Gordon Ramsay being wholesome

Gordon Ramsay being wholesome

Ramsay is always very nice to children in general since they really don't have too much knowledge on how to cook and he wants them to do the best to their abilities while the actual adult cooks who worked in that trade for years still manage to fuck up on small things. He has kids on his own, he knows how to motivate them to do their best.

Hells Kitchen is a job interview for his restaurant.

He only wants the top skilled chefs so if you fuck up he's pissed as you could be representing his brand when working for him.

Kitchen nightmares he gets annoyed at these clueless owners cutting costs by ruining quality. And not following simple health rules.

When he works with kids he's so nice as he wants to encourage their passion for cooking and they are just learning, not tying to work for him.

He's really a nice person it's just that he has a bit of a temper. Also not that much patience when it comes to people who say they know what they are doing and mess up.

I noticed he's really nice to people unless they are selling unknowing customers rancid/disgusting food

His show the F-word is awesome in that way. It's just him being excited about food! He isn't mad or yelling, just a generałly wholesome show

That stir fry does look pretty nice though

Yea it's just that when he is on Tv the editors and producers try there hardest to make it seem like he is always pissed because it gets more views and he has even acknowledged it, well not that specifically just that they change what is happening.

Try watching the UK version of the show. I think it portrays his character much better.

Just spent two hours on /sub/letsnotmeet Wholesome Ramsey is the perfect palette cleanser Edit: truly sorry for anyone who got sucked into it because of this comment.

Adam Scott was on there. dude always looks completed baked.

Exactly what I thought of when I made this post. There was one part where he prayed with a girl to the soufflé gods so her soufflé would come out great.

Or that one time he talked to a crying girl and told her that the only tears in the kitchen at home coming from his girls are tears of joy so he'd stick around until she smiles again. Gordon Ramsay is really nice when he knows the person opposite of him deserves that, kids that don't know any better or adults that really know how to cook but they got other problems going on.

Gordon Ramsay on Masterchef Junior is the perfect example.

I have met Gordon Ramsey on a flight from London to New York. He was the nicest, most down to earth celebrity ever. Now when ever I watch his shows where he screams at people I honestly wonder how much is done for the camera. He is truly a good man and his camera personality is mostly created for effects.

I remember there was an AMA by a Hell's Kitchen contestant a while back, and the guy mentioned that Ramsay was actually really open and happy to show or explain new details or techniques -- once. It's when you should already know something and still fuck it up or need to ask again when he rips you a new one. Seems fair to me.

I'm not a huge fan of Hell's Kitchen in general though, the constant yelling gets old real fast. I love the F word and the UK Kitchen Nightmares though, it's always cool to see a super talented craftsman just being passionate about the craft they love.

Well he did just smoke a J out in his car a few minutes ago

I think my favorite wholesome Ramsay moment was the time he was describing the meal that a blind contestant on a show he was on made, I think it was MasterChef.

His temper is completely controlled. It's more of an insight in the culture and traditions of being a master chef than it being his character. Like how drill instructors are the way they are to shape people in the kind of people they need them to be, so does he shout and scream the way he does, because he knows that's how he gets the best out of people. It makes more sense in an actual kitchen though than on the set of a tv show, where it's obviously just for effect.

No, second half is edited to look like the American one.

I agree. I love that show.

I'd eat it!

Gordon Ramsay: "You went to culinary school and you've worked in kitchens for the past decade. How the fuck do you not know how to sautee an onion, you fucking moron?"

Also Gordon Ramsay: "You're a housewife and you've never sauteed an onion before? You can totally do it! Here, let me teach you how!"

Hasn't had a carb in six years.

Subreddits like that make me never want to leave my place again.

Yeah it (the OTT scripting) seems to just be a thing on the US version (of shows in general).

I'm subscribed to his youtube channel, he has dozens of recipe videos done with his kids that really show his sweet side.

Yeah but they're already supposed to be professional chefs...

Supposedly stories about encounters with creepy people IRL. Not sure how real most stories are but a comparison Ive seen other users use to describe it is like an unsupernatural /sub/nosleep

Over the top

I take all personalities on TV with a pinch of salt.

