Got a new puppy today! Meet Max, already the master of the bork!

Got a new puppy today! Meet Max, already the master of the bork!

Get a fence and never let him off leash without one. Also always make him wear an identifying collar. Beagles are the best but their brain is in their nose. They'll listen until they catch a scent and be gone and lost before they realize how far they have gotten. No amount of calling will make them stop while they are in tracking mode.

Source- Have beagles, all of whom were rescued runaways that no one went looking for.

Have beagle, can confirm. Also, not sure if this works for all, but it worked for my pup, but ignore him/her when she barks at that age and you'll have a much calmer, quieter household.

His breeder already had him micro chipped, pretty cool if he ever does go missing but the needle was MASSIVE, and we got him a name tag with our number today, we had a half husky half beagle before, but this is our first time raising a puppy, it's definitely gonna be a challenge, definitely will get him a good leash 🐾

That second picture literally projects "bork" LOL

Microchip is great, but not all vets have a reader for every type of chip. So stupid. They should be universal or whats the point, right? Collar backup is clutch. We use a gentle leader harness by EZ walk with the D ring in the front so they get put a bit off balance if they pull. Works better than anything else I have found. They will attach to just about any leash. He is adorable!! All mine were grown when I got them, but I so wish I could have seen them as puppies. Also, what the heck does a husky beagle look like?!? Such an interesting combo. Must have been a helluva stubborn pup. Haha

Second this. My pup really only barks (more like bawls) when an ambulance rides by. Occasionally when someone new comes to the door, but she's more likely to get the zoomies



Yeah that is weird that they don't have the tracing universal, especially in small towns. We are only starting him off with a basic collar for now, cause he's super small. And this was our old dog Major, he was the sweetest dog I've ever known 😊

I think you mean, "Master of the BAAHWOOOOOO"

A good Max. Already zooming.

What an awesome name!