Gotcha, bitch!

first reaction was "huh, that totally worked"

doesn't matter how he started. They always land on their feet

Kitty is a mothafuckin tactical genius!

Did that motherfucker start upside down under those sheets?

You must not know cats

"Crikey, we got a wild one 'ere!! Now watch kids, I'm gonna wrastle him down!"

I wonder if it meant to do that

Unless you tie their feet to a low drag parachute and throw them off a cliff.

That'll teach their feet.

Or tie toast butter-side up to their back.

1st time I've seen it. Wow ... I thought I wasted too much time on reddit!

"Well well well, first, kill the dog. And hooman, you're next."

just tape 2 pieces of toast together butter side out.

I have ketchup in my fridge.

Cats do not abide by the laws of nature alright? You don't know shit about cats

Surprise motherfucker