That show is created for entertainment, and its more entertaining for Ramsey to be yelling at some fuck wit.

It's obvious it's played up for the sake of entertainment on the show.

Most TV celebs are putting on a character, and most of the time is just an over exaggerated version of themselves.

For example: Like the Top Gear guys (Clarkson, May Hammond) exaggerate themselves on TV. I'm fairly sure Clarkson is actually a pretty reasonable guy (excluding the punching a man thing). May is very intelligent, and Hammond...probably doesn't exaggerate himself as much.

Ricky Gervais isn't as self centered and obnoxious, as his on screen personality is.

They play characters to provide entertainment and usually for comic effect.

I watched UK Kitchen Nightmares and it blew me away with how un-commercialized it is compared to the US. No intense narrator, no sound effects or mood music for dramatic purposes, just the raw footage.

It's night and day with the US version.

Even on Master chef for adults, he's really nice when he knows the cooks are.capable. I remember in this one episode, this girl who'd never killed an animal was having breakdown cause she has to prepare a lobster dish from scratch. He stood there and gave her an encouraging speech so she could do her best. He didn't shout or call her a coward. He was providing emotional support to someone who needed it. That man is capable of being nice when he deems it worthy. Sometimes, he is an asshole but not all that 'hell's kitchen' level. Part of it is media and trp. Which he is fully aware of and participates in but....

He's explained in interviews that he treats people on Hell's Kitchen much worse than people on Master Chef since the former are professionals and the latter amateurs, and professionals should be able to handle the stress or get out.

Where's the lamb sauce?

It's so obvious his loud angry persona is totally just a TV thing. When dealing with anything except people who should be excellent and are fucking up anyway he is incredibly kind to sweet and infinitely supportive. It's clear he loves the art of cooking and wants EVERYONE to be able to learn this art and love it as much as he does.

Even with all the heavy editing on the American shows, his 'outbursts' are all reasonable. Some of that shit is disgusting, people pay for the food that has been shit on by rats/cockroaches.

Looks nice but I'd brown the chicken a bit more... Damn I want a stirfry now

These are people claiming to already be professional chefs, he shouldn't even have to show them over half the stuff he does


The first half is from the British show, the second half is from the American one

Professional chefs should know when their chicken is fucking raw

US Kitchen Nightmare concentrates on relationship between the owners and their family, UK Kitchen Nightmare is more educational about restaurant management. The same can be said with Masterchef. US Masterchef' elimination challenge is how to properly poach an egg, Australia's Masterchef' elimination challenge is copying famous chef's signature dessert. "Too many emotion, not enough technical knowledge" seems to be US brand of reality shows.

Its the music. The American one has to have emotional music for EVERYTHING. Because we as Americas we apparently don't know how to feel anything unless we have background music to accompany it, letting us know its a sad moment or a crazy moment or if someone is doing something dumb. Editing too, but for me its the music. The British version from my experience was a lot more quiet with the sounds of the kitchen and atmosphere instead of an some array of string instruments.

It makes more sense in an actual kitchen though than on the set of a tv show, where it's obviously just for effect.

For real, I worked as a cook for nearly a decade, some of the chillest people I know are also some of the most terrifying, generally during a mid-evening rush. Restaurant kitchens can be extremely high pressure environments where a big focus is on timing, so there is little tolerance for bullshit. It can seem funny to watch, but the frustration is generally warranted in the situation. I think working in kitchens in general has shaped my personality to an extent, I generally am supportive and level-headed, yet my blood rapidly boils when someone is incompetent on paid time AND unwilling to learn from their mistake.

What is OTT scripting?

EDIT: Thank you for the responses :)

Remember that one where they had a state-of-the-art barbecue setup, cooked great barbecue, and portioned it to microwave later?


I think this is more poignant


Oh of course. I watch Gordon Ramsey bc I like trashy drama, not bc I like cooking lol

Which one? The American version, or the British one?

