Got a Goodwill couch a few years ago and I just now pulled the bottom cover off and found this.

Got a Goodwill couch a few years ago and I just now pulled the bottom cover off and found this.

Did you check the battery compartment for wads of cash and n64s?

For anyone out of the loop

I call bullshit. OP clearly got the gameboy and when he opened it up there was a couch inside

Every time I see this I always still read through the whole thing.

It's good to check underneath things you buy that people previously owned. Once, when I was in college, I picked up an old couch that was out on the street. I checked it over, and sprayed if with anti-flea spray just to be sure. But sure enough, I was sitting on the couch watching TV later that week, and felt a sharp sudden pain in my leg. I looked down and saw a shinobi from a rival clan had stabbed through my leg with his ninjatō. I would recommend that you wrap the couch for a couple of days, but since you owned it for a few years you are probably okay.

It truly never gets old.

I remember getting my SP. My older cousin came over the day it was released and was showing off relentlessly, something he did anytime he got something new. I still had my Advance, which I got through a loophole, and was more than satisfied. I mean I agreed it was nice and all, but dude just wouldn't shut up about it.

I came into the kitchen and my mom asked me "is Michael annoying you?" and I'm like "not really, he got the new game boy and he's just showing off". She asked if I needed it because she didn't know if they were making new cartridges for it like the transition from GBC to GBA. And told her "no. The only real cool thing is it doesn't need batteries because you just charge it". She was like "really? No batteries??"

She ended up leaving and coming home a few hours later with an SP for me and my younger sister. Total surprise. She said "now you both have NO reason to take the batteries out of the remotes!" mannn what a great day. Michael was so pissed.l cause he wasnt special anymore. I still have that SP laying around.

TLDR: Got an SP the day of realease because of my annoying cousin. Eat a dick Michael.

Bullshit. Clearly the couch got a gameboy and when it opened it up, OP was inside.

Surprised it doesn't still have 48% charge.

Every time I see this I read through the whole thing

It blinked on for exactly 0.45 seconds

That back light was a game changer at the time.

It never truly gets old.

Is this the new hell in a cell?


So there's definitely a story of a kid losing this thing. I lost both a DS and a GBA SP when I was younger. I just wish I could know what ended up happening to them and if people enjoyed them.

Free GBA:SP and Bed bugs? Not a bad deal

It sometimes gets older

60% of the times I see this post I always read through the whole thing

Shhh. Don’t say it’s name. He can hear us.

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There was also an old wallet in couch but sadly it was empty minus a driver license test receipt.

No dude, the Gameboy got an OP, and when he opened it up a couch was inside.

the GBA SP got some strange nintendo magic with it for sure.

mine suddenly goes from red to green and after being dead for months i open it and play for 10 minutes before it dies on me.

First thing I though. Some poor kid lost their game boy.

Don't say who's name? u/shittymorph's?

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God help us all

These couches looked brand new in good will and not a single bug! Got it and a love seat for $80. Lazy boy brand. It was actually the find of a lifetime. Everything else I’ve seen there looked like crap

This! I remember huddling in the back seat using that bendy light attachment. Having the back light was a godsend.

Damn, come on, you gotta clean out a second hand couch when you get it... shit son

That's one way to stash drug money

And before that huddling close to the window so you could play every time a street lamp lit up the screen. Those were the days...

So you know who's couch it was? Now your quest begins

Oh god dammit

There is no god here. Only shittymorph.

So, OP had a couch stuffed up his ass? Seems like the most likely thing to happen.


I feel like losing something valuable is part of growing up. I wish I had better utilized the knowledge gained, and didn't lose things now.

I was so fucking excited to get this on my thirteenth birthday. Nowadays kids get that excited when they find out their gf isn't pregnant.

Cousins named Michael are notorious assholes.

"Turn the light out. It's against the law to have it on while driving!"

I didn’t remember hearing any noises and the cushions are removable. As far as I knew it there was nothing there. Only found it because the tv remote has been missing and I heard it rattle in the couch when I flipped it over to fix a foot that had a loose bolt.


I’m so sexually frustrated right now.

No. But madden 07 was also in the couch I found a few mins later.

Why would he lie about finding Madden 07?

Reminds me of those old battery hack videos where they said you could get 32 batteries out of a 6V battery, or open up an old VCR to find iPods and a Blu-Ray player.

