That would freak me out because you wouldn't be able to breathe.

That dumb bitch had it coming

We did this prank at work the other day in the morning when people rarely come in. We taped the side door of the restaurant and unfortunately no one fell for it before some poor lady walked through it because she used the wrong door. That'll teach her

Yeah, let's just watch him suffocate. Hilarious.

Yes, there's a cleaning duty assigned to a few students every day. They rotate in shifts whose day it is to stay late after school and clean. It's actually awesome at building a work ethic. The kids get used to having to do some things they don't necessarily enjoy and it just becomes normal.

Probably Japanese. The students clean the school. They don't use cleaning ladies.

Haha. Look at him suffocating! What an idiot!


It's tape, not a bear trap. Lean back against the door and push the tape away with your hands. Or just fall and you are free.

Is no one going to question why he is carrying a broom and a giant squeegee to class?

what complete and utter bollocks; you can clearly see how he stiffens his body up to take the impact long before he runs into the cellotapeclingwrap he allegedly knew nothing about.

Also makes caring for your classroom feel normal. You don't want to stick chewing-gum under your desk if you're going to be the one cleaning it after.

Or he saw the tape right before hitting it, but was going too fast to stop in time.

He did get caught running in the hall.. Teacher got him on tape doing so.

With audio.

1914: movies were silent and short, usually to amuse

2014: despite technology, millions of people voluntarily choose to watch short, silent movies intended to amuse

This is the "banter" i get at work.

Im an asthmatic.

Do you have a to-go order? Do you work here? No? You get tape to the face

Sucks to your ass-mar.

This is a reference to Lord of the Flies. I don't mean to be rude.

What is this wizardry?! A Gif with Audio?!

If you do that, you're the douche.


Or he was about to start walking so the teacher didn't bust his ass for running in the hallways.

Probably already dead from suffocation.

Is this true?

Well now that I know how to trap Asians, I'm going to have a great year...

...collecting Asians??

To be fair most kids at Japanese schools stay behind for extra curricular activities, so getting home late isn't that big of a deal for them. It's kinda crazy. I work as an english teacher here in fukushima and I usually go home earlier than 99% of the kids and I stay an hour or so longer than I have to.

Unless you know the class douche has to clean if after.

I also heard him say "go!" and saw him hold his breath before combing back his hair so it won't get stuck in his eyes

Yup. He stands up taller as he is running to make sure his face hits the plastic perfectly.

Not to be a wet blanket but given the anticipating body and face movement right before he got caught, it seems like this was staged and the "victim" was in on the "prank".

... I wish you hadn't explained the reference so I could've felt more clever when I upvoted. I know it is school-mandated reading in many places, but I don't have much.

Trap making 101. I would definitely join.

TIL you are unable to breathe when caught in a bear trap.

The door closing behind him was a nice touch.

Do you want food? Yes? Well tape to the face will fix that.


Source: every school related anime ever.

no a vine is a plant that clings to walls

Apply directly to the face

It was pretty visible though so he wasn't necessarily in on it just saw it but couldn't stop the crash.

R.I.P random redditor, many more will take your place

Take your prick and...

The way he just stands there in the end puzzled is hilarious.

The way in the end puzzled is hilarious.

Because you've seen a staged saran wrap in your time.

I don't understand why this was posted in reply to the previous comment, but that's really adorable.

Hell, the mongols did it!

yep, there's that quick flicker of his eyes to make sure it's lined up properly.

This sounds like a good idea in areas that don't rely heavily on school busses. Missing your bus for me meant getting home very late.

Oh come on, the kid was there for about 1 second. It's a harmless prank. People like you make the world less fun.

He looks even more Asian than before.

stayed short for a while because they were meant for the working class who were thought to have short attention spans

that describes just about the entire population of reddit now.

You guys ruin everything.

"Hahah, look at him dead, like an idiot."

I was also under the impression that public transit was uniformly good in Japan, unlike North America where unless you're in a downtown core you're pretty much SOL. Back at my HS (back in the day) if you missed your school bus you could take transit... but it was a fifteen minute walk to the nearest station, the bus only came every 30-45 minutes, and it was a 20 minute walk from where it dropped me to my front door. Hell, it was almost (very nearly) faster just to walk. Almost.

The future is an amazing place

If you suffocate and die from this, that would just be natural selection.


Where grown men feel fulfilled proving a prank by children is staged. Welcome to Reddit.

Or he could press B to crouch and shake off the saran wrap.

No, it's completely real. You're 100% wrong, and you're a bad person for being wrong out loud.

The shame of being wrong will stain the honor of all your descendants throughout the remainder of time.

See what you've done now? I hope you're happy.

Also, in another video he says, "I'm totally going to run into that plastic in the next video."

Admiral Ackbar is a proud graduate

I super-glued a quarter to the floor once at my old job and of course it was an old lady that finally tried to pick it up.. over and over.

…put it where your mouth is.

Starring Nicolas Cage.

joke's on you, no one wants to procreate with me.


I can see right through your pun.

You may tape me down, but a thousand more will rise up in my place!

You're god damned right it is.

The hell are they teaching in that class?

Yeah I don't see any post-modernism here.

Goddamn mongorians

Isn't that called a Vine?

Pussy, you would pass out and wake up if you even are that stupid to stay in the same spot making out with the tape.

It's clearly Cello Tape.


couldn't find the video, but I did find this

I think you're looking too far into it

Yeah it's true. In 2000-01 I lived in Saga, Japan, for 1 year as an exchange student. Every day after school, for about 20 minutes, I'd be put on some kind of cleanup duty along with the other students in the school. The one I hated the most was picking weeds by hand in the yard, the rest was relatively easy stuff like sweeping the floors in the classroom or hallway. There was always something to do, and it kind of made you appreciate your school a lot more when you were the one having to maintain it.

well you know what they say, plastic makes perfect

Take your finger and prick a hole where your mouth is.

Whoopie, there she is.

No he passed IT450- otherwise known as Trap Identification.

I think he was just in the process of slowing down to enter the room. Have you never dashed into a room and tried to make it look like you hadn't been running to get there?

Natural murder


Instructions unclear, prick stuck in wall outlet.

Curses! Foiled again!

Most Japanese students would be able to catch their highly efficient public transport system to get home, so I guess that no longer becomes a problem...

Gotta catch em all

Yep, the thing about Japan is that it is incredibly safe. I live in the countryside (very rural area), and I regular see second graders and up just walking to and from school early in the morning and late at night. People regularly leave their keys in their cars, with the car running, when they go into stores to shop. Crime is virtually non-existent (at least in the countryside), so when something does happen it is a very big deal here.

Are you as sad as the banker who killed himself because atomic bombs make money worthless? Or maybe the greedy mayor (iirc) that dies because he likes his jewelry with a little radiation?

It's been awhile so I forgot some stuffs :(


There are many schools. So many schools. Most students go quite close to home until high school. Some schools have buses, but most don't.

For most students leaving late isn't a big issue, but cleaning time is usually built into the schedule anyways. In my experience all students clean every day, so it's not like they're going to get left behind.

I seen the synapses in his brain fire to send a message go his body to stiffen up right before his face sticks to it so its obviously fake.