Personally, I can't stand the American one. Because of the whole "live" aspect, everything feels rushed and seems to focus more on the guests then it does about food. The British one on the other hand, is awesome

Exactly! 10 years as a line cook and being unable to do basic stuff is almost unforgivable. Ramsay most definitely aims his criticisms at the level of what the person being criticized claims to be able to work at. If you can't do something, just say so and he is the kind of guy that will help you out!

I knew it wasn't going to happen, but when he picked up a fork full, I wanted him to taste it spit it out and lay into her.

"HOW can such a beautiful pie TASTE SO RUBBISH"

The Ramsay you see on US TV is not in any way the real one, it's a character he plays. Probably at the behest of executives, because it does make for exciting TV.

You can see the difference really easily by watching UK Kitchen Nightmares. As long as there's no danger to the customers, he is really a nice guy, there trying to help them out. No screaming or berating.

while he drinks a Heinekin

I feel bad for this kid. He was probably looking forward to being called a fucking donkey by Chef Ramsey.

I wouldn't prepare the chicken.

I want salmonella


Gordon isn't very good at cooking Asian cuisine. I've seen him cook a few different noodle dishes like Pad Thai and he usually gets low ratings by chefs. Using improper ingredient combinations, wrong color, and so on. The chef rated him 4.5/10 in the video (below acceptable for the average person). Gordon replied, at least there's no MSG in it! The translator told him it was a 5 to make him feel better.

Look up any of the stuff he does with kids, he's incredibly patient and it's all very wholesome

He has kids and in his shows he's never angry around them.

Gordon Ramsey is one of my favourite people, I would love to meet him one day. Even in the shows when he's supposed to be an asshole he's a sweet angel and even more so outside of those shows. It blows my mind that anyone would think he's anything but one of the most wholesome people on television.

Edit: comments about him just being nice for the kid are stupid. He roasts people who expect to be roasted and gives good feedback to people who try. The only reason most people even send him pictures of their dinners is to be able to say they were criticised by him.

It's awesome you donkey!

So does he expect everyone to be perfect after one try? That doesn't seem at all fair to me.

Fuck, I personally need 3 goes to get something down. Once to be shown, once to do while being supervised, and one solo that's checked over at the end. If I was shown something only once I'd be fucking lost.

Kitchen nightmares in the uk can still be rather nice, as long as the owners are cooperating. Still has a very low long term success rate, but at least it's something

I think it's the nature of the show. Most of the people on kitchen nightmares call Gordon in after they are already over half a million in debt, have bad habits they've been doing for years and or are way over their heads. I love his shows though, especially the UK kitchen nightmares. I feel that show is more realistic and sincere.

Isn't the harmful effects of MSG a myth?

what's on it ?


It was the .

He's a chef. Anyone that's ever worked in a kitchen would tell you that almost every chef has the same temper.

It isn't helped by the fact that on most of his shows he's working with people that should know what they're doing, but still manage to fuck up a lot.

While I would agree this is correct most of the time, you can't exclude that some of them are really like they appear.

Ramsay seems genuine to me, or to be as good an actor as a cook.

He also does that kids version of top chef or whatever (I don't watch cooking shows but I've seen my wife watching it) and he's way more supportive and constructive to the kids. It's an act, obviously. I didn't know people still disputed that.

For an apple pie, sure seems like someone was cutting onions.

It's amped up for the American audience, his early stuff in the UK was very different.

Link I think?

Don't try to work for him if that's the case.

99% of the posts are basically some variation of, "Some guy I didn't know looked at me on the bus yesterday! Then I heard about a rapist on the news this morning and I can't imagine not being the center of attention literally 100% of the time, so here I am."

Occasionally there's something good, though.

Maybe this'll help.


He's also a professional chef. You need to be Gordon to succeed in that environment.

Off the clock he's as wholesome as can be.

In general he seems to have excellent instincts about who can handle the hardcore drill sergeant treatment and who needs a more humane tlc type approach. Let's face it, some people on his shows are walking cries for help and will only respond to a fierce kick in the pants. If at all.