Fun fact: Most Game Boy SPs are actually front-lit, not back-lit. The one in OP’s pic is the later hardware revision that is, in fact, back-lit though.

Model # AGS 001 is front-lit. AGS 101 is back-lit.


If they’ve been building their forces for 4 years without being seen then I’m sorry to the say the whole world is fucked

You're lucky, Bed bugs are Satan's asshole.

Nope, it's not a Nintendo. It couldn't have.

Seems to be.

If you dig deeper, you might find the missing child it belonged to.

How long has it been a thing? My first time seeing it lmao

GBSPs are magic wizard units that harvest ambient static electricty and the gravitational hammer of the moon upon the earth to recharge

You may also want to just.... clean the couch really.... really well now

I got my first job a few weeks before the SP came out. I spent my first paycheck from my first job on one the day it came out. I was so excited to be able to play gameboy games without being right under a lamp. Then my cousin stole it and sold it for drug money.

Fuck cousins.

My daughter more than anyone. She’s been bugging me wanting one because she wants to play a legit older Pokémon game. I can’t remember which one specifically.

She seems to have already confiscated the GBA

Thing about bed bugs. They are Ninjas. impossible to find. But once they amass their army, they stop giving a fuck about the Ninja protocols and swarm by force. OP, your ded. very ded. You will be missed.

"Mom! Where'd the couch go!?!"

It gets old less than 50% of the time.

What if /u/shittymorph and this /u/suddenly_ninja guy are just /u/rogersimon10 on alt accounts

I bet the next woman your dad married was a bit nicer.

:D reminds me of a family garage sale when my mom sold a footstool with our Atari inside of it. The man tried to give it back but my mom said it went with the footstool.


Our world is filled with dead skin, hair, oil, and all kinds of gross particles, residues, and microscopic organisms. It's why we have immune systems. I learned to accept it a long time ago.



Yea i have this cousin Michael Myers. He is ALWAYS going around town murdering people. I never visit anymore because of it.

no more getting yelled at on the freeway by my dad for turning the car light on so I could see. I was forced to make quick moves every time we passed a street light

Wait, did everyone's parents say That? I was just ribbing my parents for this on Christmas


Nintendo should be responsible and slow the CPU as it ages to allow for battery wear

Yeeeeees! Didn't even see it coming, and I'm all for it.

I fell for shittymorph so many times. I'm excited for you, please be awesome and do not let haters or downvoters stop you. (If that ever happens)

Especially because of the wife...

Was there a game cartridge in it?

Far better than finding deadly poisonous spiders inside your console.

Far better than finding

no gameboy

God can't help us now.

friend got a awesome $20 love seat. all the others were like $60-80 in worse condition.

I feel like my psp did the same thing

Fuck cousins ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

I'm almost fucking 27 and I just looked this up. All these years man. Not illegal, but it does create a more clear reflection of the interior on the windshield which makes it unsafe.


These board demons are getting weirder and weirder.

LPT: never buy used couches or mattresses. It's not worth the risk of losing all your other furniture

I lost my Gameboy advance on a flight to Africa, all I could imagine is some kid dissapointed he didn't find food


You got it all wrong, couch. Dude got an OP and when he opened it up, a Gameboy was inside.

It’s not fun for anyone. Male bedbugs don’t look for a vagina when they mate, or ask permission, they just use their needle like penis to stab a hole directly into the female’s abdomen. In bed bug “no” means “please fuck me in a diy hole.”

Sounds like you did a good job raising her. Emerald is the greatest. I also recommend Metroid: Zero Mission.

Somewhat related

...and one day, Mankind throws the Undertaker into a ninja, who beats them both vigorously with jumper cables!!!

Then /u/Poem_for_my_Sprog and /u/RefrigeratorHaikuGuy collaborate on a sonnet about the whole thing!!!

...It's almost too perfect...

Wait... you know how to stop time?

Kay that's enough internet for today

No you did fucking not and we all know this

Really? my grandma always said it was a Nintendo

Only mankind can

It was a rite of passage

im skeptical that case of beer could actually fit inside. Something smells off about this post

Reminds me of something

I just recently got a staple gun and decided to pull the fabric off the bottom of the couch to try and find the missing tv remote. Found it.... and this. Also a really old box of chiclets and more digging led to Madden 07. I’ll have to find a charger to see if it still works

Lucky you!

I got a couch off the side of the road for my college apartment and ncaa basketball 2007 fell out of the bottom when we opened the recliner