastic.

This only works because the person already knows what they're doing. The left hand could be pulling the string too high or too far to one side, and still be in the correct position, providing an angle that isn't correct.

I think this is one of those things that looks useful at first, but then as soon as you try it you see just how wonky the lines are.

Came here for a funny comment but a good one eludes me so an anecdotal one instead. My wife hates that I want to come up with something "original", work on it for hours or days then come up with something I could have just browsed to quickly on Pinterest. But I like knowing it was my idea even if it isn't unique, it was mine.

I learned doing it that way too. At the very least it's a good freehand alternative; especially for sketches. :D

Or S, for save our skins!

Same reason you're taught how to do math on paper, instead of just handing you a calculator..

It's important to learn the essentials and proper technique before learning the shortcut.

looks at Michelangelo's David

"Nah, fuck all that shit."

is the string elastic ?

80's represent here.

Still doesn't explain why the string is flat in the middle but able to be angled at the top of the page while still anchored to the same side points at the middle of the page. Can't do that without changing the length of the string or it being elastic.

I seriously have no idea what this even means. Not an artistic bone in my body though, hut honestly, what in the hell is a 2 point perspective. I kept waiting to understand. Still waiting ...

Or an architect

Because when you deal with numbers in your hands, so to speak, you understand them better. Take long division, for example. It's super simple to do in a calculator, but doing it by hand forces you to think about how all the numbers fit together. With enough practice, you are able to understand how even more complex algorithms work for long division. The same can be said for all math, really anything. You wouldn't allow a baker in culinary school to just use muffin mix because they know how to make muffins already. I always allowed calculators for doublechecking and for tests, but I made all my students practice longhand.

Luckily your mom is a saint

"more easier"

Well there really is nothing stopping you from setting it up at the right spot then just placing a ruler or straight edge to align with it.

That's me! Also except with everything and everyone. What a coincidence!

Confession: I printed out my photos and traced over them submitting those as freehand. Careful as I was to mess up some lines on purpose there were always a few that were suspiciously on point. Confession 2: I'm probably too old to be using the phrase 'on point'

Tighty whities*

Whitey tighty, lefty Lucy?

Try teaching in India. Suggesting that the concept is more important than the monkey work of memorizing solutions and vomiting them back out in a test. Absolutey attrocious.

Suggesting to use a calculator for math, or printing out your assignment on a computer, it's treated like blasphemy. I was absolutely terrible at mental math. So I would come up with various mental tricks and approximations to help me calculate without going through all the steps. They fucking hated that. Then I carried my dad's old school slide rule. They found out, and they fucking hated that. Almost got expelled for that one. Because cheating, apparently.

And I always typed out my assignments. One would imagine from my cursive that I was a double-amputee using his legs to write with and suffering from parkinson's. They fucking hated that. "How are you going to learn to write if you use the computer? That's cheating". It's chemistry - who gives a fuck?, I literally remember asking them. They fucking hated that.

I got through middle and high schools in India on Cs and Ds genuinely believing that I was a dullard. I went to a Canadian university, did well on my first year and got accepted into a prestigious Engineering Physics program. Graduated out with a 4.0 GPA and a job at Microsoft. Funny how that happened.

Fuck you Mr. Parvesh(a middle school asshole worthless math teacher who would literally call me retarded and berate me in front of the whole class because I would be unable to answer questions like 13x17 without thinking for a few seconds - all the other kids had the tables memorized).

And after that month you finally left your room and found out the truth.

Really wanted to weigh in on this as somebody who draws for a living and had to learn from complete visual illiteracy. I had no natural talent whatsoever, and had to break it down into easy chunks to learn it over the course of 5 years.

There are 3 reasons why you wouldn't want to lean on this crutch and why it is better to just practice freehand.

1 is that straight lines in 2 point perspective (to build on your metaphor with math) is multiplication tables. It's very basic.

Let's say you are drawing a car/complex sculpture in 2 or 3 point perspective. This is calculus. Every surface on a car is double-curvature. This means the theoretical points of intersection (where surfaces intersect) are double/complex curvature as well. When you create a line drawing, you draw the theoretical points of intersection. (Obviously blends/radii are added at these intersection points because it is impossible to manufacture a knife-edge unless you are apple and like to cnc machine everything) Double Curvature means that they curve in two directions. The curves on cars also tend to accelerate, so they are not simple arcs/elipses. By the time you are skilled enough to accurately depict this in 2 or 3 point perspective an architecture drawing like the one above should be easy or you will just never get there.

Okay, so why not just do the complex stuff in CAD?

In order to be a professional Industrial Designer you have to be "Idea-every-few-minutes fast." That is, if you want to get a job that pays in money that buys food and houses and shit. Also, ideally you want to eventually have a life outside of work that you can waste on reddit. So being able to fluidly and accurately communicate complex geometric ideas is the name of the game.

This is all coming from somebody who's workflow is CAD heavy. (I just like it.) I'm not just some crotchety old prof fuck who thinks drawing is the best way to do it.

It's just reality. Drawing is the best way to do it.

Am drawer, not writer. Not going to edit this comment. Sorry if the english is crap.

Hey man not all whities are tight. That hate speech and a definite micro aggression

forreal, I got shaky hand and chicken scratch handwriting that i've been doing for 35 years. I'm not underestimating myself, i'm just realistic about my skills.

Tricky but I think its attainable. I have to try it first cause imagining it fucks up my brain.

It is. :)

I know, right. The room would be flooded and you'd be expelled immediately.

Insurance wouldn't even cover it probably.

If you need to pump out a quick sketch for a client you aren't going to be able to use this system and would be fucked hence why you gotta do it freehand.

In eighth grade, I independently came up with the idea of drawing a grid over a picture to help with drawing a larger copy of it. I didn't think it was genius-level stuff, but I was pretty proud of my world map. Pleasantly surprised to formally learn it a couple years later.

this image gives a good idea

Most ID professors just want you to free sketch. Too much precision in something like that.

Just get the idea on paper and move to CAD

It's college, friend and kid are the same person.

Yeah I agree. You definitely would need elasticity. The point of this is to connect any point to your two perspective anchors by a two straight lines. So the lines would quite obviously need to be able to change lengths.

holy shit i have a 2 point perspective project due tomorrow. you are a life saver

Or it could be bent into a W for Wumbo.

I wanna know how you were corrected.

This is so cool and would have saved me so much time in school!

You only need to hang a weight one end. The other can be fixed like in the gif. You can actually see a slot on the left side in the gif and can tell thats the side with the weight. His right tag end is fixed.

i’m going to pretend like your friend came up with this and that his professor was saying that just to look better than him. hell yeah secen3true’s friend

It could be my present lack of sobriety or absence of art/architecture experience, but I'm really not getting this.

its basically a way to get 3d perspective right in drawing.

Put 2 points on the left and right side of the paper. Draw a small vertical line on the paper. If you draw short lines from the top and bottom of the horizontal line to the 2 dots you drew, then connect those lines, you get a box. This concept expanded is how you do geometric drawings.

Look up a video of someone doing this and youll get what im saying, its pretty simple.

It makes perfect sense. On a two-point perspective drawing, you have three kinds of lines: vertical lines, lines that intersect point A, and lines that intersect point B. No matter where you put the paper clip, the two lines it creates intersect each point, so they will be at the correct angle for that position on the page.

are you done yet? how was the result?

Wait it's a gif? My internet must be super shitty.