I actually laughed out loud at the contrast:

I'd word it more like he doesn't contain himself as much as he would in real life, but I still don't think it's "played"

But anyway, neither of us can know for sure!

I'm only a waitress and consider myself fairly level-headed and patient, but I've lost my temper numerous times at our kitchen staff when they fuck up and refuse to learn from it. It's the refusal to improve that really gets to me.

Been watching season 11 of Hell's Kitchen recently, jesus christ, the amount of fucking raw lamb was embarrassing.

Im not saying he Ramsey doesn't have a bit of a temper, but for the sake of his shows, it's played up a bit.


well you can relax cuz its just a fan edit

I really wanted to like that show, but it seems so disjointed and aimless. And not really entertaining. Just a bunch of random awkward feeling interviews.

On a related note, does anybody know the name of his travel show where he features ethnic food and traditions involving food? I saw an episode where he was in a jungle village and showing how they cook, etc. I can't figure out the name of it, but that's more of what I thought this show would be like.

Edit: Thanks for the help, everybody :)

"What are you?" Terrified contestant: "an idiot sandwich"

Nino approves.

Works fine for me. I think imgur is having some server problems. Did the same to me with other pictures. I made a mirror, hope this works http://i.imgur.com/7lxPLn4.jpg

Works fine for me. I think imgur is having some server problems. Did the same to me with other pictures. I made a mirror, hope this works

Absolutely. Like people who cook and then say something like 'sorry if it's bad, i'm not a chef like you' are the ones who have my 100% adoration, because they are trying something new and more often than not have made something super delicious because it was cooked with love and care. If someone is getting paid to do something and they mess up, it's frustrating but they are a human being going through their own journey. If that same person shows an unwillingness to learn from the situation and reacts with indifference or spite... well, that's where the angry cook stereotype comes from!

He's won 16 Michelin stars for a reason. At that level of cooking, you're expected to be able to execute with perfection night in, night out, regardless of what the menu requires.

Agreed. The only time I can remember him yelling at someone is when the guy tried to serve Ramsay some scallops that had gone bad.

That's a good assessment of it. US shows center more around emotion, drama, and "oh my gosh" factors. It's a shame it's become more about that than actually being informative and worthwhile.

That subreddit is 50% fake and 75% paranoid people exaggerating running into people on the street...

It isn't helped by the fact that on most of his shows he's working with people that should know what they're doing, but still manage to fuck up a lot.

He's always hardest on the chefs with the biggest egos.

He's usually pretty reasonable with amateur chefs that have gotten thrown into roles that maybe they admittedly shouldn't have

The day of the punching, Clarkson was getting divorced, thought he had cancer, AND was tired after a long day, I think I can forgive the guy even if he's a twat.

Not everyone, just people who claim they're amazing chefs and deserve to represent him. Granted there are plenty of stuff that go on behind the scenes of reality TV like massive sleep deprivation that would trip up even someone who was amazing and could get it after the first time.

Over The Top Scripting.

Most "reality" shows nowadays usually have some aim, direction, or script in mind before the cameras are rolling. And when the video editor gets at it they exaggerate it even more.

Take Gordon Ramsay, they try to make all the productions make him shouty and sweary. That's kinda his trademark thing.

It's called Gordon's Great Escape I believe.

Gordon Ramsay once booted a food critic, A.A. Gill, out of his restaurant because he didn't like the critic's attitude. He's a wholesome guy.

OTT is just an abbreviation of over-the-top. "OTT scripting" doesn't have any secret industry meaning beyond that.

I'm addicted to trashy drama, it's woeful.

If you like trashy, there's an Aussie show called "Territory Cops". Classic trash, I love it.

If you've seen him on his programs with child contestants you know this to be especially true. He loves kids.

Has the picture been deleted? It won't load

Creepy, sometimes true tales of people crossing paths with some really bad hombres. IIRC a survivor of the Aurora shooting posted there, nonchalant brushes with serial rapists before they got caught, stuff like that.

He just really cares about food and the service of food. Check out the video of when he investigated the shark fins, he gets upset because of how badly treated the sharks are

I smokes the meats